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THE POWER OF THE EIGHT GATES! by themulitshipper2
Izuku Midoryia was born quirkless and got abandoned by his family and forced to live on the streets. One day Izuku runs Into a man named "Might Guy." Izuku tri...
Singer Deku by TogaSimp171
Singer Dekuby TogaSimp171
I know this name is like all the other ones, but i want to try to make this one include all girls as it is izuku x harem. (And no Pedophilia like IzuEri or IzuMidnight e...
A Power That Rivals a God by TMT52471
A Power That Rivals a Godby Reimu
After Izuku found at Ochaco was cheating on him with Iida, he goes depressed and is not the same happy boy as before. A week later, he goes missing and everyone is worri...
Along Came the Rabbit by PrimeA1999
Along Came the Rabbitby PrimeA1999
When an organisation killed his father, Izuku gave up his dreams of becoming a hero to pursue vengeance. But what happens along the way when he finds love, more people w...
Villain Izuku by anormalboi203
Villain Izukuby Memelord
Izuku Yagi was quirkless for his entire life and then one day he thought that the pain and suffering he felt from his old family and friends stopped but he was wrong on...
The Astra Duo by anormalboi203
The Astra Duoby Memelord
Izuku Midoriya and his sister Izumi Midoriya who were the children of Inko and Hisashi Midoriya who are two brilliant scientists and they lived in a world were power's c...
Izuku Midoriya The king of Iron Fists (BNHA x Tekken) by Sindegshou
Izuku Midoriya The king of Iron Fi...by Sindegshou
Izuku Midoriya the resident cinnamon roll of class 1-A has been behaving very weird lately, he would disappear and come back to the dorms very late to participate in fig...
One for Invisibility [HIATUS] by Chidoria1337
One for Invisibility [HIATUS]by sos
This is a Midoriya x Hagakure fanfic, it's my first work. Disclaimer: I don't own BNHA or its characters, this story is based entirely on fiction. It will follow along w...
The Shy Kid Meet's The Mistfit's by anormalboi203
The Shy Kid Meet's The Mistfit'sby Memelord
Izuku midoriya was a normal kid living a normal live until one word changed his life "Quirkless". After that day his former childhood friend Katsuki bakugou t...
Izuku and the TMNT: Heroes Out of the Shadows  by EmanuelLucas236
Izuku and the TMNT: Heroes Out of...by Emanuel Lucas
In this alternate universe, Izuku was chosen to be All Might's successor. And during his fifth month of his ten-month training, Izuku was returning home from the market...
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous Second Son) by PuntersRev
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous S...by PuntersRev
'Conduits' A word that describes people of the unnatural. This word has been used over time and time again, a word that has been feared by many. However... ever since...
Mha: Stranded AU (Discontinued) by anormalboi203
Mha: Stranded AU (Discontinued)by Memelord
[This is a story of mine that I have discontinued for lack of motivation.] One day the principal of UA Thought that the students of UA needed a vacation so they sended t...
MHA x FNAF one-shots by SpringBonnie313
MHA x FNAF one-shotsby SpringBonnie313
I want them to be in dekuverse reaction stories
A Kept Grudge by HollowLegend
A Kept Grudgeby Hollow Legend
What if our Cinnamon Roll Izuku Midoriya had resentment towards Katsuki Bakugo? After experiencing years of constant physical bullying, verbal abuse and now being told...
What Have They Been Feeding You?? by HollowLegend
What Have They Been Feeding You??by Hollow Legend
One for All caused Class 1-A's cinnamon roll Izuku Midoriya-Yagi to have a massive growth spurt in the span of 2 days! Now he some how has to manage a normal high school...