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The abused but loved hero by Hydraking434
The abused but loved heroby ZolKnight
Izuku midoriya, a boy who was abused and beaten by his friends and family, found a new family that loves and cares for him. I DO NOT OWN MY HERO ACADEMIA
I Am The Reaper by Junkguy33303
I Am The Reaperby Junkguy33303
The Brightest Star Of The Underworld, Reaper. Five years ago, this name was feared throughout the underworld. Even the symbol of evil has to bow his head to pay his resp...
Vampire Deku by Black_Death303
Vampire Dekuby DarkPhantom
Izuku's helpful nature was something that was a part of him. Down to his very core. He always expected it to cause him trouble, as it had always done in the past, after...
The Hero of Smoke by kevondre14
The Hero of Smokeby kevondre14
Izuku yagi was a happy boy until one word changed it all...quirkless. As a result he was neglected by his parents, his sister and her friends bully and abuse him. Until...
Forgotten Life by Prsya_Books
Forgotten Lifeby Prsya Books
Izuku Yagi lives in a the world where there are special powers called quirks only 95% of the population have quirks while the other 5% are deemed quirkless. Izuku is th...
Sheriff by theheartless204
Sheriffby The Don
Izuku Yagi a boy who wished to be a hero but that wish never came to be. Izuku was forced to take a different route so he became a cold hearted sheriff.
Izuku The Biohazard Villain by Szarekh
Izuku The Biohazard Villainby Szarekh
Izuku Yagi has been bullied by his sister and her friends ever since he was declared quirkless. With constant assault and neglect Izuku took up a hobby, he became fascin...
Izuku. Barachiel Champion by FireLord2020
Izuku. Barachiel Championby Sean Bell
Raised believing that he is Quirkless, Izuku Yagi spends 6 years being either forgotten by his family and his half sister Izumi Yagi, or being bullied by his childhood f...
Deku the kidnapped, abused and cursed by PokemomMaster
Deku the kidnapped, abused and cur...by Pokemom Master
Izuku Yagi a happy child his sister and him were closer than normal siblings and the girls all had crushes on him his mother and farther treated their kids with kindness...
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise from Disgrace by Diamondragon23
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise fr...by Diamondragon23
Izuku Midoriya had a weak quirk. In reality, his quirk was actually perfect for Heroics, but his parents preferred his sister's incredibly powerful Telekinesis quirk. To...
I will not describe these story much you have to read it to understand
the guardian of Monkart by divhaneya
the guardian of Monkartby •°the.ruby°•
What if.... Izuku was not born in japan but in Korea Izuku was being adopted and being negleted by the yagi and being bully by his sister izumi, bakugo twins, todoroki t...
Demon Protector of UA by Nightflight406
Demon Protector of UAby Nightflight406
Izuku Yagi has had a hard life, all because he was quirkless. After years of abuse, he vanishes. Years later Class 1-A is saved by a team of three. One of which is Zabuz...
My Esper Academia  by B5JUBELY20
My Esper Academia by JUBELY
Izuka yagi neglected and abused by her family and friends for being quirkless and now she will take revenge on this cruel society with her new powers as the villainess...
My Hero Academia: Vessel of Sukuna by Glitch994
My Hero Academia: Vessel of Sukunaby 『Glitch』
Earlier in his life, Izuku formerly Yagi was abandoned by his parents a few weeks after he was born and was later adopted by his surrogate grand father Gran Torino. 15 y...
The pillars of UA by gorobuilder
The pillars of UAby GoroAxel
Izuku Yagi was once a shy timid and cheerful child along with his sister izumi they were inseparable until the age of four was izuku diagnosed quirkless from that day iz...
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Story by Aizens_fav_meatrider
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Sto...by adverage_Aizen_simp
I don't own anything I use except for this story. This is a small experiment to see if people will enjoy my Izuku Yagi stories, so I hope this is any good!
Let's go Kurama! by Transter1
Let's go Kurama!by Transter1
Izuku Yagi lived a horrible life, bullied by the ones closest to him. One day after his sister and her goon's bullying goes too far he received a great power that allows...
Gaara Deku by Cementosss
Gaara Dekuby Ken Ishiyama
First story Izumi and Izuku were good siblings who were happy with their friends and family who grew happily to become very strong heroes... Atleast thats how it was sup...
THE CYCLE OF HATRED by blackthunder0611_
THE CYCLE OF HATREDby apollo red
the cycle of hatred, born from the conflict of two brothers Ashura and Indra Ōtsutsuki, the Senju clan and Uchiha clan who were descendants from Ashura and Indra has fou...