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The Toy is in love ~ Taennie  by babyJen11
The Toy is in love ~ Taennie by Taennie 4ever
This is the story of Jennie, a medical student, and V, Mafia boss, who kidnapped her "-Your touch is what I hate the most - She burst out with teary eyes, which ma...
Roommate || KTH ✓ by taeisshy
Roommate || KTH ✓by O Y A
[ Soft clichè romance ] "You know? You're gonna have so much fun roommate..." "Huh?" Eun Mee. Just another normal high school student struggling for...
𝔎𝔱𝔥𝟗𝟓 | Snapchat Kim taehyung ff by spaceuuu
𝔎𝔱𝔥𝟗𝟓 | Snapchat Kim taehyung...by Bloodytaco ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
One day after the last class she takes out her phone from her locker and sees that someone added her on snapchat... ⚠️WARNING ⚠️ 🔞18+ content sometimes 🔞 ...
HIS BESTFRIEND ᵏⁱᵐ ᵗᵃᵉʰʸᵘⁿᵍ [✓] by noaislove
HIS BESTFRIEND ᵏⁱᵐ ᵗᵃᵉʰʸᵘⁿᵍ [✓]by ❝𝘙𝘐𝘕☄︎
꒰🖇꒱ - completed ━━━ ❝who do you love? your crush or his bestfriend?❞ Y/N is a smart, studious nerd. She has crushed on Jeon Jungkook, the playboy, since freshman year. ...
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completed by TWICEwithONCE9
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completedby BTSwithARMY
~Completed~ It's shit, and it's the first ff I have ever written and I legit started writing it 3 am bc I couldn't sleep. "look at me, kitten" "you will b...
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Deal with the Devil || K.Th ft. P.Jm by smolbabydiva
Deal with the Devil || K.Th ft. P...by 𝐃𝐈𝐕𝐀
❝You have got 15 days...❞ He said, his eyes not leaving mine as he grinned which made me annoyed. ❝15 days for what?❞ I asked confused. ❝15 days to make me fall in love...
Fear (Kim Taehyung ff) by KimTaeTaesWifey
Fear (Kim Taehyung ff)by アエリ
**EDITING** Taehyung was sitting in front of me on the kitchen's chair, with his legs on top of the table. The small light radiating through the stars outside which I ad...
My Boyfriends Father || Kim Taehyung by Mei-maa
My Boyfriends Father || Kim Taehyu...by Mei-maa
"M-Mr. Kim!" I say as he moves closer to me. "We shouldn't do this. I love your son!" I shout while spitting in his face. He wipes it off and says, ...
Why Me?||Taehyung FF ✔completed✔ by whereismyoppa
Why Me?||Taehyung FF ✔completed✔by I N S P A☆
What if a cruel mafia kidnap an ordinary college girl just to maintain his reputation will the girl be able to endure his tortures or will run away......will he let her...
Unforgivable | kth  ✓ by SingularitaeAddict
Unforgivable | kth ✓by r i n a
"If someone loves you, they'd never put themselves in a position to hurt you." Warning: some mature content/strong language *** 1st place in Solo Taehyung cate...
big mistake || taennie by Itz_ME1230
big mistake || taennieby bbyalli_son
Taehyung, (also known as V) the most well known son of a Mafia leader and the most scary +20 year-old in Korea. Jennie, the most joyful and cheerful girl in Korea. Every...
Seoul's Colors • KTH by lovelyandbubbly
Seoul's Colors • KTHby Bubbly 🌸
Everyone sees the world in their unique way. For Charlie, it's a bit different than most of us. A girl who goes to have her cup of coffee every day picturing ways to spe...
Virgin Classroom  by jiminfication
Virgin Classroom by tzunugget 小鸡
math is hard - and so is your teacher. Kim Serin is a textbook example of a virgin - she's never dated, never kissed or never held hands; and standing within a 2 meter r...
[2] Code: RIOT || KTH by riseofsuga
[2] Code: RIOT || KTHby fae
[Book two of the "Code:" trilogy] [Read Book one, Code: RED, first] After 50 years of oppression and torture, Code: REDs decide it's time to stop, and so they...
RUNAWAYS 》kth ✓by ━━ 𝓜.
The stranger I saw by chance every day, Took my hand and led me away, To hide the pain of our yesterdays, And so we became runaways. - - - - - - - Started:...
But You're Cupid | k.th. by Cupidslittlewings
But You're Cupid | k.th.by 𝒞𝓊𝓅𝒾𝒹 🤍
Who knows what could happen when Cupid (Kim Taehyung) gets personally involved in your love life! *BTS-Kim Taehyung Fan Fiction *Original Character *Fantasy Love Story...
I Fell In Love With A Vampire 1 [BTS Taehyung fanfic] by wildwriter
I Fell In Love With A Vampire 1 [B...by wildwriter
Taehyung, a vampire with a past that no one knows. He's the hardest to read because he has a secret that he can't tell anyone. But what if a single girl, who would do an...
Mafia In Love [Taelice] by Taelice_World
Mafia In Love [Taelice]by Taelice Heartu❤️
The story of the Mafia leader Kim Taehyung and an ordinary girl Lalisa Manoban. How they both fall for each other and how it goes after she got to know about him being a...
Captured by the mafia boss (Kim taehyung)  by peachitaee
Captured by the mafia boss (Kim ta...by shookthjams
A teen girl that's suffering because she gets bullied after that she looses her virginity to a mafia boss he's 1 year older than y/n but he hates it when others hurt her...
5 Years Stronger 》 KTH by TAEndHONEY
5 Years Stronger 》 KTHby ━━ 𝓜.
Love me once and I'm held in your heart. // But love me twice and I'm burned in your soul. Third installment of 5 Minutes a day.