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Touch Me by RememberMeDaddy
Touch Meby RememberMeDaddy
First Published Smut 💋 Hope you like 👄❤
Distance by BishieBoy
Distanceby BishieBoy
Everything left him feeling a void. It was hard to keep moving when every time you looked in the mirror your eyes met with a stranger. Andrew has always felt disconne...
Tips for trans guys by milobutterfly
Tips for trans guysby Robin des bois
Hey man how are you ? I'm here to (try to)help you to survive as an transgender male in our society . How to choose a name, how to deal with dysphoria ... Yeah , we are...
Of Poison and Glass (goldric) by sweater_abomination
Of Poison and Glass (goldric)by a depressed gay
(cover art not mine) tw: slight descriptions of abuse, possibly self harm (i'll put the warning in the chapter and before it starts) Nothing is worse than the betrayal o...
The secret of a paladin complete (✔️) by ghost1643
The secret of a paladin complete ( ghost1643
"Hey Lance, you left your helmet back there so I wanted to-" Keith stopped in his tracks as he saw Lance. Lance just froze upon seeing him. Keith felt his face...
𝚒𝚜  𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜  𝚑𝚘𝚖𝚎? by untunedguitar
𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚑𝚘𝚖𝚎?by av0cad0/sp1rits
kirishima x trans!bakugou When Bakugou was young, he came out to his mom and her boyfriend, that didn't settle well with Mr. Transphobia and landed Bakugou three days in...
Trans Boy | G.W. by DaniCantSpell
Trans Boy | Dani
A Garrett Watts (and Shane and friends) fanfiction ----- Being trans is always hard. people give you weird looks most of the time. The hardest part was telling my fami...
Trans!Ftm x Fandoms (Watty Awards 2019) by Diabolik-Writer213
Trans!Ftm x Fandoms (Watty Diabolik-writer
This was made because there aren't very many of these. Oneshots included so far include characters from.... Voltron, Percy Jackson, Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Hn...
Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans) by Llamas-and-whiskers
Theo (Boyxboy)(Trans)by Shay
A story that follows the journey of young Theo, a transgender boy faced with the harsh reality that being his true self could possibly be the most difficult thing he'll...
Masks (Creepypasta X Trans masc!Reader) by MaskedSkull
Masks (Creepypasta X Trans masc! Skully
(Y/n) has a difficult home and school life, but despite this he does his best to be positive about the few good things he has. But when he meets a mysterious boy in the...
Haikyuu!! X Transmasc Reader by K00LAIDMAN
Haikyuu!! X Transmasc Readerby K00LAIDMAN
I started writing this when I thought I was ftm, then I realized that I'm nonbinary masc leaning, so for the first portion of the book he/him is used for the reader but...
The Green Rose (OHSHC x Trans OC) by MaskedSkull
The Green Rose (OHSHC x Trans OC)by Skully
A new student from America arrives at Ouran Academy after moving to Japan with his mother, only to find that things aren't exactly what he was expecting when he was told...
[✓] Transgender and Nonbinary names by rainy-dazed
[✓] Transgender and Nonbinary namesby in my lockwood and co era
Transgender non-binary genderfluid gender nonconforming demiboy demigirl gender
The Wrong Body [Frerard AU] by youngvolgaynoes
The Wrong Body [Frerard AU]by #1 ryan ross stan
Frankie Iero is not like most girls. She plays the electric guitar, doesn't care about what clothes are hot, and hates drawing attention to her body. She has hidden her...
Wonderlust  by AwsomeDragons
Wonderlust by jay
"Let's run away." It came out of my mouth without so much of a second thought. Dylan's silence spoke volumes. "You really think we could?" "W...
One More Night With You [BoyXBoy] by shorterguyistops
One More Night With You [BoyXBoy]by just gay fanfics lol
[Kellic] It's hard being trans, but it's even harder being trans and pregnant. [WARNING: Contains, mature language, bullying, harmful thoughts and transphobic opinions]
Flame ||Klance|| (transgender au) by loserlance
Flame ||Klance|| (transgender au)by G A Y
Keith is a transboy. But that's not his only feature. So he hides the fact he's trans because when his last friend found out they weren't friends anymore to say the leas...
Wanting To Be Manly by _lovelyapollo
Wanting To Be Manlyby apollo
Ejiro Kirishim Is a Student at UA high he is Transgender but non of his classmates know the only ones who do know are the teachers....Kirishima ,somehow, ends up In a wh...
The Cutest Boy in Harlem - First Draft by TheLegendOfMatthew
The Cutest Boy in Harlem - First matthew
Last year, Declan was a girl named Josie. Josie was...pretty gross. But over the summer, Declan transformed himself into who he is now--a boy, and a pretty cute one at t...