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The Asexuality And Aromantic Spectrum And My Experiences by 5moreminutesmom
The Asexuality And Aromantic Lane
This is for the people who are really freaking confused about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum. I will go over the many, MANY orientations under the ace/aro umbrell...
  • aromanticism
  • asexualityspectrum
  • lithromantic
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Love You Not by -uwucultmaster-
Love You Notby Ainsley
Lana meets Joey, who is her new roommate. She doesn't think he's for her, but shes not broken. She likes him, sure but... is she ready for him?
  • asexual
  • college
  • lgbtq
A Guide To Sexualities and Genders by Lgbt-SafePlace
A Guide To Sexualities and Gendersby LiveAndLoveHappy
In this book, we will address many sexualities, genders, preferences, and slang terms and what they mean. Side note: This book is not meant to confuse you regarding you...
  • poly
  • bisexual
  • pride
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Queer Memes by KendraNullings
Queer Memesby KendraNullings
Gay Shit
  • shitposts
  • genderqueer
  • bisexuality
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Life by an Asexual by LongingForYesterday
Life by an Asexualby Astoria
This is the life by an asexual.
  • stories
  • lgbt
  • cis
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LGBT+ jokes by TheLonerNextdoor
LGBT+ jokesby Alex
LGBT+ Jokes that a bored transgender and pansexual dude found on the internet very late at night.
  • love
  • funny
  • puns
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Golden. by modernarts
#7 yanna.
"And baby, we are golden. Don't let anything or anyone make you think otherwise." When a broken subway brings Ava Morrison and Luke Hemmings together, albeit o...
  • luke
  • fanfiction
  • 5sos
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POISONED | ginny w. ✓ by yellowbeesknees
POISONED | ginny w. ✓by 𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚
❝ Ran, that's a broom. Not a horse. ❞ - Ginny Weasley COMPLETE A Harry Potter fanfiction, in which Ginny Weasely meets an interesting new friend; a Slytherin pureblood c...
  • bisexual
  • tonks
  • ginnyweasley
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The Extraordinary Emotion Between You And Me ⚣ ✎ by its_just_a_lovestory
The Extraordinary Emotion its_just_a_lovestory
BAD BOYS IN LOVE, BOOK 2 (Note: Each book in the series features a different couple and can be read as a standalone.) ~ ❝You give me the kind of feelings people write n...
  • bxblove
  • teenfiction
  • bxb
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Pride!  🏳️‍🌈  by -ThatsAmericasAss
Pride! 🏳️‍🌈 by lee 🌈
Just LGBTQ+ stuff from the internet.
  • transgender
  • memes
  • asexual
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Only He saw by obsessedbutonline
Only He sawby Alyssa
When the pack stopped telling him about meetings, Stiles laughed. It wasn't surprising that they forgot to update his number when their phones kept getting destroyed by...
  • lgbt
  • steter
  • fanfiction
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❝ I was never broken. I was cracked. But you― you fixed me. I need you, Jones. Before I really do break.❞ ※ ※ ※ Rosario Lodge, brother of Veronica Lodge, had...
  • originalcharacter
  • fanfiction
  • bettycooper
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My High-school Bully (GxG) (Lesbian Story) [EDITING] by EndyPoTahToe
My High-school Bully (GxG) ( ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Olivia Grace Morgan has done nothing to Xena Eva Scarlett, and although she's tried to find a way to be friends with her, Xena seems to have the coldest heart of them al...
  • gxg
  • hate
  • bully
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Poker Face by Camlaaarr
Poker Faceby Cameron
Since their band took off and landed its first major record deal, the four remaining members of Blackjack have been living their dreams. For Sass, it's flirting with eve...
  • humour
  • bisexual
  • transgender
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LGBTQ+ Posts (COMPLETE)by gayster
LGBTQ tumblr posts (。・ω・。) Highest Rank In Humor: 86
  • lgbtq
  • gayshit
  • asexual
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The LGBT+ United♡Love WINS♡ by ToxicChick_PTV
The LGBT+ United♡Love WINS♡by Thalia U.
Completed✔ Highest Ranking in Humor #57 Highest Ranking in Random #83 Highest Ranking in Questioning #40 Basically this is a bunch of beneficial, humorous, and strengthe...
  • genderqueer
  • lgbt-themed
  • ace
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The Tech Wiz [BXB] #2✓ by saintc
The Tech Wiz [BXB] #2✓by Saint Caliendo
Benjamin Maxwell is a Tech Wiz. He brings crashed computers back to life, gives gadgets whole new operating systems, recovers long lost data, and hacks into secure netwo...
  • love
  • guyxguy
  • lgbt
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LGBT Poems by LGBTPoems
LGBT Poemsby Kezlin Nameaux
Love is beautiful. Life is precious. All is temporary.
  • lesbian
  • pansexual
  • genderfluid
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The World of Queers by Ouran_Galaxies
The World of Queersby A Fandom Hoe
Everything gay all day every day. [Open Chat Included]
  • gay
  • transgender
  • nonbinary
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Accidental Demon Summoning by punkwriter
Accidental Demon Summoningby Max
Daisy, an aromantic, asexual, teenager accidentally summons Asmodeus, the charming incubus. Hell ensues. Literally. It's not smutty it's literally about an aroace mino...
  • story
  • demon
  • christian
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