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once a proud member of Night Raid turned into their Greatest enemy. (Y/n) Uchiha, filled with hatred, fakes his death to only return to become Night Raid's greatest bigg...
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 5: Sinners For Justice(X Akame Ga Kill) by DaniloCiak
A Ghost Rider's Journey Vol. 5: Si...by Danilo Ciak
An unknown guy send the Rider in a new world, where the dark side of humanity reigns. The only light of hope lies in the darkness of a group of assassins. Will they be i...
No Hope. Only Bloodshed. (Akame Ga Kill x Cal's apprentice male reader.) by lastshot58
No Hope. Only Bloodshed. (Akame Ga...by The Adagium Subjugate
Apprentice to the late Jedi Master, Cal Kestis, you were lost and alone in your new village. You made friends, and journeyed to the capital to make money for your impove...
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader) by Nardarion18
Reaper of the Empire (Akame Ga Kil...by Nic Bastian
F/N should never have been born, yet by chance he was. He was trained for a single purpose. Find out his story as F/N grows up in an Empire filled with corruption. I do...
Night Raid Plays Halo by Crimson__Soldat
Night Raid Plays Haloby
My top Fanfiction story on Fanfiction.Net Taking place in an alternate timeline of Night Raid plays the Original Modern Warfare Trilogy, a Monitor visits them due to bor...
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1] by alexkuhar360
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1]by Alex
this will be a not op Rimuru story where he goes to the World of Akame Ga Kill and will be the main character. there will be Pov shifts mainly between Rimuru, Akame, and...
Quite Unusual (Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader Part 1) by alphafox270
Quite Unusual (Akame Ga Kill x Mal...by Wyn Eurus
When it comes to corruption, none can be more corrupt than the government in this world. Unjust executions, false charges and even false justice is nothing new here. To...
Esdeath x Young Male Reader by LittleAlexander_
Esdeath x Young Male Readerby LittleAlexander
Sorry if it's bad, certain fetishes will be present.
Akame Ga Kill: The Yellow Flash (Rewriting) by SharinganRyu
Akame Ga Kill: The Yellow Flash (R...by SharinganRyu
Follow (Y/N) Namikaze on this journey. The character is very much like Minato Namikaze but in the Akame ga kill world. After (Y/N) left the empire he became a rogue assa...
(Carnage malereader x Akame Ga kill) by Gojiboi95
(Carnage malereader x Akame Ga kil...by No name man
This is my first story and I hope whoever reads this story interesting also I'm still learning about literature and that stuff so correct me if there are any mistakes.
The Mask of a Clock (Akame Ga Kill x Mreader) by Sebastion55
The Mask of a Clock (Akame Ga Kill...by Sebastion55
Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money off of Akame Ga Kill, Hellboy, or any other franchise, music, pictures, or videos I use in my stories. This is just for fun.
Six Paths of Reincarnation by ItsJustThatSimpler
Six Paths of Reincarnationby FanficFreak
As vermin are drawn to rotting corpses, so are power-hungry men drawn to weak rulers; moreover, its restless people. The greedy/corrupt humans clung desperately to the q...
The Cinders of the Citidel.  ( ON HOLD ) by Soulofcinder64
The Cinders of the Citidel. ( ON...by Soulof Cinder64
Before the old Emperor fell and the child rose to power, thier was a group of knights the stood by the Emperors side. they were called "Knights of flame" but t...
This world shall know pain ( reincarnated reader x akame ga kill) by Karskujo69
This world shall know pain ( reinc...by Karskujo
Is there life after death or a whole new concept that we are unaware of
 A Wolf Amongst The Shadows by Noble_6
A Wolf Amongst The Shadowsby ONI's Grim Reaper
A soldier who's spent an entire life saving humanity from extinction at the hands of the Covenant. An assassin who took down whole organizations and defeated entire armi...
male killer sans reader  by fatal890
male killer sans reader by god mix
what happens when there is a genocidal murderer in the empire
The Prince And The Assassin by GilHaku
The Prince And The Assassinby Gilgamesh, Hiro
(Rewrite for for the book with the same title) The Imperial Capital... A corrupted nation once a Peaceful nation... but when the Emperor and it's wife died,. the corrupt...
Akame Ga Kill | Cursed Demon Child by DeathcapsRezone
Akame Ga Kill | Cursed Demon Childby Aggronaut
"We are different from the ones with sight, we see what's on the inside and not the outside. We are able to see the color of your soul, everything living thing have...
The betrayed dragon Issei  (On Hold) by OGHazard
The betrayed dragon Issei (On Hol...by Okami
Sometime after the defeat of Riser the girls in the ORC distance themselves from Issei. One day he finds out what the girls are doing behind his back and also finds out...