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Adopted by Gerard Way by mikey_fucking_way_
Adopted by Gerard Wayby I Exist
Charlie was a normal rebel that you could find at every city. But when her rebellious actions get her sent away (again) she needs to learn to trust her new family as she...
  • mikeyway
  • raytoro
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Wrong Number (Frerard) by jessthepsychic
Wrong Number (Frerard)by jesee
(Well actually it's kik fic but this title seemed to work better.) - Frnk: hey Frnk: hey its me Frank Gee : I don't know any Franks Frnk: whoops sorry Frnk: wrong numbe...
  • text
  • iero
  • gerard
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Family Feud (Gerard Way x Reader) by self-anathema
Family Feud (Gerard Way x Reader)by cool cool
The Way and L/n families would never get along. It all started in the 1930s when their grandparents kept a secret from their families. When Gerard and Y/n try to unsolve...
  • fanfiction
  • gerardway
  • xreader
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emo memes ✧ 1 by -pavlove
emo memes ✧ 1by - ̗̀ ❀ ̖́ -
my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, twenty øne piløts. WARNING! contains a lot of tears.
  • mikeyway
  • raytoro
  • peterick
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stutter † frerard by -amazingiero
stutter † frerardby -amazingiero
❝Stop your fucking stuttering.❞ ❝I-I-It's a-a fu-fucking medical c-c-condition!❞ © -amazingiero. All rights reserved.
  • raytoro
  • andyhurley
  • dallonweekes
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The Power of Art|| Frerard by emo__rat
The Power of Art|| Frerardby emo__rat
I guess Fronk and Gee are teachers huh? There will be smut but I put warnings just before it happens so feel free to skip if you want
  • fluff
  • frank
  • frankie
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My Chemical Romance X Reader by DeathOfACrybaby
My Chemical Romance X Readerby Sarah the trash can
Y/n gets the chance to meet her favorite band, but what happens when all the guys fall in love with her? DISCLAIMER~ I don't own any of the characters (I wish lol)
  • mikeyway
  • xreader
  • mcr
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Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | COMPLETE ✔ by LastThief
Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | COM...by -xoZowie
ya'll need Geesus.
  • chemical
  • frerard
  • mikeyway
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Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucks by _WhatIfIWasDead_
Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucksby Moody Maddie 🖤🤘
You're a coffee lover. It was a concert for My Chemical Romance. Before you went you met them at Starbucks. But you already know Frank apparently!
  • bobbryar
  • love
  • raytoro
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My Chemical Romance Theories by anna_urie
My Chemical Romance Theoriesby MiniLesbian™
"We'll Carry On" ⬆️They said it not me If you wanna know what it is about then you should just read the book :) *cough* also vote and comment *cough* Thank y...
  • theory
  • toro
  • chemical
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Fake You Out - Joshler by CasualTeenageFangirl
Fake You Out - Joshlerby Whatever
Some people have a hard time letting go of high school grudges, and Tyler Joseph is guilty of that. And when Tyler finds out that the kid who used to bully him in high s...
  • gerardway
  • top
  • michael
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Talk to Me |frerard| by KILLINGJAR
Talk to Me |frerard|by key
Frank can't handle talking to people without being struck with a panic attack. The only people he can talk to are his best friend, Mikey Way, and his mom. Ever since Fra...
  • boyxboy
  • mychemicalromance
  • frankxgerard
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2: And It Ended With Graduation  by NuclearPistol
2: And It Ended With Graduation by Devious Devil
~Sequel to It Started With Field Day~ Now Gerard Way is a 18 year old senior. He and Frank are friends now with a sexual tension in the air all around them. But of cours...
  • hayleywilliams
  • paramore
  • eliza
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Frank is so utterly tired of his life, the routine of being broken down and told to just take it, and there are a hell of a lot of people he'd happily do away with in a...
  • romance
  • raytoro
  • boyxboy
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Ddlb oneshots  {Frerard} by PuffiPeach
Ddlb oneshots {Frerard}by Soft peach 🥰
Gerard, Frank and a bunch of kinks. Little gee and dom frank
  • ddlb
  • frerard
  • frerardoneshot
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What a babe||Ryden by Randomfangir
What a babe||Rydenby nat!!
✔️Brendon Urie is a punk. Tattoos and piercing and how could I forget the leather jacket? Ryan Ross like girly clothes. He was considered soft grunge around the style b...
  • gerardway
  • mikeyway
  • petewentz
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Feeling ~ Vampire!Gerard Way by EllieIncredible
Feeling ~ Vampire!Gerard Wayby Elle
Frank has lived across the street from the psychic Elle his entire life. They have been best friends ever since day one. In their senior year, a group of boys move in fr...
  • fanfic
  • bobbryar
  • vampire
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1: It All Started With Field Day by NuclearPistol
1: It All Started With Field Dayby Devious Devil
Gerard Way. A 16 year old teenager who's pansexual. He in love with his best friend, Frank Iero, but something happens. Frank who was supposedly all for the LGBTQ+ turns...
  • field
  • wattys2018
  • mikeyway
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Adopted By My Chemical Romance by xoalexandercalvert
Adopted By My Chemical Romanceby 🤷‍♀️
[BOOK 1 COMPLETED] Dakota Jane Myers is a 17 year old orphan. Her parents have been missing since she was 5 years old. One day, 4 adopters come to the orphanage. It seem...
  • frank
  • dakotajanemyers
  • gerard
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Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level [ FRERARD ONESHOTS & MORE ] by WetForFrankIero
Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level [...by WetForFrankIero
Contains smut, heavy language, bdsm, a variety of kinks and lots more... come find out😈😤😂 Please DO NOT kink shame!! Don't forget to vote and leave a comment if you l...
  • frank
  • masochist
  • frankiero
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