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Star Wars rebels oneshots by gbow1999
Star Wars rebels oneshotsby Gbow1999
Kanan Ezra Zeb Kallus Maul Thrawn Rex
SPECTRE-7 by alexandriakathrine
SPECTRE-7by Alexandria Kathrine
Celeste Greys has always been on her own, accepting any job she could get to keep herself alive. She only cared for herself, jumping from planet to planet. Making sure s...
Star Wars Rebels: Family by whitmarvel01
Star Wars Rebels: Familyby WhitneyAbigail
In this story, I created a character that's Zeb's wife and her name is Luna and she is pregnant with Zeb's child. Luna already looks nine months pregnant and doesn't kno...
Blackbird (Ezra x OC) by EmilyFalkenrath
Blackbird (Ezra x OC)by Emily Falkenrath
The daughter of Captain Rex, Laurel, becomes a rebel fourteen years after her birth, close to the foundation of the Empire. Things were regular to a certain extent, unti...
Star Wars Imagines/Preferences by finnspilot
Star Wars Imagines/Preferencesby finnspilot
The title is self explanatory but I'll be taking requests for imagines/one shots/ preferences for any character from the prequels, sequels, SW the clone wars and SW rebe...
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Ahsoka Tano One-Shots by TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano One-Shotsby TwentyFunnyBunnies
Ahsoka Tano: Jedi padawan of Anakin Skywalker, grandpadawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi, commander of the 501st, friend of too many clones to count, and a Togtuta of many exciting...
The Cyber Force by FullerK75
The Cyber Forceby FullerK75
After An Accident On A Mission. Ezra Was Kick Out Of The Rebellion And Force Into Exile. But He's Wasn't The Only One. He Finds Princess Leia And Discovers That She Was...
A Ticklish Padawan  by Star-Wars-Dragons
A Ticklish Padawan by Fawn Bridger
When the Rebellion finds out that Ezra is ticklish, all hell breaks loose
Star Wars Family One-Shots by Ahsoka_Fan12
Star Wars Family One-Shotsby ✨ꪑꫀ✨
Previously known as Plo Koon gets to be a Dad (so the first few are about Plo Koon) This is just a ton of one-shots about families in Star Wars. I mostly do The Clone Wa...
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus) by Hockeybullet
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus)by Casear
After a miscommunication happens during a mission, the rebellion kicks Ezra out of the Rebellion. And stumbles upon the UNSC Infinity while being attacked his ship is bl...
Cyber Ezra (Complete) by FullerK75
Cyber Ezra (Complete)by FullerK75
Sabine Leaves Ezra On A Mission On Purpose And Tells The Crew That He Was Dead. The Empire Transforms Him Into A Cyborg And He Starts Working For Them. He Wants Revenge...
Star Wars Moments by Star-Wars-Dragons
Star Wars Momentsby Fawn Bridger
Ezra and Kanan. Sabine and Ezra. Hera and Kanan. Ahsoka and Anakin. Love, friendships and family. Moments of comfort, confessions, apologies, romance and other emotions...
Love (Complete) by FullerK75
Love (Complete)by FullerK75
Ezra and Hera Start Dating After Sabine Rejects Ezra And Begin A Secret Relationship. How Long Can They Keep Their Relationship A Secret From The Rest Of The Crew. Find...
Clan Bridger (Complete) by FullerK75
Clan Bridger (Complete)by FullerK75
Ezra And Sabine Were Kick Out Of The Rebellion And Go To Clan Wren. They Get Married And Start Their Own Clan.
SPECTRE-7: RESTORED by alexandriakathrine
SPECTRE-7: RESTOREDby Alexandria Kathrine
"You are a Rebel. No matter what anyone says." Celeste Greys is broken. She lost the only family she ever knew. Her best friends, her mentor and any connection...
Star Wars Rebels 2 by AssassinNovice72
Star Wars Rebels 2by Assassin Novice
The Ghost crew is at it again, but now there are new challenges that await them. A rebellion fleet, a Sith Lord, two Inquisitors and new allies. but wait. that is happen...
Ezra Bridger: Moments With His Family  by GraceBeard
Ezra Bridger: Moments With His Fam...by Alpha_12
Just some one shots about our favourite blue haired rebel with his new found family - the Ghost Crew. Open to taking requests.
Star Wars Rebels: Hera & Kanan by SpecSeven
Star Wars Rebels: Hera & Kananby SpecSeven
Young and gifted Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla met former Jedi padawan Kanan Jarrus on Gorse, and the two quickly forged a dynamic partnership that eventually became the b...
Star Wars Rebels Season Two AU by KatieEdom
Star Wars Rebels Season Two AUby Katie Edom
Here is the second story of Star Wars Rebels AU. Please enjoy! *I own nothing*
Reliving a nightmare by Star-Wars-Dragons
Reliving a nightmareby Fawn Bridger
When Ezra gets taken by a gang of thugs he stole from years back, Kanan and the Ghost crew must find their young Jedi before its too late. - Note: Ezra does get injured...