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BNHA: Izuku Todoroki (What if Izuku is a Todoroki?) by Laurenssyyy
BNHA: Izuku Todoroki (What if Laurenssyyy
An unfortunate accident caused Izuku Todoroki to separate from his family. After his disappearance, the family only grew colder. Shoto lost his twin and was 'trained', R...
The Uchiha's Last Son by Thiccie67
The Uchiha's Last Sonby Thiccie
Izuku Yagi lives in a shinobi world so what the hell is a quirk anyway? Chakra never died out and the shinobi world never fell in Boruto's time instead it thrived for hu...
Izuku Rowe (Villain AU) - An MHA x INFamous Story by FadedRonin
Izuku Rowe (Villain AU) - An MHA Ronin
Izuku Rowe (formerly known as Izuku Yagi) was neglected by his parents for being quirkless. He gets bullied every day at school by his classmates and other students. His...
Power ranger Dino charge academia  by CarlosMartinez921457
Power ranger Dino charge academia by Carlos Martinez
Izuku yagi has been neglected by his parents and been abused by his sister and his ex friends it wasn't until Tyler and Shelby(married) finds him and adopted him the red...
Izuku Yagi, The Cheshire Cat by Estranged_Astronaut
Izuku Yagi, The Cheshire Catby 🌌 𝐌𝐢𝐧 🌌
Everyday after the age of 4, I was bullied by the people I trusted most and turned on me when I needed them. All because of one word. "Quirkless," The only pe...
Izuku Yagi The Half-blood by Grotyle
Izuku Yagi The Half-bloodby samanta
izuku yagi was a normal kid with a terrible life, since he discovered he was quirkless everyone turned their back on him except a handful of people that cared deadly for...
The Venom of Izuku Yagi by DeadlokAU
The Venom of Izuku Yagiby Deadlock
Izuku Yagi, quirkless girl, twin to Izumi Yagi, daughter of All-might and Green-Psycic. Abused? Check, Neglected? Check, Assaulted? Check, Almost unbreakable will? Check...
Quicksilver Izuku Yagi | ON HOLD by Synctyfy
Quicksilver Izuku Yagi | ON HOLDby Synctyfy
In 20XX a boy named Izuku Yagi was born along with his twin sister Izumi Yagi. They go find out their powers and were joyful for Izumi but not Izuku. Read this to find o...
Emperor of Villians by BigBoyAizen125
Emperor of Villiansby Plan-et
How far betrayal can take someone is special in a world ruled by power. Izuku learned it, even though his life was going great, he was framed and now he became vengeful...
Prime Minister's son by Stupid_k4rma
Prime Minister's sonby Stew
Izuku Yagi was living a nice life, until he was 4, they neglected him. He then found out who his real father was. The prime minister. ART ISN'T MINE MAY 2021 #3 richdeku...
Deku's Secret  by KnightRider_35
Deku's Secret by Knight Rider
UA was having a show and tail as many students came up and showed up their talents. Izuku was with Eri as she was enjoying the show with her daddy which she hasn't calle...
izuku yagi the all for one user by DaveyMorgan384
izuku yagi the all for one userby Davey Morgan
izuku wanted to become a hero but that dream was never reachable until hus real father found him dead in an alleyway and took him to his friend he did everything to mak...
The Betrayed Demon King Izuku by T2f4ddg
The Betrayed Demon King Izukuby Ken Shadow
Izuku Yagi the ninth wielder of one for all was living a peaceful life. He was the stepson of Toshinori Yagi(All Might) and son of Inko Yagi(Green Telek) and the twin br...
The Eight Sin Deku by Castidian
The Eight Sin Dekuby Castidian
My second story Izuku had a wonderful life that is until he was four. After being told he was quirkless Izuku found himself being neglected by his parents bullied by his...
Izuku & Momo's Secret  by Devdog756
Izuku & Momo's Secret by Devdog756
Everyone in U.A knows that Izuku and Momo are good friends with each other, but little do they know, their relationship outside of school is far more intimate than in sc...
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Sparda! by HammerKun
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Hammer Kun
You would think being the son of the number 1 hero would be amazing right? wrong, my name is izuku midoriya and my life has been hell for over 14 years, I bet you're ask...
Izuku of Mars by SpiralQuill
Izuku of Marsby SpiralQuill
DISCLAIMER: Any photos and artwork used within this story is not owned by me and credited towards the original creators. If it's been edited, that's all I claim. Izuku...
Izuku Yagi: The Green Ranger by Dekito12345
Izuku Yagi: The Green Rangerby Dekito
Izuku Yagi had a great life. His Dad was the number one hero All Might, his Mom was the number 5 hero Green Magnet, and his twin sister Izumi Yagi was his best friend. B...
The hellwalker by Somthingidk6
The hellwalkerby
This is my first story so bear with me but i will try to put some work So it's a typical izuku yagi story, a boy that was once cheerful until it all changed at the age o...
The new sage of six paths by BigBoyAizen125
The new sage of six pathsby Plan-et
Izuku Yagi was a child left alone by the world for his quirklessness. Alone, beaten, hurt, neglected, abused, suicide bated, lonely and with nothing. There was nothing i...