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Pinocchio and The Bluebird  by LiannQ
Pinocchio and The Bluebird by LiannQ
Title: 匹诺曹与蓝胡子 Author: Blue Fish (青色的鱼) Status: 62 Chapters (Completed) Synopsis: In every book, there is always a white moonlight. He is a childhood sweetheart with the...
I'll Divorce My Tyrant Husband by rindywrs
I'll Divorce My Tyrant Husbandby RiNDY
In the novel Rofan 'Flower from this World', I possessed the character of the Empress, Robelia. Isn't that great? The problem is that Robelia was pushed away by a crafty...
You suddenly transmigrate into a world unknown to you after falling asleep in the class. But after trying to find your way out, you shine in the emperor's eyes - making...
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It Turns out that I am Beautiful and Miserable [Quick Transmigration] by Reina714
It Turns out that I am Beautiful a...by Reina714
MLT Author: 少说废话 Title: It Turns out that I am Beautiful and Miserable [Quick Transmigration] (原来我是美强惨[快穿]) ... The Quick Travel Bureau governs thousands of novel worl...
Izuku Yagi: G.T- Experiment(Resident Evil Story) by Rebeldude21
Izuku Yagi: G.T- Experiment(Reside...by
Izuku Yagi along with his twin sister, Izumi, Parents Inko and Toshionori Yagi. At age 4, he was diagnosed as quirkless, he decided to have a normal life. He had his fam...
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?  by ylamaybuena
Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kiss...by Lilies
Having been reborn, she takes one glance at her ridiculously handsome husband and wonders if she had suffered from brain damage back then-she had actually demanded for a...
Darkfall (before the fall) by Alya_dixie
Darkfall (before the fall)by Alya Dixie
This is an au based on the manhwa Darkfall. This is an au where leon was evil. Also, this is the past mostly. Also connected to real manhwa.
Izuku Yagi: Tyrant of the Seas Vol.2 by kevondre14
Izuku Yagi: Tyrant of the Seas Vol...by kevondre14
With All For One dead, izuku, with found information, has now made it his new goal to hunt and kill the League of Villians. Will he ever forgive his past? Will he be bes...
The Crystal Chronicles: Cursed by fallenangel531swak
The Crystal Chronicles: Cursedby fallenangel531swak
The world had long since been damaged. The ancient gods saw to that, when they unwittingly created the curse. Now the world crumbles while the purple tyrant grows more p...
Stalker × Villain by kinmiko
Stalker × Villainby Kinmiko
*This is not a Yuri if you saw that cover that have two girls who seem very close Cliche? Well yes, you are about to witness and read the most cliche reincarnation otom...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As The King Of Heroes by GILGAMESHPOV674
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Th...by Connie Brochu
When he closed his eyes, he thought that he was dead, but the next thing he knew, he was given power and a system and told to have fun in a new world. Why complain when...
He looked down at her with scathing uncertainty and judgment. His long hair, drifting in the wind, did not mask the strange facial expression he held. She narrowed her e...
Baby Tyrant by steinargr
Baby Tyrantby Stn Rwr
Alternative: Beibi Poggun, Born A Princess, Bt, 베이비 폭군 Author(s): Izanami_chan,이흰 Artist(s): Izanami_chan,이흰 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 'Less than a month old... I became the the grea...
The Crazy Tyrant Wants To Kill Me(EDITING) by Emillie520
The Crazy Tyrant Wants To Kill Me(...by E̶m̶i̶l̶l̶i̶e̶
The crazy Emperor wants to kill me because he thought I was his wife that betrayed him. *** Suddenly, he drew his sword, pointing it directly to my vulnerable neck. &qu...
The four remains: My true calling by Slayslaysomeone
The four remains: My true callingby Fanbook
[First book of The Four Remains] The story is about a girl Nova was the only hope to freeing their kingdom from the tyranny from the dictator. No one knows were he came...
Another World by theauthorfaith
Another Worldby Faith
Romania is a young waitress who feels like, the only good thing about her life are the books that she reads. Having grown up as an orphan, the lack of family and friends...
.UnOrdinary. Changed  by AnneZea
.UnOrdinary. Changed by Annie.Z
-updates at least once a month (but I'll try to update quicker)- These are NOT my original characters. Some of the ideas are by me but the original is by Uru-Chan please...
Don't LOVE me, I am scared!! by Athene243
Don't LOVE me, I am scared!!by Artemis Moonlight
Milian is a timid and sweet boy, who loves everything beside human nature. He lives his life in his room with books, manga, games and his drawing block. Later his adopt...
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HighSchool DxD: A Boy From Childhood (DISCONTINUED) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: A Boy From Childho...by Red
Einosuke Vassago is the childhood friend of Rias Gremory, Sona Sitri and Seekvaira Agares. The only difference he had from them was that he wasn't an heir at the time. B...
Persephone by -_-BlackoutO-O
Persephoneby Just me
"You'll give me anything? Even if it's unreasonable?" John questioned firmly. Elaine wanted to scream-she didn't have time for his games! Seraphina could be in...