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After Her Last Straw (Dream Series #1) by Zanashi
After Her Last Straw (Dream Series...by Zanashi
After knowing that someone aside from her is capable of securing the top spot, Aphra felt nothing but hatred and utmost dislike towards that person. Will her opinion of...
Uncover // George Russell by kayla2509
Uncover // George Russellby Ky❤️
Eleanor Stroll is the daughter of billionaire businessman Lawrence Stroll and the sister of Aston Martin F1 driver Lance Stroll. She lived a comfortable life and spent m...
Uncovered - A Shadowhunters Fanfiction by writesbecs
Uncovered - A Shadowhunters Fanfic...by Becs
"I'm a Lightwood. No matter the deception I create." Jordyn Lightwood was collateral damage during the Uprising in Idris, taken by Valentine to punish Maryse T...
I'm Obviously A Girl. But none of you idiots have to know that... by RainDancer133
I'm Obviously A Girl. But none of...by Charlotte
Everyone has their own obsession; 16 year old Samantha Stone's is Kale McCann. But how could she not? He's beautiful, funny, sweet, nice--and totally not interested. Pl...
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Uncover ⇋ Huang Renjun by Take2SoNa
Uncover ⇋ Huang Renjunby Siya
-NCT Crime AU- "You don't have to smile like that in front of me." "You should smile more often." A girl with a smiling mask. And a boy with a cold p...
Uncover it by pastrese24
Uncover itby pastrese24
The story of a little girl named Julia who struggles to understand the real motif of people coming in her life and leaving her in strange ways.
aftermath » camren by LauserCabello
aftermath » camrenby shah
*NEW COVER ART* SEQUEL TO UNCOVER "this might be the first time I feel like I belong..." It's been six months since the events from "uncover". Camila...
Happier by underyourspell_
Happierby L
Hindi hihinto sa pag-ikot ang mundo dahil nasasaktan tayo. Sa walang-tigil na pakikidigma upang matagpuan ang dating tahanan, hanggang kailan ka lalaban?
The Unusual Forced Marriage by melissaray10
The Unusual Forced Marriageby mel
Who would have known that.... • One car crash can change your life • One death wish can mend problems • One deal can twist your plan? • O...
uncover » camren by LauserCabello
uncover » camrenby shah
*NEW COVER ART* "When you think you know someone, you don't..." She works in the shadows. She leaves no trail and she's very careful. Every agent who has tried...
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Untangled by Stephanie_Aston
Untangledby Stephanie Aston
I slammed the table loudly and groaned out of pain. Not only the pain from the headache I was having right now. But also from the memories flooding my mind as well. I wa...
Her Revenge (Book 2 in Revenge series) by Mimi_Smalls
Her Revenge (Book 2 in Revenge ser...by Mimi Smalls
Rejection. Everyone knows what it's like to be rejected. Pain. Everyone knows pain, in any form or any way, however it may come. Love. A tough subject for Charlotte. She...
In the Eyes of a Mermaid by Moon_Girl495
In the Eyes of a Mermaidby Lovely
What if one morning you find that all the dreams we're true? What if one day you find yourself having your eyes and nails change its color according to your emotion? A f...
ignis fatuus by rootcrop
ignis fatuusby rootcrop
"ignis fatuus" nounig·nis fat·u·us\ˈig-nəs-ˈfa-chə-wəs, -ˈfach-wəs\ → a deceptive goal or hope →Sequel to Uncover [Pic taken from Pinterest. Credits to the ac...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 | Dragon Ball Uncover - No. 2 by DaThane
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 | Drag...by DaThane
'THE PLAN TO RISE ARCOSIA' • - 🐉 - • STORY DESCRIPTION • - 🐉 - • An old king of Arcosia, Subzre, had been building his army for years and years, waiting for the right...
Classifications by fawnah
Classificationsby curious panther
There are things...
No Escape by aleydi97
No Escapeby hessalove
In a world where shadows hide the darkest secrets, John and Lisa's paths cross by chance, thrusting them into a dangerous game of survival. They navigate treacherous all...
Have you ever wondered that is there another side of the world? Extraordinary people or somehow supernatural people who aren't like you,not normal at all.. In which Zaph...
UNCOVERED by Unfavorablespy123
UNCOVEREDby Sandra Wabukoya
''Do you know what you just did?'' She asked her. ''Maybe there is some good in him'' She answered smiling She rolled her eyes and left. But did she know what she had ju...
The Result by Loonabish18
The Resultby Loonabish
The feelings I discover. The emotions I uncover. The cyclone in my head. I cry alone in my bed. The hurt I intake. It won't be long until I break. No one is perfect...