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octane x reader by octavioosilvaa
octane x readerby Octane
Life in the Apex Games; It wasn't what you expected - at all. RANK: #1 in APEX! Hey all- This is my first Fanfic ever! I put lots of time and effort into the story - hop...
My Love: Octane x Reader by EllieSilvax
My Love: Octane x Readerby EllieSilvax
21 year old Y/N is having money trouble trying to take care of herself and her two younger brothers as her mom pulls 12 hour shifts at the hospital. One day she sees as...
Female various x Male reader one shots (Maybe Making A New One) by The_Spade_Hunter
Female various x Male reader one s...by Wade Spade
Mostly stories I'll do when I got nothing to do
The Shrewd Wolves (H&HP Series #3) by shruthii
The Shrewd Wolves (H&HP Series #3)by Shruthi
"You don't want a mate and neither do I. So for the sake of our wolves, let's just complete the mating process and part away like... friends?" Quillon said and...
Master's Little Pet by TheFalseUnicorn
Master's Little Petby Sidious
This was the Master whose return I had dreaded for 12 months. Yet in less than 24 hours he was back.
APEX LEGENDS ONESHOTS - <3 by ChocoBerryCoffee
'cos i like you, and you like my attention. requests are closed as of 24/2/21! warnings: strong language and sexual chapters. [started: 28/3/20 ...
Sly (An Apex Legends Fanfic) by moz-and-a-dream
Sly (An Apex Legends Fanfic)by moz-and-a-dream
Joining the games in hopes to gain her freedom, Sly wasn't expecting to come out of the arena alive, much less coming out a legend. After losing the last person she has...
Apex legends preferences  by princ3ss_ang3ll
Apex legends preferences by Angel
Basically my opinion on how the legends react and treat different things or topics! Everyone's in this however Bloodhound is they/them Gibraltar is gay Loba is bi Va...
∗:apex legends preferences and oneshots:∗ by ex0ticgrxavity
∗:apex legends preferences and one...by mia༉‧₊˚🕯️🖤❀༉‧₊˚.
this book is completed! thank you so much for your support <3 lots of love <3
 Sparks  (Wattson x Octane)  by 0verit
Sparks (Wattson x Octane) by 0verit
Wattson's (mostly)/ Third person Pov Wattane <3 cover art by @_nessepack.k on insta :) (changed format) Edit: Sorry for the typos
Octane X Reader  by sisterboi13
Octane X Reader by sisterboi13
You and Octane were the cutest together but you had your ups and downs.
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader) by snooperoov
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader)by Octane & Sal simp
[PAINFULLY SLOW UPDATES] You sign up for The Apex Games, expecting to just do it for the money and for fun. But you meet a particular adrenaline addicted boy who becomes...
Her Voices || Apex Legends || Wraith x Shy!Fem!Reader || by phoenix_is_not_alive
Her Voices || Apex Legends || Wrai...by Pho3nix ^^
Renee Blasey has been on Y/n's back since she joined the games. But, little did Y/n know, Renee had a secret for doing this, a secret that Y/n has too... Merging stories...
Apex legends parent scenarios (requests Currently Closed)  by asexual_legend
Apex legends parent scenarios (req...by Al
This is my first story and I'm insecure af but I wanted to try. I want to start with something simple like a scenario book. If I continue writing you can expect more pla...
Apex legends memes bc I'm bored  by i_drink_orphan_blood
Apex legends memes bc I'm bored by 𝖔𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖗
Just a bunch of my favorite apex legends memes
Son Of Godzilla by tyler2706
Son Of Godzillaby TylerKelly
He NEVER saw this coming, at all...after infiltration of the secret Himalayan base Apex built, Monarch and Godzilla uncover it's disturbing and shocking secrets but also...
* Apex Legends Oneshots * by ShyLightning
* Apex Legends Oneshots *by ShyLightning
Requests are very much welcome Mainly: Fluff <3 (pretty much the only thing I write) Character X readers Character x character Scenarios I hope you enjoy these shor...
Cryptane by gaiplantboy
Cryptaneby chode
Some Cryptane stuff :) Oneshots, fluff, smut, etc. Hope you enjoy cuties. Art by me! Hype Beast Octane :)
The Lost Little Birdie  by OreZhc3
The Lost Little Birdie by OreZhc3
During the war between the IMC and Militia, a young little boy witnessed his home and village attacked by IMC forces as his Parents and relatives Killed and his newborn...
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the killer by AiWrait
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the kil...by (I Write)
After years of blocking away the memories of the death of her parents, Loba discovers the location of her killer. Determined to take revenge, she joins the Apex games...