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I Was Born With God Ki As A Saiyan by 4HartOfKira6
I Was Born With God Ki As A Saiyanby Haruto Kira
(I don't own any of this franchise, but just the original characters!) I was born as a god, what else to say?
The legendary Izuku  by JimmyNelson7
The legendary Izuku by JimmyNelson7
Izuku is a saiyan that was sent to a planet called earth were the women have superpowers called quirks. How will they react when they find out Atreus legend walks among...
Wrathful Yet Pure: RWBY x Male Reader [FINISHED] by Super761
Wrathful Yet Pure: RWBY x Male Super761
Rage is a powerful emotion Everyone experiences it But if it's uncontrollable, and inevitable Then your only hope is to run
[Broly x Reader] Together by Yue_Lian
[Broly x Reader] Togetherby Yue Lian
Broly and Paragus got separated from Frieza's ship. While making their way back to the main ship, they met another Saiyan Survivor on a planet named Planet Aria. GUYS MY...
The Legendary Saiyan of Union by THUNDERsnek
The Legendary Saiyan of Unionby Zenith Sosuke
A/N: This is a remake of my first Union fanfic where I made it....kinda more cringe than required. Do not worry Jiren in DxD the 3rd fight is in work. I'm just reading t...
El poder Legendario by Broly19
El poder Legendarioby Broly el legendario saiyan
Un poder legendario renace,su locura destruirá todo o podrá controlarse antes que sea el final...
(DBZxOP): The Legendary One Piece by IdKhTnM
(DBZxOP): The Legendary One Pieceby I.D.K.H.T.N.M
A being ended in a new world/universe after his fierce battle. What will happen now to that dangerous man and will he manage to adjust to this new world full of people w...
Only Male With A Quirk by kevondre14
Only Male With A Quirkby kevondre14
In a world where females are the dominant race due to a genetic mutation called Quirks. There are never any male heros, but what if a male appeared out of nowhere and ha...
The universal monster(gogetaxbnha) by zukodeservedbetter
The universal monster(gogetaxbnha)by zukodeservedbetter
"My darkest fears and insecurities. They always presented themselves in different ways so I wasn't really sure what I was afraid of but I knew for certain that one...
My Origins  by Son_Mono
My Origins by Son Mono
I am Broly I'm from a planet called Planet Vegeta. I was casted of by the All Mighty king Vegeta. I was later sent to another planet called planet vampa to die, but my f...
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy's world. by NimtheWriter
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy' NimtheWriter
Cheelai's wish to the dragon went a bit differently, sending Broly in a completely different reality. How will this magical world, filled with mages and guilds react wit...
Dragon Ball Super X Male Saiyan Reader (ON HOLD) by Lewis8334
Dragon Ball Super X Male Saiyan Super Saiyan 5
A young boy saiyan goes by the name Y/N L/N. he was born on the different planet and raised on earth with Goku and his family. Y/N, Goku and vegeta tried to defeat kid b...
Dragon Ball One-Shots by shadowisprimewolf
Dragon Ball One-Shotsby shadowisprimewolf
Ok so in this book the title says it all and it will be full of your requests with your favourite character. So I hope you all enjoy your time in.......wait for it...
Oneshots about your favorite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want, except lemon. I won't be writing that, so don't request it. The photos and songs...
Goku and His Friends React To Dragon Ball Super: Broly  by Dbzforlife16
Goku and His Friends React To Dbzforlife16
On the day of his birthday Goku received a mysterious dvd that's shows his and Vegeta's battle against Broly 4 months ago, Goku decided to watch the movie with his frien...
Saiyan Instincts And The 3 Alphas (Break) by DeathInstinct25
Saiyan Instincts And The 3 DeathInstinct25
Izuku just got enraged, transforming, powering up, but he calms down instantly realizing, he has Power, so he joins the Hero School called UA
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Abused & Neglected OP Saiyan Male reader x Rwby by KyngKai14
Abused & Neglected OP Saiyan KyngKai14
A living Saiyan tortured and beaten until he was saved by Beerus then was soon reunited with the family that tortured him what will he do? Forgive them or Destroy them
The Feelings (GokuxTurles) by Demon_65
The Feelings (GokuxTurles)by Demon
Goku wishes for Planet Vegeta and every Saiyan that was killed by Frieza or his henchmen were back by using the Dragon Balls and its granted but with that wish King Veg...