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Blinded by trust by Star-Wars-Dragons
Blinded by trustby Fawn Bridger
Instead of Kanan going blind, it's Ezra. Kanan takes the Holocron and ignoring his training, learns what he can from it to protect his friends.
Star Wars Moments by Star-Wars-Dragons
Star Wars Momentsby Fawn Bridger
Ezra and Kanan. Sabine and Ezra. Hera and Kanan. Ahsoka and Anakin. Love, friendships and family. Moments of comfort, confessions, apologies, romance and other emotions...
Life After Rebels by zap427
Life After Rebelsby zap427
Rebels ended on an interesting note. This is what I would have liked to have happened: Kanan lives, Ezra is found, and everyone lives happily ever after. I don't own Sta...
Finding You...Kanan Jarrus x oc by Jjdb2001
Finding You...Kanan Jarrus x ocby Jjdb2001
The Ghost crew has always been a tight family. Each one has their rolls in the battle against the Empire. Each one has a reason to fight. Each one has a past that they d...
Dark Tide Rising - Star Wars Rebels by belinabee
Dark Tide Rising - Star Wars Rebelsby Bailey
Kita Undari, former Padawan of Jedi Master Ijora Saville, wanders the universe after the Jedi Purge. Leaving the Jedi code behind, she creates a set of morals for hersel...
Star Wars: Imagines by pompomii
Star Wars: Imaginesby Soap 🫶
(REQUESTS OPEN) Please message me to request! These will include characters from the Star Wars franchise, reader inserted! I have so much fun fulfilling requests and mak...
Star Wars oneshots 2 by gbow1999
Star Wars oneshots 2by Gbow1999
Part 2 to Star Wars Rebel oneshots
Ahsoka Tano One-Shots by TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano One-Shotsby TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano: Jedi padawan of Anakin Skywalker, grandpadawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi, commander of the 501st, friend of too many clones to count, and a Togtuta of many exciting...
Star Wars rebels oneshots by gbow1999
Star Wars rebels oneshotsby Gbow1999
Kanan Ezra Zeb Kallus Maul Thrawn Rex
The Rough  Battles  ( Star Wars Rebels) by CODYARMY
The Rough Battles ( Star Wars Re...by CodyW7
The ghost crew has a new member they will be tested physically and mentally to survive the war, Love will be reborn for one in more than one way, they will each face dif...
The Cyber Force by FullerK75
The Cyber Forceby FullerK75
After An Accident On A Mission. Ezra Was Kick Out Of The Rebellion And Force Into Exile. But He's Wasn't The Only One. He Finds Princess Leia And Discovers That She Was...
Cyber Ezra (Complete) by FullerK75
Cyber Ezra (Complete)by FullerK75
Sabine Leaves Ezra On A Mission On Purpose And Tells The Crew That He Was Dead. The Empire Transforms Him Into A Cyborg And He Starts Working For Them. He Wants Revenge...
Clan Bridger (Complete) by FullerK75
Clan Bridger (Complete)by FullerK75
Ezra And Sabine Were Kick Out Of The Rebellion And Go To Clan Wren. They Get Married And Start Their Own Clan.
Don't Save Her (Complete) by FullerK75
Don't Save Her (Complete)by FullerK75
Sabine Is Sick Of Ezra Saving Her And Tells Him That She Doesn't Need Him. So He Stops Saving Her. What Will Happen If They Don't Talk To Each Other.
Ride For Me (Tommy Egan) by adbaez
Ride For Me (Tommy Egan)by Adrianna Báez
"Don't make me say it again." * "Baby, look, I'm just-" * "Don't you dare say 'just a drug dealer'; I'm not fucking stupid, Thomas Egan!" B...
Captured: Star Wars Rebels Fanfic by notthisusernameboy
Captured: Star Wars Rebels Fanficby Ellie
When Ezra Brigder, the youngest member of the rebel crew, gets captured by the Empire, Sabine has no idea how to feel about it. Sabine has never felt anything like that...
Ezra's Depression  by Starwarscrazyfun
Ezra's Depression by Starwarscrazyfun
Ezra has kept a secret from the crew. He is has been suffering from depression. He has a note book and there he writes all his feelings. What happens when Kanan finds th...
Star wars x Grand admiral reader by Kyriakos_rebels1
Star wars x Grand admiral readerby Hello there
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away Star Wars belong to Disney and images belong to their owners
Rebel Family (one-shots) by ilovedolphins101
Rebel Family (one-shots)by BLUB
A bunch of different family one-shots of the Ghost crew. Of how the crew bonds through tough or sad moments in there life. I do not own Star Wars Rebels!!!!
The Ghost Crew by EzraJediKnight
The Ghost Crewby Rebelforlife
These are one-shots that include both fanfics and just random things. There is a lot of torture. Mostly to Ezra because I love him. Read A/N in the beginning of every ch...