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Teenage Dream 》 Glee by lovethebreeze
Teenage Dream 》 Gleeby lovethebreeze
"You make me feel Like I'm livin' a Teenage dream The way you turn me on I can't sleep Let's run away and Don't ever look back, Don't ever look back My heart stops ...
My Warbler in Shining Armor (Glee: SebastianXOC) by claire43343
My Warbler in Shining Armor (Glee:...by claire43343
Being the younger sister of Blaine and Cooper Anderson, Eleanor Anderson has always been expected to be like her brothers. When she transfers to McKinley High from Dalto...
Chemistry | Sebastian Smythe | by sunnybabe101
Chemistry | Sebastian Smythe |by Hello Lovelies
"We have chemistry both on and off the stage."
Times Will Come... by DasJansel
Times Will Come...by Jana
Kurt and Barry are childhood friends, best friends since they got no one else but each other. They both lived in Central City until Barrys mother died and he had to move...
"hi." "bye." in which audrey hummel seems totally disinterested in sebastian smythe... until she's suddenly a lot more interested in the cocky warble...
His Alice, Her Sebastian by SkyWriter97
His Alice, Her Sebastianby SkyWriter97
(A Glee Fanfiction)There was a light in his hazel eyes they had never seen before, and a smile full of an emotion both knew but didn't expect to see. Kurt and Blaine ru...
The Other Me by MadTown523
The Other Meby BarryTheCareBarr
Barry Allen has a secret he doesn't like to share, and his name is Sebastian Smythe. Barry has put Sebastian behind him for almost a decade, but when high school memorie...
just some Klaine Oneshots by Oatsbogus123
just some Klaine Oneshotsby gleek_2005
a funny, fluffy, and sometimes sad collection of one-shots. involves new directions, warblers, and teachers/parents on glee
Rewrite the Stars 🎵 Sebastian Smythe [Glee] by starglaee
Rewrite the Stars 🎵 Sebastian Smy...by L
Olivia Anderson just moved to Lima, Ohio. She auditions for the New Directions, with a little coaxing from her cousin, Blaine. Will she make it? If she does, who will sh...
Glee Reacts To by Nerdlike3001
Glee Reacts Toby — 𝐏 𝐫 𝐞 𝐭 𝐭 𝐲 𝐁 𝐨 𝐲
The Warblers and New Directions react to their secrets and other things. Glee/Flash Takes place in season 3.
{you are the best thing that's ever been mine} Sam Evans X OC Glee Seasons 2-6 all rights reserved I do not own Glee or any of the songs and characters used in this stor...
Didn't Know it was Lost Until it was Found by sillygoose12
Didn't Know it was Lost Until it w...by Queen Silly Goose
ON HIATUS! sorry. I'm not abandoning it, I'm just super busy and trying to figure out where the plot is going to go. Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe are twins separate...
Glee Warblers Imagines by snoopy4321
Glee Warblers Imaginesby Spider-Girl420
Hi, I do imagines for Warblers that Come out for more than two episodes, I do take requests for this book just dm me, but I also have a book strictly to McKinley boys an...
Wablers Group Chat by emmacooldude
Wablers Group Chatby emmacooldude
Wablers group chat and random oneshots
Jenna Anderson Story by 7thgrader2001
Jenna Anderson Storyby Berenice Reyes
Jenna Anderson *Blaine's twin sister *the first female to be part of Dalton academy and warblers *she is friends with everyone from Dalton *she was bullied back then be...
Not Alone | Blaine Anderson by crystalskys
Not Alone | Blaine Andersonby crystal
Kurt was into performing. Poppy was into sport. Growing up, it had always been as simple as that for Kurt Hummel's younger sister, and boarding school in England had se...
• Smooth Criminal • Sebastian Smythe-BOOK ONE✔ by avocatastic
• Smooth Criminal • Sebastian Smyt...by avocatastic
Marina Fowler wasn't expecting to be granted an offer from Willaim McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Not since Marina was only seventeen, just graduating her high scho...
I am... (Barry and Sebastian Oneshots) by Zana_Zoola14
I am... (Barry and Sebastian Onesh...by ZanaZoola14
Just some one-shots of Barry Allen is Sebastian Smythe. A range of different one-shots, a couple of two-shots and a three-shot.
Arrow's Daughter by demihunteravenger
Arrow's Daughterby demihunteravenger
Peyton Morgan has always wanted to meet her father. Her mother never told any name just stories of how they met and why she left her family. A car crash severely injurin...
Klaine Oneshots by chloecc_cjah
Klaine Oneshotsby Chloe Balmain
Just some one shots about Kurt and Blaine because we all need some Klaine fluff in our lives. If you have any requests just message me or comment. Rankings: #1 in klaine...