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Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan! by MangaReader69420
Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan!by 𝓚𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲
Hopeless no more/izukus zenkai quirk/izuku the full blooded saiyan: mha x dbz story Basically in this one, at the age of four he actually got a quirk (izuku midoriya) an...
Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla  by Victor_TheRiper
Broly's Son Male Reader x Kefla by Victor Hernandez
(YN), The son of the legendary super saiyan Broly, and his grandpa, Paragus, we're lucky to escape the destruction of planet vegeta as they flew off space with a space p...
Too Strong (OP Male Saiyan Reader x dragon ball Z/Super) by Aquietgamer
Too Strong (OP Male Saiyan Reader...by Son Kakarot
You are 1 year younger than Gohan you turned into a super Saiyan during the 3 years before the androids but as we approach the cell games and you enter the time chamber...
Picking Up the Pieces by SophizPikapi
Picking Up the Piecesby --Saiyan.Girl--
Goku rarely had problems in his personal life, if anything it was relatively calm. However, when some drastic revelations are shown, the Saiyan is left filled with rage...
The Angel Beside The Honered One( Male Reader x Fem Gojo) by RoyaleBlueLightning
The Angel Beside The Honered One(...by BlueVoltage
Y/n The Strongest Sorcerer, Blessed by the angels And Husband Of The Honored One Satori Gojo. This is his origin story, where everything begins. ( I don't own jujutsu ka...
An Omen's Awakening (My Hero Academia X Male Reader) (Inspired) by LavenderBlitz
An Omen's Awakening (My Hero Acade...by Saiyan Of Wattpad
Y/N L/N is a boy with a pretty unique quirk, what is his quirk? A powerful one that's what. (This story was inspired by the story Limit Breaker wrote by ProPro4, If you...
The Saiyan Rose by EpicDCGuy334
The Saiyan Roseby Ian
(Y/N) Rose, a Saiyan raised on Remnant has married Summer Rose and has a child, Ruby Rose. The death of his loving wife unlocks a power known as Super Saiyan. Now, he ha...
Awakened Instincts My Hero Academia X Male Reader (Season One) by Saiyan8899
Awakened Instincts My Hero Academi...by Goku Black
Quirks it is something that all people have well not all there are some born quirkless that is the realization for one boy named Izuku Midoriya but a new kid moves into...
Dragon ball super: The First Gods by Eyeofcreation
Dragon ball super: The First Godsby Vanadis
I have decided to rewrite this book. The new book will be better and have a stronger Plot. This book will however remain but I recommend you only read it if you want to ...
Every SSJ form i find Cool (Canon and Fanmade) by MagicGamer69
Every SSJ form i find Cool (Canon...by Hunter Hutchinson
Includes normal SSJ forms and different God SSJ forms
Izuku Midoriya: Ultra Instinct by DefinitelyNotTKJ
Izuku Midoriya: Ultra Instinctby DefinitelyNotTKJ
Izuku Midoriya... Some knew him as a nice boy, most knew him as a quirkless nothing living a dream-namely, Katsuki Bakugo. The doctors told young Izuku that he was quirk...
The Greek Hero (Rewrite) by JosephHebertMorello
The Greek Hero (Rewrite)by Joseph Hebert-Morello
UA will be a university in this book. After the Giant War, Percy Jackson was struggling. Nightmares of walking through the Pit and losing The love of his life ran throu...
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon Ball Z X My Hero Academia) by BannTheMann
Deku: Hero of Yardrat (Dragon Ball...by BannTheMann
Izuku Midoriya is a young quirkless boy with desires to become a hero even though everyone treats him less then dirt. This changes when Izuku saves a small blue man in a...
Dragon Ball Super Multiverse. by Gustavo123589
Dragon Ball Super Multiverse.by Gustavo Gomes
Anos após o 28th Tenkaichi Budokai,o treinamento de Uub é completado,porém uma nave chega no templo de Kami e criaturas chamados de Vargas junto com Namekianos, Goku e o...
Naruto: Mastered Ultra Instinct by Amaterasu120973
Naruto: Mastered Ultra Instinctby Amaterasu120973
Minato and Kushina didn't die during the sealing of the kyuubi. Instead they left the village with his sister while leaving Naruto alone to the wolves in Konoha. What if...
Truck-Sama Gift by UnknownSeverus
Truck-Sama Giftby Unknown Severus
What would you choose If the god of reincarnation himself showed infront of you and asked you if you want to be reincarnated?. Well this is the story of Izumi Hyuga who...
Miss Kobayashi has a What!!! (Male Husband Reader X Kobayashi) (up for adoption) by Ajpower717
Miss Kobayashi has a What!!! (Male...by Steel 225
Kobayashi has been alone for quite some time just stuck in a lonely apartment but that changed when she saved a dragon in the mountains and then it became her maid but w...
Dragon Ball Super x Male Saiyan Reader. by Gustavo123589
Dragon Ball Super x Male Saiyan Re...by Gustavo Gomes
Um jovem garoto Saiyajin chamado Xyro no Planeta Vegeta mas foi criado na Terra por Goku e sua familia,Xyro,Goku e Vegeta tentaram derrotar Kid Buu,mas por causa de sua...
Saiyan izuku in a woman's world by thedemonkingsean
Saiyan izuku in a woman's worldby Cringelord
In a world where 80% of the population are born with a ability known as a quirk The problome is that only females get this ability but one day a alien crashes down on Ea...
Dragon Ball: The Saiyan Empire  by RedEmperor777
Dragon Ball: The Saiyan Empire by nyasha manonga
My name is Fujin Arashi or Android 24, and I am a culmination of both the DNA of the Saiyan Prince Vegeta and his soon-to-be wife Bulma. I was created in a laboratory by...