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Another Earth (Saiyan OC x Kaiju Girls) by DeathKip12
Another Earth (Saiyan OC x Kaiju Anonymous
Playing XenoVerse 2 in the middle of the night wasn't a good friggin idea. I was being a total sweat, until I was given a strange message that I couldn't read during me...
Type Z Super Saiyan ( Male Reader x Bulma x Female Goku x Female Vegeta by RoyaleBlueLightning
Type Z Super Saiyan ( Male BlueVoltage
Y/n Is The Best Friend and husband of Goki and Bulma. When Y/n was born, he was different. He was born with red hair and red fur covering him. Also, like his wife Goki...
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Vegeta X Chrissie by YuGiOhfan1999
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Katherine Isherwood
Vegeta and Chrissie met on Earth for the first time (but the second time in their lives) when Vegeta first came to destroy Earth with Nappa. But somehow, the two Saiyans...
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Hero's (My Hero Academia x Female Saiyan Reader) by DarkGhost02
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Dark Ghost
Son Y/N Twin of Son Gohan Daughter of Son Goku and Chi Chi and Second Child of the Son Family after the tournament of power Y/N was in a slump and was having a tough tim...
Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus Love Story by DemonIkari
Beerus's Heat: A Goku x Beerus DemonIkari
After the battle with Frieza and Goku Black, things have returned to normal and Goku & Vegeta go back to training on Beerus's planet. At an inconvenient time too. Beerus...
Dragon Ball: What if  by kingofanime1234
Dragon Ball: What if by dbzmaster
Buu saga:When Goten sees his Mother being killed by Majin Buu in brutal way, everything change for him. He'll unlock power to surpass everyone even his Father, Son Goku...
DB Disruption: What if Goku Black invaded DragonBall GT? by Sammy-DBZ
DB Disruption: What if Goku
Amidst escaping from the future, Goku Black spotted Trunks in his time machine. Shooting a laser only a little earlier than in the official story, his energy barely hits...
Saiyan warrior Izuku by Your14writer
Saiyan warrior Izukuby Kinda Sus
Izuku Midoriya a saiyan raised in earth and his adoptive father All Might,izuku couldn't use his ki properly at that time so a blonde kid named katsuki bullied him he go...
Dragon Ball Z: Awakening by DragonBallFanfiction
Dragon Ball Z: Awakeningby DragonBallFanfiction
What if Goten had never stopped training after the horror that was Kid Buu? What if he hadn't lived in peace? What if a new enemy found his way to Earth and Goten was th...
Male SSJ4 Goku reader x Naruto by Anthonybeal
Male SSJ4 Goku reader x Narutoby Anthony
what happens when a certain person goes missing then appears when someone tries destroying the village? read on btw this is one I was talking about earlier.
The love of two Saiyans (Male Saiyan reader x Female Goku) by Mutedboy
The love of two Saiyans (Male Alex
after, thinking about the so hard..... in between two decisions, I ultimately chose to remake instead of creating a sequel of My Male Saiyan reader x Female Goku Story...
The Special Saiyan (SSJ4 Male Saiyan Reader x Dragon Ball Super Beyond) by Mutedboy
The Special Saiyan (SSJ4 Male Alex
You were born as a Super Sayian 4 as your base form in a different Dimension (Dragon Ball Super GT), you were suddenly sucked portal into a different Dimension where Gok...
Dragon Ball GT Two Saiyans and a child SSJ4 Vegeta X Chrissie X SSJ4 Goku by YuGiOhfan1999
Dragon Ball GT Two Saiyans and a Katherine Isherwood
Chrissie (a 7 year old girl) just moved into Conton city but lives in a house in the forest with her loving mother. But one day she was sheltering from a Rain and Thunde...
The Saiyan With No Limits by Reaperempperr
The Saiyan With No Limitsby Reaperempperr
a saiyan child was sent off planet and landed on a distant planet full of namekians and tries to learn and control is power
DRAGON BALL GT : RETOLD by Chomuwidgomu
@Chomuwidgomu and @Sarian68 Retelling Dragon Ball GT, Which is the most Hated series in the Dragon Ball Community. Our Goal is to take the Same Concepts from the 1996 TV...
Island lovers  by bluefast13
Island lovers by bluefast13
Both momo and Izuku are washed up on a island Where momo started acting strange Read to find out more
Permanent..? by Outersnas
Permanent..?by Nahbroitsaplane
Goku, Vegeta And Trunks are on their last legs against Fused Zamazu. Gowasu gives up and accepts his fate. Vegeta quickly snatches Gowasu's Potara earings and gives one...
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