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Romantic Heroics ( Male reader x Videl ) by -Cloudy_Wolf-
Romantic Heroics ( Male reader x Hiei
After the battle with Frieza on Namek, Vegeta pursues after Goku like a man possessed, and though he doesn't find Goku, he finds something else - a young Saiyan on a pla...
The Strongest One!(REBOOT!Male Reader x DXD) by Baryan_KuramaSeal
The Strongest One!(REBOOT!Male Shinobi Of Wattpad
Y/n was always an odd child growing up. He would eat more than humanely possible and had a strong desire to fight and get stronger. Despite his weird nature, Miki and Go...
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy's world. by NimtheWriter
The legendary Saiyan in a fairy' NimtheWriter
Cheelai's wish to the dragon went a bit differently, sending Broly in a completely different reality. How will this magical world, filled with mages and guilds react wit...
Android 21: An Android 17 love story by Star_ball
Android 21: An Android 17 love Star_ball
You wonder and think, did Doctor Gero only create 17 and 18? Guess again. Matters turn worst for the Z fighters as they realized that he had constructed and designed yet...
DBZ x MHA: The Saiyan Time Patroller (Momo Yaoyorozu x Male Saiyan Reader) by Ballislife2310
DBZ x MHA: The Saiyan Time The_One_TrueSaiyan
Y/N L/N was a time patroller in Conton City who's job was to protect history from being changed. After going through multiple timelines and having a lot of battles he fi...
The legendary Izuku  by JimmyNelson7
The legendary Izuku by JimmyNelson7
Izuku is a saiyan that was sent to a planet called earth were the women have superpowers called quirks. How will they react when they find out Atreus legend walks among...
boy meets crazy aliens [DBZ ONESHOTS] by -H4DEZ
boy meets crazy aliens [DBZ HOMO
ive returned to my dbz phase so here we go
The Sayian Of UAby Slick Ikari
Just read to find out what happens. I do not own anything but the story line
Dragon Ball Y/N (The 2nd brother of Son Goku!) by Z00M3R_
Dragon Ball Y/N (The 2nd brother Z00M3R_
In Age 737, Planet Vegeta. Y/N was a low class saiyan warrior with a power level higher than average. He was sent of to Earth with his brother Kakarot shortly before pla...
A hero no more but a god(betrayed Male Vegeta Reader x Young Justice) by DJMM15
A hero no more but a god( Vortex’s Multiverse
Y/N was the sidekick of Wonder Woman why because Of your power which was called in Y/N's words "zenkai" with each fight and with each times his in near death h...
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x Android Male Reader) by Thebrony0921
Super Android 22 (Dragon Ball x 2KGaming_YT
You once had a normal life. Going to school, chatting with your friends and bonding time with your family... until one day it gets ruined when you're abducted and forced...
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The Super Saiyan Hero (!Male Saiyan Reader x MHA Harem) by The_World_Ender
The Super Saiyan Hero (!Male The_World_Ender
A Saiyan who was sent to earth from his planet's devastation landed in a forest near a park. A pro hero found him and took the child with her back to her house with the...
The Prince's Daughter {Vegeta x Daughter Reader} by aishavity
The Prince's Daughter {Vegeta x 𝐁𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐘
This story will not follow any of dragon ball events (movies, anime or manga). It will be a whole different story with added OCs (not alot OCs anyway) and with other eve...
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdai by Cosmic_blueboy
Dragon Ball Z Kyōdaiby Blueshade2
Read and see the story of Goku and his brother like friend. No this is not a one-shot. Just me in dragon ball z. I mean, who wouldn't add there selves in an amazing anim...
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Saiyan Reader x OP Crossover Harem by shadowenclave47
The Ultimate Union: OP Male Shadowenclave47
What if {Y/N} entered Union Academy and was never bullied/betrayed/abandoned and most of the students, teachers and headmasters were nice/good people and {Y/N} is an abs...
Revenge Against The Huntsman: Male Super Saiyan Reader x RWBY by TheSpectre21
Revenge Against The Huntsman: Spectre
Your mother a human, and your father, a saiyan who had escaped planet vegeta secretly and landed on the planet Remnant, both murdered by huntsman acting as mercenaries w...
Dragon Tail Super by RSPBLiterature
Dragon Tail Superby R.S.P.B
A Saiyain in Fairy Tail. You are the brother of Vegeta but have been exiled due to your large power level. While in exile your pod crashes on an unknown planet.
His Saiyan [On Hold] by IronGolum
His Saiyan [On Hold]by Princess Gremlin
Goku was not the only Saiyan sent to Earth. Along side him they sent an Elite level baby girl named Hela. The saiyans didn't count on her not only disobeying orders but...
Remnants saiyan saviour. by larko619
Remnants saiyan larko619
Y/N L/N is a big fan of dragon ball and RWBY and was visited by the God's of Light and darkness and they want him to stop the war between Salem and Ozpin but also have t...