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Slut. by twisted_transistor
Slut.by Jacket Slut
Gerard Way is a virgin. A pathetic, gay, red-haired little virgin. But he was okay with that. People in school avoided him, hell, they didn't even know who he was, and t...
Lets Dance- Ferard by groovylady
Lets Dance- Ferardby groovealert
(90s) Gerard Way and Frank Iero run into each other constantly.
Call Me Daddy {COMPLETED} by xemoballerinax
Call Me Daddy {COMPLETED}by 《Draco is mine》
Ferard DD/LB Smut warning Boyxboy Light cursing #1 fanfiction on my account ♡ #1 published story on my account Current Rank in fanfiction: #348 Past ranks in fanfiction...
The World Is Ugly (But You're Beautiful to Me) | Completed by burningwitch13
The World Is Ugly (But You're Beau...by «»
Frank's lost his parents when he was sixteen and was now a nineteen year old who had to grow up way too fast. He was still struggling to find a job that didn't leave him...
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Pay Attention, Mr. Iero (Frerard)by Sinister
Frank Iero is a college freshman who couldn't care any less about his classes or about school at all... that is, until he decides to attend his unwanted art class. It do...
Frerard Fluff Oneshots by cupid-falls
Frerard Fluff Oneshotsby cupid
Fluff! All the fluff!
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The Sharpest Lives FRERARD FERARD by Mychemicalmonster
The Sharpest Lives FRERARD FERARDby Reckless Insanity, Zerø
Frank Iero and Gerard Way have been in My Chemical Romance for twelve years, but when they break up, everything falls apart in front of them. Gerard's depression comes b...
unknown number // petekey by Nalan1234
unknown number // petekeyby em
one message from: Unknown Number Unknown Number: help please help oh my god help me (Completed January 2nd, 2017)
Blind in a Way (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Blind in a Way (Frerard)by Ghosted
"Only douche bags wear sunglasses inside." "If I knew what one looked like, I might agree."
My Chemical Romance: Ferard by MACnCHEESE5329
My Chemical Romance: Ferardby MACnCHEESE5329
Gerard has had feelings for Frank for a while. But how will Frank handle it after Gerard kisses him on stage?
Look at us, we messed up, and now we are sharing a cell. ( Frerard/Ferard ) by violent-future
Look at us, we messed up, and now...by 𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣 𝕜𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣
( COMPLETE ) Frank Iero, a nineteen year old, has never been arrested or sent to jail, though he doesn't have a clean record. That all changes when he's finally caught...
Please, Catch Me (frerard) by justemotrsh
Please, Catch Me (frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Another Frerard story, trigger fuckin warning my dudes
Stockholm Syndrome (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Stockholm Syndrome (Frerard)by Sinister
The day Frank discovers Gerard is moving to the other side of the Earth and leaving him behind, something changes inside of him. His anger problems and secret attraction...
Dd/lb Ferard story's. by Sleepy_Gee
Dd/lb Ferard story's.by Sleepy_Gee
This is Dd/lb (daddy Dom/little boy) relationships if you don't like that stuff then you don't have to read it. (WARNING) Some of these will contain drug abuse, way twi...
romeo & juliet ; f.g by prettyiero
romeo & juliet ; f.gby prettyiero
❝ "romeo, oh, romeo, won't you please fuck off?" " come on, juliet. gimme a chance." ❞ pastel!frank ; punk!top!gerard {started: 29 oct '17 com...
kik!frerard by im_so_retro
kik!frerardby gee
oreo: so you can draw?? gertrude: yes oreo: then draw me gertrude: ?? oreo: draw me like one of your french girls
joyriding. (Frikey) by kingofgxtham
joyriding. (Frikey)by 🌂
Mikey always had self esteem issues. Being famous didn't help, and what certainly made things even worse was carrying twins. (The title purposely isnt capitalised)
Bloodstained Bathtubs and an Absence of Death (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Bloodstained Bathtubs and an Absen...by Sinister
"Frank Iero. A younger man with a dazzling appearance; pale skin coated in tattoos, stunning hazel eyes, a stupid, overly-excited smile that was almost always plast...
Band Smut  by mikesdrugdealer
Band Smut by piercetheveilTRASH
HAITUS Filthy smut for you horny pieces of trash