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"Never Letting you step out of Line"/ Waypete by Author_is_dead7
"Never Letting you step out of Lin...by ♡ ɴᴀᴛᴀsʜᴀ ♫
Way/Pete Version Way Gets in fight with Babe Pete iss disappointed and decides to punish him
PRECIOUS TIME by kailAkaede
PRECIOUS TIMEby kailA kaede
Jeff Thanapon, who knows nothing about his identity was suddenly transmigrate. The male lead took it all, don't care about his life and death, and ridiculed him: Congrat...
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Fierce Hearts *WinnerDean* by WhydiewhenyoucanSTAY
Fierce Hearts *WinnerDean*by BLfangirl🗿💪
It all started with that night,the night Dean didn't get the opportunity to race in place of Babe. He didn't know how he even let it happen but it was already done and n...
Racing Hearts by _parkyeol_
Racing Heartsby ACE
"From the symptoms you gave me earlier I can now be able to point out what the problem is. The answer is also in the blood test you did." The tension that had...
🧸Marry me🧸 by Pavelsgirl
🧸Marry me🧸by parksujm
Arrange marriage is goode, but what happenes when two best friends are forced to got marry?? What will happened when they don't want to be together but destiny wants som...
The shadow of truth and love by Pololaboon
The shadow of truth and loveby PoloLaboon🐳
This is a story based on character of Pit babe. I decided to make my own fictional timeline. This story is based on vampires, demons, sorcerers. This story is a pass tim...
COOKIE 🍪(ALANJEFF) Pitbabe by shreee5
COOKIE 🍪(ALANJEFF) Pitbabeby joy
Alan is an alpha. he is kind and gentle man.everyone in garage call him uncle.but he fell in love with a cute omega.
Charlie babe  by X-Roza-67
Charlie babe by Alexa alexa
What will their lives be like after Tony's death?
My Mafia Boy by mama23339
My Mafia Boyby yuna lee
Pavel is a mafia leader he is the most scary person in Thailand for Pooh he is the CEO of Red Luxury he is also a famous business man in the world let's find out how the...
" Idiots In Love ", / WayPete ft. Kentakim by Abandoned__acc_x
" Idiots In Love ", / WayPete ft...by xxxx
Way and Kim suddenly left leaving an Insecure Pete and Kenta behind Find out what happenes next~
My Engineer Boyfriend  by Starrrrlighhtttt59
My Engineer Boyfriend by ✨
"Babe, the renowned business figure in Thailand fell in love with Charlie who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Engineering at Chulalongkorn University." ...
P'Charlie  by someone0804
P'Charlie by someone0804
This is going to be a short story revolving around the characters of Pit Babe the series. Mainly focused on Charlie and Jeff's bond. Babe has to suffer a bit to get his...
TÌNH YÊU VÔ HÌNH by Moonmummim
TÌNH YÊU VÔ HÌNHby Moonmummim
TÌNH YÊU VÔ HÌNH Tác giả: Gia Quý Phi Thể loại: Đam mỹ, có ngọt có ngược, fanfic Ping x Supanut. Đôi lời của tác giả: Dạo này xem Pit Babe và khá là mê cái sự đanh đá củ...
Mine - SpyNut AU by zouisbxtch
Mine - SpyNut AUby .
Sailub and Supanut are both werewolves meeting each other for the first time. AU oneshot of SpyNut
Accidentally buying a SLAVE by Micx_A14
Accidentally buying a SLAVEby p'Nut_mxxxxx
ACCIDENTALLY building an soft spot for that one PERSON, that accidentally came to my LIFE.
P'Sai I Don't Want To Be Alone - SpyNut by zouisbxtch
P'Sai I Don't Want To Be Alone - S...by .
Supanut do not want to be alone so what better way than to call his P'Sai to ask for some company. Basically what I imagine a vulnerable Supanut would do when he is in...
victor vella's House  by mniiishii
victor vella's House by Manali shil
Story of 5 friends group going to a vacation to a mountain and getting trapped in a mysterious house
High School Crush by Starrrrlighhtttt59
High School Crushby ✨
Charlie, the introverted loner, and Babe, the ambivert were classmates. Babe always had big fat crush on Charlie . Will he collect the courage to confess his feelings to...
PeteWay short story - Under the starry sky by anywaynn
PeteWay short story - Under the st...by Anyway
This is a short story that I wrote listening to the song called "time machine" by mj apanay and aren part. You might listen to it while reading this. Enjoy. &q...
A Happy Family - SpyNut  by zouisbxtch
A Happy Family - SpyNut by .
What happens when Topten catches Sailub and Supanut in an intimate situation? Read this one-shot to find out!