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Sundrop x Moondrop *smut* by The_Local_Moon_Simp
Sundrop x Moondrop *smut*by JustANormalSundropSIMP
Ok so in this story Sun and Moon are two separate animatronics, this also will contain a lot of smut so if you don't like smut I will kindly ask you to fuck off😩🖕I als...
☀️Sun x Moon🌙 by Space0Suki
☀️Sun x Moon🌙by Space0Suki
In this story, you are is reading. I planned to make the reader BE sun, but no🫶. This is where sun meets moon for the first time after he is finished, they fall in love...
El Máscara Moon ~ Sun x Moon  by SxnnyandM00ny
El Máscara Moon ~ Sun x Moon by 💞☀️ Sun x Moon Club 🌙💞
Moon was a famous criminal for stealing many ancient artifacts. He was impossible to catch and no one couldn't find him. He was just too fast. Sun was a archeologist and...
When the Sun Fades (SunxMoon Human AU) by No_1316
When the Sun Fades (SunxMoon 🖤V🖤
Sunrise loves working at the Daycare. But such a task is very difficult on your own. Until Moon comes around of course! So how well can you take care of a whole room of...
Lunar Smiles [Sundrop x Moondrop THIS IS AN AU] by IAmNotKnowm
Lunar Smiles [Sundrop x Moondrop Anonymous
He watches his kingdom tumble and fall, and yet he still smiles. Sundrop can find the best in any situation, in any person, so can he find the best in the Lunar prince...
High On School/FNAF SB/Human!Sundrop x Human!Moondrop by Xx_DarkEmoSans_xX
High On School/FNAF SB/Human! Levi sucks
Moondrop is a new student in the FNAF high school. He's seen as the quiet kid through the beginning of the year until he meets..him. A boy named Sundrop becomes Moondrop...
30 day smut challenge [Not continuing] by MO0NDR0PaB0TT0M2
30 day smut challenge [Not Ranye/Raylen
Soo it a 30 day smut challenge and it Top Sun x Bottom Moon because I don't see a lot (sorry to the people who see them as a switch couple or top moon x bottom sun only...
We started as "friends".. [SunxMoon] by EmilyXXcookieXXplayz
We started as "friends".. [ Just tried-
This is a love story.. About Sunrise and Moondrop.. They have separate body's .. Not brothers..just good friends at friends ------ Request are allowed ! This may have...
When the Stars Aline by sunmoon0101
When the Stars Alineby Th@t._.b¡tch
Sun x Moon story, inspo from BoyGirlLena's oneshot sun x moon story.
Moondrop x Sundrop 18+ ( Love Story and Oneshots ) by DeathandIife
Moondrop x Sundrop 18+ ( Love BobaReads
This is a story where Sun and Moon are both humans that live in the daycare together! I'll update this story at least 2 times a week. It depends on how much schoolwork I...
4 daycare attendants (Gay  af♡) by Jaodenthegaymf
4 daycare attendants (Gay af♡)by Jaodenthegaymf
Just another Sun x Moon story where they are seperate animatronics. Yeah.. And more ships-
Alola! (Elio X Selene) by katarikurospe
Alola! (Elio X Selene)by MKZ.
Elio Sun and Selene Moon have been friends ever since they moved into the same neighborhood in Alola. But then both had to move again to far regions. It's been years and...
Yandere Moondrop/ Cute Sundrop X Reader by LanieMalfoy
Yandere Moondrop/ Cute Sundrop X Melanie
Just a book about Y/N a 17 year old girl who becomes the new daycare assistant who then falls in love with Sundrop aka sun and Moondrop aka moon. Moon is a yandere which...
The shadow one~ [Moon x Sun] by ASmallRPAccount
The shadow one~ [Moon x Sun]by • Drift •
[This is gonna be slowly updated sorry!] [Warnings!] [Eh light smut?-] [Angst] [Yall can request plot ideas! ]
☀︎︎-Feelings?-ꨄ (read description) (old) by ft_m0m0
☀︎︎-Feelings?-ꨄ (read description) 𝕸𝖔𝖒𝖔
The cover I'm using is not mine- This is an Au I made with my friend 🌙Moon x sun ☀️
The Case Of The Stolen Hat by LollyButterscotchPie
The Case Of The Stolen Hatby Butterscotch-‘Pie
Sun knows above all its against the rules to ever take something that rightfully belongs to another person, so what happens if he does? And what is his consequence if he...
The Confession (Sun x Moon) by SunnyTheEclipseSimp
The Confession (Sun x Moon)by Sunflower :D
yes. It's pretty much a roleplay me and my friend are doing-
SunDropxMoonDrop Oneshots! by lunarsfanfics
SunDropxMoonDrop Oneshots!by Lunar's Fanfic's.
The requests are needed!! I will do the following •Smut •Fluff •Angst •Sickshots I do not want to fight so if I see any hate comments I will not respond. Suggestively...