'I Don't Care If You're Contagious'   BoyxBoy

'I Don't Care If You're Contagious' BoyxBoy

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My Name Is Dee By VonCreep666 Completed

18 year old Ash's life was good up until the day he died and lost it all. Now filled with remorse and pain and memory's that haunt him. He has to live life day by day filled with to much emotion on his shoulders. Then came the day he was going to jump 34 story's and end it all on that December night, but that all changed when he met Nathan from the corner cafe.

This is a boyxboy story, my first one so be nice. Any mean/rude comments will be deleted. Kthanxbye

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Musically_Involved15 Musically_Involved15 Oct 07, 2015
"I Don't Care If You're Contagious" XD That's a Pierce The Veil song
Fanquinine Fanquinine Dec 17, 2012
I like this, its a shocking start, gets us to think imediatelly " oh my god, this poor guy must be completely f****d up in the head" XD Very well written, i'm definitely reading on and voting ;)
ShatteredMind ShatteredMind Nov 24, 2012
Haha I was about to say pierce the veil I would have thought more people would have known or commented about it at least
VonCreep666 VonCreep666 Apr 07, 2012
@ChocolateHazahSlayer  LOL omg, someone finally found out where i got the title from XD
WintryHallow WintryHallow Apr 07, 2012
Coincidentaly, I'm listening to the song of this title while reading! XD
- - Nov 12, 2011
when you said 'the day of his death' I was like, 'oh, geez, another paranormal story of a guy who dies and finds love in another dead guy or whatever' guess I just had to keep reading c:
                              love it <3