Future Trunks X Reader by Hope_Love_
Future Trunks X Readerby Crystal Heart
Its u and future trunks what else is there to know. Ok well Info: (E/C) eye color. (h/c) hair color. (h/l) hair length. You are gonna be shorter than Trunks for things...
  • dbz
  • trunksxreader
  • trunks
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A New Saiyan?! by Savage-Raven
A New Saiyan?!by Mona-san🛍👑
7 years have passed since his father's death, finally, Gohan is a teenage boy who gets to attend high school. As he attends high schools and becomes late for his class...
  • vegeta
  • dbz
  • goku
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PiccoloxReader - Awoken Love by _ShipsRus_
PiccoloxReader - Awoken Loveby Capt’n
Piccolo agrees to train you only as a favor to Gohan. Despite his hard exterior does the Namekian have a secret soft side that very few have yet to see? Find out next t...
  • love
  • action
  • dbz
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Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBY by Silver_B657
Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBYby Silver_B657
+A boy being abused by his parents, sisters and uncles,he decides to confront them once trying to treat him with more respect but the opposite happened, he decided to...
  • goku
  • dragonball
  • neglect
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My Hero Academia X Male Saiyan Reader by georgelydon
My Hero Academia X Male Saiyan Rea...by George Lydon
you are half of a surviving race living in a world where 80% of people have powers called quirks and you are about to enroll in UA high school and work your way to the t...
  • xmalereader
  • momo
  • dragonballsuper
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Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Readerby BSGNetwork
My first ever story, i am not the best at writing so give me slack, i was inspired to write by Kenshiro, Goku Black or any other of his name changes.
  • piccolo
  • whis
  • caulifla
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Highschool DxD: Legends (Xenovia x Male! Saiyan Reader!) by totallynotdeadlol
Highschool DxD: Legends (Xenovia x...by Totally
The last Saiyan, (y/n), only wants one thing in life: To fight, and defeat, only the strongest of opponents. When his search to fight the strongest leads his to Rias Gre...
  • dragonball
  • toomanytags
  • asia
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Male Reader OP Saiyan X RWBY Harem X DBS Harem by Silver_B657
Male Reader OP Saiyan X RWBY Harem...by Silver_B657
(Y/N) (L/N) is a seventeen-year-old boy who has gone through different abuses by his family and also by his schoolmates but once he meets Ozpin and lets him join Beacon...
  • rwby
  • saiyan
  • dragonball
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My hero academia and dragon ball z crossover by Izuku_Midoriya35
My hero academia and dragon ball z...by Izuku wannabe
alright guys this is my first story and it's gonna be a crossover of my 2 favorite animes of all time so Its not gonna be as good but I'll try izuku, Iida, bakugo, ochac...
  • mha
  • crossover
  • dragonballz
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The changing DBZ(female goku X goku black) by DavidRodriguez228
The changing DBZ(female goku X gok...by David Rodriguez
New story I'm creating. Between the serious goku black & the loving female goku
  • gokublack
  • goku
  • dragonball
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Dragonball x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN) by CrimsonReaper3513
Dragonball x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN)by CrimsonReaper3513
I do all Dragonballs (Z, Kai, GT, and Super). I do all ages for the reader baby!reader, child!reader, teen!reader, and normal x reader. I DO NOT OWN THE DRAGONBALL FRANC...
  • dragonballzkai
  • readerinsert
  • dragonballgt
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Endless (Bulma x Male reader) by serpantking
Endless (Bulma x Male reader)by The Serpantking
What if Goku had never come to Earth alone but instead came with his older brother? How would that have changed things for the two? How would everyone react to this new...
  • dragonball
  • bulma
  • malereader
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Seme Male Reader x DBZ by Demon_Boi
Seme Male Reader x DBZby Demon_Boi
You don't really see a lot of these so I decided to do one.
  • dragonballz
  • malexmale
  • dragonball
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Slayer's Son by SuperDerp312
Slayer's Sonby Sunkist Man
Don't poke the sleeping bear.
  • dxd
  • doom
  • highschooldxd
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Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBY by Silver_B657
Neglect Male Reader Broly X RWBYby Silver_B657
+Being ignored by his family and being abused by the students in Beacon, (Y/N) decides to escape from all this to another planet called Earth where he knows several pe...
  • broly
  • rwby
  • malereader
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Creation And Destruction by GhostOfTheUchiha
Creation And Destructionby Rose.Memes
This Story Follows Deiras, A Saiyan Who Was Faced With A Great Decision. Become The New God Of Destruction For Universe 7, The Thing He Hates The Most, Or Let His Family...
  • dragonball
  • goku
  • vegeta
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Various Oneshots by TaranThyGod
Various Oneshotsby ON BREAK UNTIL APRIL!
Random anime, all one shots........ (Updated Regularly)
  • malereader
  • highschooldxd
  • doctorwho
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Caulifla & Kale x Universe 6 Male Saiyan Reader by BSGNetwork
Caulifla & Kale x Universe 6 Male...by BSGNetwork
Y/N, Master of Cabba, The Strongest Saiyan in Universe 6, First Super Saiyan God of Universe 6, he is about to get a new accomplishment, well, actually 2
  • vados
  • champa
  • cabba
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daddy blacky (goku black x reader)  by autisticbean
daddy blacky (goku black x reader) by autisticbean
Idfk u shouldn't read it, it's shit
  • yamcha
  • yes
  • dragonballsuper
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God of Destruction's Son by Izzy142
God of Destruction's Sonby Izzy
Lord Beerus brings his adopted 12 year old son Hakai toEarth to meet the saiyans. But there's another reason. Hakai is a saiyan.
  • trunks
  • chichi
  • dragonball
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