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Hold Me Closer  by HalyHalyHalyR
Hold Me Closer by I have ✨issues✨
FwB to lovers with Aaron Hotchner. Turn back now if you dislike graphic sex. If this gets deleted by wattpad I direct you to my AO3 acc in my desc
Kidnapped  by Shouta_baby
Kidnapped by Shouta_baby
Aizawa get kidnapped by Hizashi and now he is Hizashi's slave until he escapes but that will obviously never happenÒwÓ
Don't Tell Ron by EthanWalker2000
Don't Tell Ronby
*SMUT SMUT SMUT SO MUCH SMUT* Harry x Hermione smut. Who would ever know what happens in the common room at night? FYI: the only reason I've set this during Order of the...
The girl and the black haired vilian (Dabi x oc) by rne_lke
The girl and the black haired Levy
This is a story about my oc and dabi from my hero academia. 18+
Silence by Nellblazer
Silenceby Nell
You're a cop in the Hell's Kitchen Precinct. You go to the library to get away from everyone when you've had a bad day at work. You notice a muscular stranger has taken...
SPLIT OPEN (18+) by lixie420unsafe
SPLIT OPEN (18+)by lixie420unsafe
Felix lets Chan do whatever he wants to him for his birthday. (Cw for dirty talk, slut shaming)
Vox x Alastor Oneshots by Riddle_Me_Thiss
Vox x Alastor Oneshotsby 💙𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚣𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊❤️
This book consists of a bunch of oneshots of purely Vox x Alastor. It's likely it'll be mainly or all smut, so if you don't like that, you probably shouldn't read this.
Dulçor by lapinier
Dulçorby 𓆙
Jeongguk não imaginava que a perda do único meio de renda financeira o traria dois belos homens ao seu encalço. Taehyung e Yoongi eram doces feito açúcar - e ele não rec...
Parents! Klance, You know you're too young. by Nentendogirl14
Parents! Klance, You know you're SpaceGeek
Keith and Lance have sex without protection. Keith ends up with an unexpected surprise though. And when the boys don't want to get an abortion, the rest of the team loo...
Genshin Impact One Shots by kastrowritesshit
Genshin Impact One Shotsby waist on thinna
I genuinely don't know what I'm doing, but mostly smut and lemons? 😰 There also might be some fluff and ship posts I dont sexualize minors!
Starrison oneshots by cagetheelephantt
Starrison oneshotsby cagetheelephantt
I post my starrison oneshots and drabbles here. Some smut, some fluff, some long, some short. I spend too much time looking for good Starrison on this app so why not jus...
Jercy A-Z by WarriorWolf7
Jercy A-Zby WarriorWolf7
**I own none of the characters involved (unless stated) all rights go to Rick Riordian the fabulous author** A series of one shots for Percy Jackson and Jason Grace. Ea...
Consequences - Jakehoon by prettypzrn
Consequences - Jakehoonby prettypzrn
One shot: Sunghoon is Jakes over protective step brother, he catches him one night sneaking out and decides he needs to punish him
Book of the creator by hahalemmerot
Book of the creatorby worthless corpse here, don't...
this will include photos of me, random shizzle I have saved on my phone, stuff like that.
Use Your Inside Voice by theNPCKing
Use Your Inside Voiceby Tate
A/N: SPOILERS POSTED IN THE COMMENTS FOR BL3 WILL RESULT IN ME DELETING THIS STORY FROM WATTPAD Krieg struggles with untangling complex feelings, and relationships, and...
Tongue Tied by Marilyn_ESQ
Tongue Tiedby Marilyn_ESQ
Inumaki Toge and reader have been dating a while, what follows is a steamy night in which he uses his cursed speech to control the flow, and your body. Fully consensual...
Lemon / OrochimaruxKabuto  (English Version) by Marshmallow_Ninja777
Lemon / OrochimaruxKabuto ( Зефирный ниндзя конохи
Sooo...~ THIS IS MY FIRST LEMON! I hope it fulfils your perverted needs ;). Ahem... I will take in requests, since I have tried creating a story, but I lose interest pre...