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Frerard fanfics you must read by guilt-trippin
Frerard fanfics you must readby holy smokes
Hey you. Do you ship frerard? Do you wanna read an amazing frerard fanfic? Then read this book, cause I'll tell you about the funniest, gayest, life-destroying frerard f...
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Curtain Call [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Curtain Call [boyxboy]by Jen
Alexander Sullivan had his heart shattered by Neo Bartosz for revenge. Still in love with Neo, Alexander has tried desperately to move on, starting a new relationship. W...
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Heart beat  by fairytailfreak937
Heart beat by xx_SugaKookie_xx
After the war things changed. The Weasley's and Malfoy's buried their differences , Hermione is now minister of magic. But the biggest change. Harry and Draco are togeth...
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AVONIX - A.Skywalker by GeralddDeann
AVONIX - A.Skywalkerby H I A T U S
"The boy is dangerous. They all sense it; why can't you?" ✰ In which Rayn Eärendil, a fearless ruler and protector of the ga...
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The Show Must Go On [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Show Must Go On [boyxboy]by Jen
Alexander Sullivan has money, looks, charisma, a cunning mind, and constant boredom. When feisty Neo Bartosz catches his attention, he decides to make Neo his next sourc...
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Best Wattpad Books by RosaRay2
Best Wattpad Booksby Rosa Ray
This is a collection of amazing books YOU should read like ASAP.
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Drifting Back [Fanfiction G-Eazy] Book 1 by ColdBastilleMusic
Drifting Back [Fanfiction G-Eazy] Taylor
Yes that song Marilyn is about me, Daniella Evans. Yes I dated G-Eazy before he was cool. O the girl he cheated on me with? Her name was Devon Baldwin. So how the hell d...
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Wattpad's Must Reads: Volume I by ChelseaaSmile
Wattpad's Must Reads: Volume Iby ChelseaaSmile
These are some of Wattpad's completed must reads. Based on a eighteen year old girl's opinion. External Links should be attached to each story. フィニッシュ -Finisshu-
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She's Mine by GlobalApocalype
She's Mineby Dream.P
Jamie is a new girl shes shy but not the one to mess with and keeps to her self Hunter hes Mr.Popular hes outgoing and well,the schools bad boy Jamie has a deadly secre...
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Cool Mom by me_Tehreem
Cool Momby TEHREEM
Emma, Daniel and Hazel are The Aarons. They have everything one could dream of: money, family and love. But even when you have these there will always be things that mon...
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HarryStyles Must Read Fanfictions by lovereader1234
HarryStyles Must Read Fanfictionsby Cold&lovely
Hello lovely people this is my must read Harry Styles books. So ,yeah if you have anything that you think I should put in there then message me. This book is more then...
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All Roses Must Wilt (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by ProfessorMoony
All Roses Must Wilt (a Tom K.D. Shiro
Rose Parker is just your average girl living in London. She lives in an average house, has an average job, and has just an average personality. But if there's one thing...
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Bestfriends with benefits 2 by _tilly
Bestfriends with benefits 2by _tilly
Yes it's the sequel to bestfriends with benefits, so if you haven't read the first book you might be lost, but here goes more drama between Christians and Aubrey and the...
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Tododekubaku smut (on hiatus) by WeebOX3
Tododekubaku smut (on hiatus)by OtakuX3
Tododekubaku oneshots CONTAINS= SMUT TODODEKUBAKU TODODEKU BAKUDEKU I accept any recommendations for plottt (this smexy sooooo VOTE and READ. YEET) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF...
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Bestfriends With Benefits by _tilly
Bestfriends With Benefitsby _tilly
Aubrey and Christian have been friends since the sandbox days. Aubrey's a beautiful, smart young girl and Christians a fine PLAYER. But what will happen when the feeling...
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A life tragedy  by nkelsey2786
A life tragedy by nkelsey2786
Julia is a loving girl! She stays home while her parents go to a movie! But 7 hours later to uniformed officers tell her her parents died in a car accident. She goes to...
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Heartbeat by Jennifer45farmer34
Heartbeatby ✨Jenny✨
"Learning to love you was easy, who knew I'd have to learn how to live without you too." Emma and Mason were the perfect couple. Everyone knew they were soulma...
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TLC Tour Life by tlc_fanfictions
TLC Tour Lifeby OldschoolJams
On tv? Yes! TLC are in high school but also still trying to manage music. Will boyfriend drama hurt their career? Will their family help them? Will babies hold them back...
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Must Read Wattpad Stories by aillzzmhr
Must Read Wattpad Storiesby Aillazz Mher
Having a hard time finding wattpad stories? Check it out here. Possible Genres: romance, action, fantasy, mafia,vampires, werewolves, comedy,mature, mystery and et...
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PAINted by kaye_o
PAINtedby Kem
Hear me out, no-- just let me write.
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