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Son of Hades Goes To Hogwarts by kazika6
Son of Hades Goes To Hogwartsby kazika6
This takes place in an AU where the seven have died and Nico, Reyna and Will are sent off to Hogwarts.
  • nicodiangelo
  • firstfanfiction
  • harrypotter
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Sea's Warrior || Fem!Percy by half_blood37
Sea's Warrior || Fem!Percyby HalfBlood37
{ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE} Betrayed. Forgotten. Used. This is the story of Persephone Jackson. Twice Savior of Olympus, Bearer of the Sky, Retriever of Lost Things...
  • annabeth
  • piper
  • gods
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Back to Life (A PJO/HOO FANFIC) by AverageFangirlBookie
Back to Life (A PJO/HOO FANFIC)by AverageFangirlBookie
The seven (plus Nico) are trying to find Reyna and Octavian while trying to find a way to keep an army of monsters from reaching CHB and CJ.
  • octavian
  • jason
  • jasongrace
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The Great Divide (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by percy-superwholock
The Great Divide (Percy Jackson Christie Seyl
Just months after the Second Giant war is won and Ma'at is restored, another Great Prophecy is issued, bringing all three of Rick Riordan's published world's together at...
  • hazel
  • percyjackson
  • annabethchase
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A second chance.  by darkarchangel2
A second chance. by C 💫
Perseus Jackson had won. Won against thirteen Gods in a fight to the death in the Olympian throne room. He spilled the ichor of many, many immortals, slaughtered hundred...
  • pjo
  • jasongrace
  • annabethchase
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Love's Guardian and Champion (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheAuroraLights
Love's Guardian and Champion ( Rosey
I know, I know. But I have so many ideas that I've been working on that I want to share a few with you. You can see what happens, but it starts out a little weirdly...EN...
  • aphrodite
  • wattys2015
  • jackson
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Princess Reyna by MissMusicGirl
Princess Reynaby Allis Stark
Reyna is forced to marry prince Jason, but when Reyna get to meet Jason's sister...
  • thalia
  • jeyna
  • thaluke
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particide by Diana_lovac
particideby Diana Lovac
A one-shot about Reyna and Hylla before cirice's island. constructive criticism welcome.Now complete.
  • hylla
  • reyna
Lay With Me (PJO/HoO Fanfic: Leyna) by MarvelWren
Lay With Me (PJO/HoO Fanfic: Leyna)by Wren Marvel
Another war has come and some things may be lost forever. This is a story about Leo and Reyna.
  • pjo
  • leo
  • war
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Jeyna - A love between friends by just-one-fangirl
Jeyna - A love between friendsby ᎠᏋᎷᎥᏀᎤᎠ
It started just as one one-shot, but many others came together so I decided to turn it into a little book of Jeyna one-shots. It may include AUs and other ships. (I shi...
  • heroesofolympus
  • spqr
  • jiper
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Ask the heroes of Olympus  by Demigodofinsanity
Ask the heroes of Olympus by psycho girl
^ read the title
  • solangelo
  • reyna
  • frazel
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Beautiful Drops of Rain~ by Taekook779
Beautiful Drops of Rain~by Priscila William
This is my first story so plz dont judge me...... Hope you guys like it!~
  • yoongi
  • lopez
  • anthony
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Shaded by BornToTheDevil
Shadedby Devil's Girl
Shayde, a 12-year-old girl, harbors a past she is unwilling to reveal. A past, which can make Camp Half-Blood, the place she has forever avoided, hate her immensely. Wha...
  • heroesofolympus
  • olympus
  • campjupiter
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Percabeth by CATS1926
Percabethby CATS1926
This is a side quest with Percy and Annabeth. This is my first time using wattpad, so it's probably not going to be good.
  • annabeth
  • reyna
  • percy
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The Confession *snippet* by TruPoet_Taimak
The Confession *snippet*by Taimak Saunders
  • reyna
  • confession
  • high
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Reyna by pwhitesell
Reynaby pwhitesell
Reyna Davies is homeless. She has been living on the streets for 4 years now and is just barely making it by. When she runs into a certain boy while dumpster diving, her...
  • zayn
  • liam
  • niall
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Percy Jackson and Everyone Else Including Harry Potter by timelorde_
Percy Jackson and Everyone Else :)
Typical demigods go to Hogwarts. I'm pretty sure it's discontinued as I got bored and I just don't really have the time to work on it.
  • percyjackson
  • reyna
  • thalia
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Well That's New (Narnia Fanfic) SLOW UPDATES by Lucy_and_Aslan
Well That's New (Narnia Fanfic) Emily :-)
You’d have thought that finding out you were Prince Caspian’s younger sister would be one of the best things to happen to you. You’d be wrong. When I found out that I wa...
  • creatures
  • reyna
  • pevensies
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