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Once Strong, Now broken by Queen_Gibby678
Once Strong, Now brokenby Queen_Gibby678
"I tried as hard as I could to understand why you all abandoned me. I could never understand, what I did to you. As far as I remember, I didn't and it wasn't my fau...
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  • god
  • wolves
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Devoid of Entirety by ZaydaBadru
Devoid of Entiretyby common void
A collection of poetry written within dark periods.. Without light, there is no dark. Without a high.. there is no low.
  • poems
  • sad
  • anger
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I want a crazy life by 70irreconocible
I want a crazy lifeby táctica
My song, copyrighted
  • boyfriends
  • smile
  • sad
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All About Me by lhmcheesestick
All About Meby Lee Hyun Min
A thread of a face reveal of myself and such idk why or whatever. Maybe ill just like...idk say anything,update about my life and such.I just wanna do it. BECAUSE.... wh...
  • facereveal
  • male
  • understand
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Secrets in my book by marbear755
Secrets in my bookby Seapups
Here's some things you might not have noticed in my books! Have fun looking at my book different with these secrets!
  • understand
  • ideas
  • more
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My Poems (a little depressing) by xxxMrsAckermxnxxx
My Poems (a little depressing)by Mrs.Ackerman
Well I wanna show people my poems to at least find someone going through the same thing as me. so yeah these are the things I went through I go to therapy but it doesn't...
  • depressing
  • understand
I Loved You °jonah marais° by in_a_field_of_roses
I Loved You °jonah marais°by Vanessa Salazar
I loved you but did you care I needed you but you just hurt me
  • jackavery
  • corbynbesson
  • whydontwe
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Beautifully Broken by MissJackson23
Beautifully Brokenby 💚Ash💙
The words contains inside of this book are words that I know I will never say outloud. The words in this book are comprised of pure feeling and this book is just my voic...
  • depressing
  • poetry
  • thisisme
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SUDDEN by tiyangporktocino
SUDDENby ♡al_thea♡
A sudden feeling of sadness that can lead to mild or severve depression. ~~~ What does she know? She is a happy kid and her life is not messed up. She wore the happies...
  • depression
  • sadness
  • sudden
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A Feeling  by FellForBL
A Feeling by WannaBL
Gonna be describing a feeling in a situation each chapter so most of them will be barly a paragraph and i can onlt write what i understand or have experienced. Maybe you...
  • feelings
  • experience
  • understand
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Catharsis by AleVaughn
Catharsisby Ale Vaughn
What does something mean? Why would someone behave the way they did? What does everything mean? I need to understand. The emotions they have, what provokes them?
  • what
  • soul
  • reason
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Experiment 39 by Claire_Levesque
Experiment 39by Claire
"Never judge someone without knowing the full story. You may think you understand, but you don't" I always knew I was different. My parents would tell me I was...
  • sad
  • understood
  • sisters
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Break ups suck  by RobertaAdomaityte
Break ups suck by Writers-block
My opinion about love
  • mentaldisorders
  • understanding
  • midnight
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The Ultima by secrethorselover1022
The Ultimaby secretHorseLover1022
In my world, it's not to bad in some people's eyes. You have different kinds of people. The Mei'fwas, werewolves, and regular humans. It's a terrible life for me. I'm co...
  • meifwa
  • hatred
  • understand
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beats of my heart by kwinchester_
beats of my heartby ♛ heartthrob ♛
little pieces of a vast mind
  • understand
  • sadness
  • youngpoet
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Understand -[Steven kim] by chochooz
Understand -[Steven kim]by sec-to'hour
"I like her name" -Kim Steven
  • understand
  • stevenkim
  • dsp
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Guide: Muslims and Muslimah  by xxkloiexxx
Guide: Muslims and Muslimah by Crescent
This is a guide book for Muslims and Muslimah and this book also had my stories for being a Muslim and everything. How I deal with the religionism.
  • muslim
  • wattys2018
  • muslimah
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Poems of Things That They Don't Understand  by Leader-of-the-Damned
Poems of Things That They Don't Un...by Pain_of_ Betrayal
Poems I write when I have nothing left. Some of these are short some of these are long, Some of them rhyme, some of them don't. I Will not update regularly, Or maybe I w...
  • dontmockme
  • please
  • understand
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Still She Waited by KMV_ARMY
Still She Waitedby KMV_ARMY
Still she waited for what would never come. ***************** She didn't speak her mind. She didn't listen to her heart. She nev...
  • friendship
  • teenage
  • pain
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