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Michael Langdon Smut  by girly1014
Michael Langdon Smut by 🥵JazTheeStallion🥵
Michael Langdon smut, blurbs, and headcannons!
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Wizards Are So Gay by VSSantoni
Wizards Are So Gayby V.S. Santoni
This is the sequel to the Wattpad Original Edition of I'M A GAY WIZARD Ryan and Alison were your average, miserable high school students until they cast a haywire spell...
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#TheLWord :Generation Q Writing Contest by lgbtq
#TheLWord :Generation Q Writing LGBTQ+
Ready for some steamy drama this winter, Wattpadders? We've teamed up with our friends at SHOWTIME® to bring you a thrilling new contest that dares you to be fearless, m...
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Dark Wolfe by LuluParise
Dark Wolfeby LuluParise
I previously had a really bomb-ass bio, but now even I'm not sure what this book is about. I guess you're just gonna have to read through my brain vomit and find out. Th...
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My creations by LoriBarlow14
My creationsby Quince
Life can be difficult. Others don't realize our hard it can be for us, they think it is just a phase. But, is it? This is a collection of poems that talks about the real...
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Roy G. Biv by ErinClaireACuda
Roy G. Bivby ClaireAndPresentDanger
Sardonic college freshman Roy Gregory Bivins (who hates being called Rainbow) decides to write a memoir of his eighteenth year, which is filled with change, memories, an...
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Flight by Number_The_Books
Flightby Number_The_Books
You can find me at the edge of all, where thoughts are dandelions and where dreams take flight, under star-heavy skies, because I don't want to be here anymore. A collec...
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sexy zone ❥ one shots (writer's block) by riaaken
sexy zone ❥ one shots (writer's ria ❤︎ writers block
(i promise these stories are capitalized!) i make these fics catering to all kinds of bodies and skin colors! these stories have gender neutral readers, unless stated ot...
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Storm Awards 2019 by SilentDragonofNight
Storm Awards 2019by SilentDragonofNight
Hello everyone, welcome to my awards book! Please consider entering! I hope to make this a safe and fun place for everyone!
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Interval by AdamTingz
Intervalby Adam
Dulce Kelly is an exchange student from the UK, going to America for an entire school year. Nervous of the trip, he hopes it runs smoothly- but at what he believes to be...
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Legends of Cobalt by Sweeney_The_Mad
Legends of Cobaltby Sweeney_The_Mad
A group of unlikely friends team up to form an adventuring party and wander the world trying to survive and figure out where their next meal will come from all while try...
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Crush x Reader | For trans folks by shmonkey28
Crush x Reader | For trans folksby OWS
Trans? Nonbinary? Don't enjoy reading fanfictions that use incorrect pronouns or don't match your body? Here's the stuff for you!
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Black Table Reviews  by Mawizana
Black Table Reviews by Miriam Gayize
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College Secrets [Temporary Name] by 0xJustAGirlx0
College Secrets [Temporary Name]by JustAGirl
I'm not sure of what the plot will be for this which is why there's no name yet. So I have a little idea. I have no clue where it will go- maybe you will choose! I know...
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Ecological Echoes: The All-Inclusive Science Journal for Everyone! by EcologyEchoes
Ecological Echoes: The Ecological Echoes
Why is it that true scientific discoveries are so hard to find; so hard to access? We strive to make science available for all! We summarize and discuss popular , estee...
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spaced out by dustedream
spaced outby dustedream
'Will it kill you if you don't spaced out every now and then' A rude girl that have the coldest childhood stuck with the warmest hand everyone ever felt Accidentally s...
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Dead Man's Club by JumpingToConclusions
Dead Man's Clubby Aileey Summers
Revenge never tasted sweeter. *** In which a rising actress has been given a shot to take revenge on all those who have ever wronged her.
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V I C E by saxophone94
V I C Eby Mia~
Eastmoore High has more to hide than what appears. With every student trying to live a secret life of their own, there are darker truths that might rip them apart...from...
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poems of anonymity by curiousi-tea
poems of anonymityby l o u i s e
Within these letters I have sense, Without the explanation, Written by a creature, Who secludes my configuration, Do you dear reader, have the knowledge, To decipher me...
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