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Tiaga Woods {HxH Killua x OC!} by Taiga_Yagami
Tiaga Woods {HxH Killua x OC!}by [ Unused Account ]
PG-13 Ne! My main oc (other than Amai lol) is Tiaga, so I need her to have a hxh fic! she's a multidimensional character!! yay!! Description: Tiaga is dense to all love...
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Living Hell(On Hold) by fictiongirlonfire
Living Hell(On Hold)by Catherine
Melanie Turow and her group mates live an Apocalyptic world. she has her one and only brother left to care for and the only person that loves her besides her brother is...
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Trapped in The Happiest Place on Earth by Stonehartdreamer27
Trapped in The Happiest Place on Liv
The light engulfs me in itself, making me feel a burst of wind that knocks me off my feet. When I open my eyes, I'm no longer standing in front of the castle. I'm stan...
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OC Book ! ~ by mnerie_
OC Book ! ~by Marielle
Just a different book of all of the OC's that I've came up with or OC's that readers gave me to put in my book. Enjoy c:
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Edge of Reasons. by VainAndInsane
Edge of VainAndInsane
(Earlier know as- Love Has a price!) ''Try not to fall for me.'' Ian smirked at me,his trademark smirk, ''I would rather fall in the gutter than for for you,'' I retort...
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Interview With Main Characters [Done--no more requests please] by XxIcyxX
Interview With Main Characters [ Laura
Anyways, I thought it'd be kinda cool if we all did an interview were we pretend we are our main character in the story. I'm going to put a sort of book together compili...
Vault Hunters [Borderlands, Zer0/Handsome Jack X OC] by CultMother
Vault Hunters [Borderlands, Zer0/ Blood Initiate
Jack's wife comes back to Pandora. She's not exactly the 'blood'n'guts' type. Pandora will probably eat her alive. Oh well. Just another day on a planet filled with insa...
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Just Fake It, Until You Make It by victoria_nicolette
Just Fake It, Until You Make Itby Victoria
Grow stronger from pain,don't let it destroy you. Victoria Nixon was born the next Alpha Female of the Huntsman pack. Unlike most werewolves, she wasn't looking for he...
Star-Crossed Myth: Huedhaut by Animete
Star-Crossed Myth: Huedhautby Anime Love!
Disclaimer: Star-Crossed Myth and Huedhaut belongs to Voltage Inc. I'm doing this for entertainment purposes. I'm only doing the route towards the Blessed Ending and I'...
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My Character Came To Life! by HibariHaru013
My Character Came To Life!by ♥ Lark Jaro ♥
[UNDER REVISION] Have you ever thought of your character coming to life? Here's a story about an ordinary high school student, Hibari Haru, who has just experienced tha...
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The Lonely Stranger by Jamira11
The Lonely Strangerby Jasmine
When 19 year old Rose goes to visit her grandmother's house in the town way past Springfield, Illinois, for summer vacation she finds the town very friendly. Them she me...
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The Wizard of 1229 Main Street [REWRITING] by Etcetera
The Wizard of 1229 Main Street [ Nina
Eva is the worst student in her world history class. When she goes inside (yes, inside) her great-uncle's painting, she finds herself meeting the arrogant prince of Egyp...
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I'm Special & Rejected by SexyBitch99
I'm Special & Rejectedby SexyBitch99
Safora has had a rough life, even though she's an Alpha's daughter, she was still treated worse than an omega. Everyone, but her dad, hate her for something that she had...
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Hetalia 7 Minutes in Heaven by Hayden_Homicyde
Hetalia 7 Minutes in Heavenby Hayden Homicyde
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Why Yes, Sir - I Am. by LindyLoser
Why Yes, Sir - I welcome cunt nuggets
"We're all a little crazy." "By crazy, you mean killers? Killer crazy? Like you?" "Killer? Me? Why yes, Sir — I am." The smug grin swiped...
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MLP Harmony vs Insanity by DoddleDara
MLP Harmony vs Insanityby Erin
What happens when insanity and harmony collide? Why are ponies suddenly disappearing from their homes? Who, or what, are the elements of insanity? What plans does the Pr...
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Veritas: Beyond the Map by SkylaBlue
Veritas: Beyond the Mapby SkylaBlue
With the help of her friends, Alyce takes a journey beyond the map to find out her true identity, her true power and ultimately how to defeat the very person who rescued...
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Mortals by GoldenCael
Mortalsby Mel/Melody
A story about immortals. Hanako Sakamoto was no ordinary 16-year old girl. She was a demon. She will face many troubles because of that, but will her troubles be worth i...
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