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Our Child by orphan__account
Our Childby orphan_account
What happens when Rogue becomes pregnant with Sting's child? More importantly, how will he tell Sting who's crushing on Minerva? Easy. He doesn't.
Dragon mating season by YellowMeerkat
Dragon mating seasonby YellowMeerkat
Natsu, Laxus, Sting and Rogue are going through mating season. Luckily Wendy is to young to experience mating season as for Gajeel and Cobra they have already found ther...
Realizing My Mistake ~Stingue~ by HashtagAmourshipper
Realizing My Mistake ~Stingue~by HashtagAmourshipper
Rogue has been in love with his bestfreind and partner, Sting, but Rogue realizes Sting doesn't feel the same when Sting starts dating Yukino. He says he shouldn't be ma...
Stingue Oneshot || SMUT by WendyEdward_
Stingue Oneshot || SMUTby WendyEdward_
It's just like what the tilte says :3 Yup this book is full of SMUT If you don't like SMUT, then don't read. Book cover made by: @JuliaVeronik8
Five Little Sacrifices by Veikari
Five Little Sacrificesby Veikari
Continuation for my first book Waiting for My Mate, I recommend to read that one first so this one makes more sense. This story focuses on Fraxus just like the first boo...
Sabertooth (Stingue) Dragon Season by funsized_book_worm
Sabertooth (Stingue) Dragon Seasonby funsized_book_worm
This is a story about sting and rouges dragon season. They are both dragon slayers so the conditions will be a little different from my last book. And it will be a short...
Fairy Tail : Next Generation (Hiatus) by crazybonnie75150
Fairy Tail : Next Generation ( crazybonnie75150
I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL HIRO MASHIMA Does. This is about the future kids of Nalu, Gruvia ,Gale, Jerza, Mira and laxus ( forgot ship name ) and sting and rogue. And the...
It was Just a Prank by skippyyumyum
It was Just a Prankby Ivy!!
One day, Sting decides to prank his guildmates by pretending that he and Rogue were in a relationship. Reluctantly, Rogue agrees. How does Rogue feel about this prank? H...
Stingue One-Shots by Gaybertooth
Stingue One-Shotsby BunBun
One-shots that randomly come to me
Crooked but not broken by YoutubeLover3010
Crooked but not brokenby YoutubeLover3010
Natsu lives with his two brothers, Sting and Zeref, and their family is actually well known in the town they live in. They are known as "The crooked family" be...
Enemy to Boss to Lover (NaLu) by X_BlueGalacticSkye_X
Enemy to Boss to Lover (NaLu)by ☆彡流れ☆彡
During high school Natsu and Lucy weren't friends. They were more like enemies. Because of this they always yell, annoy, and drive each other crazy. Then Natsu pushes th...
Dragon Mating Season by superchimchar
Dragon Mating Seasonby superchimchar
The Fairy Tail guild has decided to take a little vacation, only to find out it's mating season for the dragon slayers! Not only that, other guilds are also present at t...
Dragon Slayer Mating Season DSMS  by Eva9853
Dragon Slayer Mating Season DSMS by 🐥🌝✨❤️Eva❤️✨🧚🏼🙈
This is a Nalu fanfic. It's a basic dragon mating season story but I'm my main focus is Nalu. A second focus might be some stingue. Other ships will be included. This i...
Mating Season, A Sequel by WolfTamer13
Mating Season, A Sequelby WolfTamer13
This book is a sequel to my other book (Mating Season) in case you can't tell by the title. Hey guys! Wolf is BACK with a brand new Mating a Season sequel with the same...
Killer Love  by GalaxyQueenAquarius
Killer Love by Blip
Gang Au/Assassin au Gray Fullbuster, FairyTail's greatest Assassin. He stumbled across a file about a pink haired bad-ass. Mild use of powers FairyTail doesn't belong to...
Dragon mating season(cover is NOT my original work) by Chesire_cat123
Dragon mating season(cover is ✨✨✨
I know that everybody does this, but I promise that my version will be different, not a lot, but still different. This version is going to have bxb ships like gratsu, f...
I Love You! [Dragon Mating Season] ON HOLD by kopiiicofi
I Love You! [Dragon Mating Season] kopicoffee
The Dragon Slayers were called, and was told that they were chosen for a specific mission. Nothing too special was going on about the mission. But, in that mission, the...
The Mates Charm. (Sequel of Dragon Mating Season...Reversed!) by Cupcakes20040
The Mates Charm. (Sequel of -CupcakeDoesFanFiction-
All rights reserved! -[]- **Sequel to Dragon Mating Season...Reversed!** -[]- Mating season has come and gone...Or as it? The year soon rolls by the dragon slayers soon...
Ships one shots (EDITED!)  by cathy12799
Ships one shots (EDITED!) by cathy12799
Just some one shots about my favorite ships! Gratsu/Natray, Stingue, Otayuri, Fraxus, Etc. :)
Stingue AU: Fiore High by CatzRKewl
Stingue AU: Fiore Highby Cat Fullbuster
High School. Never had either of them to find someone in this dump. Rogue Cheney, a nervous teen with social anxiety, and Sting Eucliffe, a bold and spunky guy who's the...