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Symbol of Justice - Titan Bond by Largehfanfic
Symbol of Justice - Titan Bondby Largeh
"Izuku Midoriya" "Quirk: Titan Bond" "Calls upon the help of the Titan BT-7274, along with displaying great physical strength due to changes in...
Titanfall x Rainbow Six Siege by yhtomitcomet
Titanfall x Rainbow Six Siegeby yhtomitcomet
On his way home, a pilot, fresh from the frontier. Enters something that will change his life forever. Disclaimer: I do not own Titanfall 2 or Rainbow Six Siege. Nor do...
A Rose and the Bee by RZren7374
A Rose and the Beeby Critz_soldier
<Pilot's heartbeat rising rapidly.> <Attempt to break free NO. 1... FAILED.> <Pilot's sustaining critical injuries, conclusion- Pilot's death imenent.>...
Welcome Home by thunderstorm110
Welcome Homeby Thunder
Titanfall/RWBY crossover "I was born here in Remnant. Atlas, more specifically. I was never told why, but my parents, a huntsman and a huntress, carted me off to th...
When Titans Fall (RWBY x M! Titan Pilot Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
When Titans Fall (RWBY x M! Titan...by I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 6-4 pilot once allied with the SRS Marauder Corps. After an "incident," he left the Militia, searching to protect the Frontier on his own term...
Fuck you Remnant Titanfall x rwby  by hellhound2356
Fuck you Remnant Titanfall x rwby by hellhound2356
ex IMC explosives expert turned Militia pilot, Haven is not like her name implies. She blew up an entire IMC facility because some guy called her a bitch. Her titan is p...
Dva x titinfall 2 pilot by Zack19032
Dva x titinfall 2 pilotby Zack19032
When the ark weapon blows up (Y/N) and your Titan go back in time and to a planet long since destroyed by the IMC. Earth how will d.va and the rest of the M.E.K.A squad...
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY) by Chute_Mi
Pilot Rose (Titanfall 2 X RWBY)by Silenced Sins
One night, a young girl woke up to a strange bright light in the forest. Being the curious child she was, she ventured out into the forest and met a friend, a friend lik...
Up For Adoption izuku (deku) Secret Life X Division X Titanfall by Shipkun
Up For Adoption izuku (deku) Secre...by Shipkun
U. a was on a lockdown due to a virus that erased the existence of quirks all around the world and the only safe haven is america due to america being made up of quirkl...
[DISCONTINUED] Neural Link and Dust (RWBY X Titanfall 2) by AlphaLynroc
[DISCONTINUED] Neural Link and Dus...by Theta_AI
Pilot Michael "Score" Walker was a Pilot, allied to the Militia. He and his Vanguard Titan SA-6275 "Sidearm", have gotten in plenty of battles before...
Poké-fall  by viperactual
Poké-fall by Viper
I do not own titanfall or Pokémon I only own my OC
A pilot's Journey (RWBY X TITANFALL) by CrimsonThe12
A pilot's Journey (RWBY X TITANFAL...by The_E_Man
Inspired by "Angels and Demons" by NaughtBeast https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12079726/1/Angels-and-Demons A mercenary pilot in the frontier known as "Phanto...
Titanfall male reader x fem! creepypasta by TheRealPapaScorch
Titanfall male reader x fem! creep...by N0VA
(Y/N) is a soldier in the militia, son of the legendary Captain Lastimosa, veteran of the Titan Wars. Before his training is complete however, he sees his father die in...
GENESIS by Vemonus92
GENESISby VemonusAphid92
This is the inspiration for Warhammer 40k, Titanfall, Halo, Gate anime, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses Within the large planet known as the "Trinity," there exi...
Male viper reader x Rwby by Darktric
Male viper reader x Rwbyby Darktric
I seen a lot of Titanfall 2 viper story's but none of them get finish the creater starts off good but then do eh I'm not gonna continue even though I got a a lot of view...
octane x reader by octavioosilvaa
octane x readerby Octane
Life in the Apex Games; It wasn't what you expected - at all. RANK: #1 in APEX! Hey all- This is my first Fanfic ever! I put lots of time and effort into the story - hop...
"Behemoth" Male Reader x Apex Legends by Chandler217
"Behemoth" Male Reader x Apex Lege...by WondrousWooper
In this story you are in the shoes of an Apex Legends concept that's been sitting on the back burner for awhile. It is still and work in progress, both the story and the...
{Their Special Warrior} by ThyMoonQueen
{Their Special Warrior}by TheLilyWritin'
{Avatar Yandere Various x TitanFall Pilot Fem OC} Being about the first genetic super soldiers, as an leap for Humanity, Pilots, that's what Their called, able to have i...
Inferno by Matteoarts
Infernoby Matteoarts
He had no hope of rescue until he came across a lone Titan, her pilot killed in action. She had no hope of survival until he happened upon her. They met as foes, but fat...
Newer Characters for the "o.W.n./CoP: THotW" Story by JuanDeleon662
Newer Characters for the "o.W.n./C...by Commander Cody (Star Wars)
This Book is about more Newer Characters that'll be included into @NightingaleMachina's "o.W.n./Cult of Personality: True Heroes of the World" Collaboration Cr...