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Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU) by Sun_Flower_Waanjai
Sweet Admiration (MewGulf AU)by Rain
COMPLETED You know how you sometimes get a crush on someone older? That's exactly how Gulf felt towards Mew, his childhood friend's older brother. Though Gulf only spent...
Kids by Lancaster08
Kidsby Lancaster
After his concert, Mew went backstage when a child bumped into him. Turns out, that child is his fan. Endeared by his young fan's antics, he promised to keep in touch. T...
A Broken Heart  (KimChay fanfic) by Mercury271
A Broken Heart (KimChay fanfic)by Mercury 27
Porchay was a sweet and innocent kid, but due to his brother he was pushed into a new world, a dark and deadly one. There he meets Kimhan, one of the most powerful Mafia...
ENGLISH VERSION ♥️ COMPLETE ✅ BOY X BOY ⚠️ Joong Dunk Fanfiction 💞 Thank you for reading, voting, commenting 😊 NOTE : English is not my first language, I'm still learn...
Unexpected//ZeeNunew by HiddenPoemsForHer
Unexpected//ZeeNunewby nih
The strange relationship between NuNew and his stepbrother Zee has changed in the ways that NuNew had never imagined. "I've never expected something like this. You...
i reincarnate for you...❤️ by littlexshipper
i reincarnate for you...❤️by little shipper
Do you believe in Reincarnation and destiny..? .. .. Here is the story of babe charlie who dies because of tony...but after that they both reincarnate by pavel and pooh...
Save me! by Loving_writer7
Save me!by Loving_writer7
James parents was died when he was12,his aunt and uncle adopt him but they never treat him well they made him servant of their house they made him do laundry,cooking,cle...
To Keep Going On by FiiJaa
To Keep Going Onby FiiJaa
2moons fanfic Beam disappeared after his one-night stand with Forth. No one knows where he went. Until he returned 7 years later. the characters belong to Chiffon_cake...
HUMAN by sadhappysoul
HUMANby sadhappysoul
Alpha J is faced with a hard decision of choosing between the tradition that has been kept in check for 40 years and his soon to be sworn son, Mew. Interim Alpha Mew not...
Glazed Doughnuts by Wan_ie
Glazed Doughnutsby Wannie
UNEXPECTED SERIES GEN-1 ----- Gulf Kanawut, the cold faced heartthrob CEO of GD Corp. He could kill you with just his glare, a hot tempered rich man. Everybody dies to b...
His Liability (Completed) by Emilliooooo
His Liability (Completed)by Emille Alejandro
A fanfiction for MewGulf. Highest ranking: #1 in HOT RISING Stories - June 15, 2020 #1 in MewGulf category - July 22, 2020 #1 in Waanjai stories - August 10, 2020 #2 in...
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Forsaken ✓ by beauravenford
Forsaken ✓by call me b :)
No. 1 in #ohmnanon No. 1 in #ohmpawat Nanon Korapat, being as straight as ramen noodles knows too well that he will not be able to survive in an arranged marriage with O...
Just By Chance by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chanceby Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
Absolutely Yours by Yours_Truly_T
Absolutely Yoursby Twinkle
Kongpob chuckled. "Propose? " a playful smile was on his lips. "I mean, on Saturday, 4pm at the gym. We play. If I win, you join the team. If not, we wo...
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction)  by ketkitayde29
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction) by ketkitayde29
What would have happened if after the war instead of Vegas, it was Pete who got shot for protecting Vegas and loss his memory after waking from coma . Behave like a thr...
The Assassin and the King    -     SOTUS by Sakura_D
The Assassin and the Sakura_D
Imagine with me if you will, a land long ago, filled with kings, assassins and men of power. With palaces in the shimmering sands and great stories of treasure and jewel...
Pitbabe the series [Book 2] by sweetbabe6542
Pitbabe the series [Book 2]by boookfic.yn
book 2 of the Oneshot series for Pitbabe series Book 1 you can find it here
Carried Away by Feychild1225
Carried Awayby Feychild1225
Prince Rain is the first omega crown prince in 200 years. He always knew he life could be in danger, that he could be kidnapped or even assassinated. Knowing that in the...
Brothers, I Think I Have A Crush (Kongkwan-Fon) by HaBINI48
Brothers, I Think I Have A Crush ( HaBINI48
Fon is a highschool student who is classmates with her brothers who are fraternal twins - Neua and Sky; both of them being athletes of their school which makes the 3 of...
The Princess and Me by raidenredux
The Princess and Meby raidenredux
"Do Princes and Princesses still exist?" That was the question that Katelyn (Freen) wanted to answer as she set about doing her research paper. She had no ide...