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tips for teens. by wintrfells
tips for hana
want to get clear skin ? want to know if he likes you ? all tips and tutorial that all teenagers need is here ! beauty, diy, life hacks and recipes to help you is all he...
Don't Let Go (A Student/Teacher Relationship) by Definitely
Don't Let Go (A Student/Teacher Ellie
Riley had always been the responsible one; she looks after her younger siblings, she doesn't drink, she does everything by the book. But this summer she changed, her par...
Fifty Pushups Miss ✔️ by JustDream431
Fifty Pushups Miss ✔️by Just Dream
*PURELY NON-SEXUAL* Jane - the bubbly chic, daughter of a Colonel ends up training under a constipated Wills, she lovingly calls Major Killer. Wills - The as*hole you ha...
↳ workout tips, tricks, & advice **COMPLETED** by y2kangelz
↳ workout tips, tricks, & advice * — '•.¸♡ 𝔩𝔢𝔵𝔦𝔢 ♡¸.•'
in which i will give you tips, & tricks about working out, this book will be full of exercises to do, how to eat healthy, how to get in shape and much more advice!
{ the guide for teen girls + life lessons } by DrPhilHasLeftTheChat
{ the guide for teen girls + ur big sister xoxo
the hand-book for teen girls that literally includes everything you won't learn from school or may not feel comfortable asking or learning from your parents. This inclu...
Bound by Iron and Blood by Uncle_Red
Bound by Iron and Bloodby Traineh
Prinz Eugen woke up on the deck of her ship, which has set a course towards a German town. When she finally arrived she looked around but found nobody, finally she gave...
This is my weight loss journey through thick and thin. I am aiming to lose a total of 21.5kg by the end of this year. I have 17 weeks left to lose it. The minimum weight...
The Challenge by themanbeckylynch
The Challengeby themanbeckylynch
Are they up for the challenge?
Verse two: bi-weekly updates by zoreo_diary
Verse two: bi-weekly updatesby Laeelaly
hello nimols!!! this is the sequel to my first book (hot girl summer weight loss diary) since summer is over. I'll update every two weeks.
THE FEMME FATALE GUIDE by blxck_wonder
How to's, DIY's, Wallpapers...and everything you need to slay like a classy bad bitch!
Weight Loss!  by multikpopstan
Weight Loss! by kayla
This is my journey through weight loss, throughout this "book" I'll be giving you updates on me and tips on how to lose weight!! Im also going to be as honest...
Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Lossby Tom Riley
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
What's Up TNS! 2 by InesTNS27
What's Up TNS! 2by InesTNS27
This is the sequel of What's Up TNS! Here, you will find all the news related to Bryles and The Next Step, starting from November 2019. Enjoy it! Best rankings: #1 in #r...
Krennic's Fate by KyraFrentzz
Krennic's Fateby Kyra Frentz
You're the daughter of Darth Vader, but nobody knows other than the two of you. In the day, you're Krennic's assistant, but at night, you train to be a powerful sith lik...
Personal Trainer | dob (EDITING) by whoisjadison
Personal Trainer | dob (EDITING)by Fergie 👅
"But I'm your sisters' personal trainer." "Julia won't mind." --- This is a Dylan O'Brien fanfic. But it is in his point of view, and it will have ot...
Subliminal Results ~ Complete by PheebsSays
Subliminal Results ~ Completeby PheebsSays
This is my subliminal log, there are also a few workouts In here.
CIAO  by kathyswrites
CIAO by kathy stories
If you're new, start from chapter 6 If you're from TEN MORE then start reading from chapter 1 ******************************** I've stared to view world through rare vie...
Diets, Workouts & Lifestyle Tips by _likeariot
Diets, Workouts & Lifestyle Tipsby ephemeral
This book is aimed at helping to encourage a healthier lifestyle as well as giving little tips here and there on different ways to build your own schedule and your self...