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Blind in a Way (Frerard) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Blind in a Way (Frerard)by Ghosted
"Only douche bags wear sunglasses inside." "If I knew what one looked like, I might agree."
Please, Catch Me (frerard) by justemotrsh
Please, Catch Me (frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Another Frerard story, trigger fuckin warning my dudes
Rollercoaster of Fuck-Ups//Willne Fanfiction by bime321
Rollercoaster of Fuck-Ups// bime321
A 21 year old talented female had the world ahead of her. Literally. Everyone makes mistakes but unlike hers, she has lost so many opportunities but her life hasn't exac...
Gerard Way Oneshots by BandomLyfee
Gerard Way Oneshotsby hi
Hey Gerard Way fans! Thanks for checking this book out! A few things you should know before reading: -There is no specific gender or identification of the main character...
Untitled (frerard) by KatarinaBelikova
Untitled (frerard)by Annie's got a gun
if you are easily triggered do not read this And yes it's a cringy fanfic written by a 13 yo girl. If you have negative comments, just please leave. I don't need them. G...
message delivered {frerard} by candyflossmelanie
message delivered {frerard}by ✨gabriel✨
geebear: ummm who is this? frnk is typing...
Unholy Pictures Of Gerard Way  by deathspxlls
Unholy Pictures Of Gerard Way by ☆
Kissed All the Boys | Frerard + COMPLETE ! | by samantharosef
Kissed All the Boys | Frerard + sam
Genevieve Way finds herself falling for the new kid in town - the troubled and mysterious, yet kind Frank Iero - all the while struggling to realize her true identity. ...
Adopted by My Chemical Romance by wickedrhapsody
Adopted by My Chemical Romanceby sunflower
{please don't read this i was 12} Adeline Abernathy survived the plane crash that killed everyone aboard, including her family. It was a miracle that the rescue team fo...
Three Cheers by ohholyfrerard
Three Cheersby ✖️As You Were ✖️
~>Sequel to Give Him Hell, Kid<~ Frank Iero couldn't have wished for more when he became the prince of darkness- The King of Hell's right-hand man. They are insepa...
gerard way oneshots by iIlness
gerard way oneshotsby illness
oneshots about the one and only, gerard way. relatively well written but definitely very cliche. i hope u enjoy!
Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucks by _WhatIfIWasDead_
Gerard Way x Reader || Starbucksby Moody Maddie 🖤🤘
You're a coffee lover. It was a concert for My Chemical Romance. Before you went you met them at Starbucks. But you already know Frank apparently!
Adopted By My Chemical Romance by I_Love_Mikey_Way
Adopted By My Chemical Romanceby Likey Rathbone
Liza Edward's is one lucky girl to be adopted by this lovely family. Twists and turns throughout the story. Grab your tissues and have fun! ^_^
naughty boys by ultraviolet_raindrop
naughty boysby picasso
quick and kinky (done for a laugh, writing fics isn't really my style)
ferard oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by Emylovespie
ferard oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN)by Emerald Rose Abercrombie
smut, fluff and other stuff! hope you enjoy! I'll try to update a lot!!! Oh btw requests are open!!
My Chemical Romance Oneshots (fluff & smut) by _just_lou
My Chemical Romance Oneshots ( charley
some weird one shot's with gerard way and y/n, I'll be ashamed for them one day, but here you go :)
Babysitting (Frerard) by RadioArsenic
Babysitting (Frerard)by Rozalyn IeroLeto
Description: Frank goes to babysit Mikey one night. What he doesnt realise is that Mikey has a brother too. A hot older one at that... Frerard
Bad Guys Get Good Girls(Mafia!Frank Iero x Reader) by My_Chem_Frens
Bad Guys Get Good Girls(Mafia! Spencer's Snorting Coke Again
Crazy/psychotic frank(obviously mafia daddy frank) Has major kinks (*ex* ddlg) so if I don't like them please leave me alone about it I like it and if u dont then thats...
Frerard Oneshots ♡ by destroyugh
Frerard Oneshots ♡by klo !!
Thingys I write when I get random inspiration