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Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen {Book 1} by AnnLunar
Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen { AnnLunar
When she was born, nobody could hear her heartbeat. Her thoughts were blocked by a shield. Assumed to be dead, Mercy Elizabeth Cullen spent 1 1/2 days in a box undernea...
Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Twin Story by DanishDanaxx
Singing Away Your Pain: Renesmee Dana Monique
The Goddess of War. (edward x OC)  by ShadowChaos2001
The Goddess of War. (edward x OC) by Shadow Ann Chaos
Now first before the description. I need to tell you that this is inspired by a book I read a while ago it has ares as a female and the Greek goddess of war. I wanted to...
Not Part of the Plan \\Jasper Cullen/ Oc// by Accio_
Not Part of the Plan \\Jasper ☼ Sarah ☼
WARNING: violence and language. Viewer discretion is advised. I would say 15 or older but if you can handle it go right ahead!!! YOUVE BEEN WARNED!! Also it may seem li...
Rosabella cullen by Digimon8
Rosabella cullenby Pink Floyd
What if Bella and Edward had twins? Meet Rosabella Cullen. Will she be the favoured twin? Will she be the forgotten twin? Lets find out...
Morning Light: A Renesmee and Jacob story by LightAsDaydreamer
Morning Light: A Renesmee and LightAsDaydreamer
Six years after the end of "Breaking Dawn", things are changing for Renesmee. Jacob has always been there for her. A friend, a protector...could he be somethin...
The Older Swan Sister by shadowluver15
The Older Swan Sisterby shadowluver15
Bella had an older sister. Her sister was special, unique. Everyone loved her but also pitied her.... She hated it. Meet Astrid Lily Swan. Bella's older sister by a year...
Imprinted to be Yours by RunWithJacobBlack
Imprinted to be Yoursby Skye
All grown up, it's Renesmee's eighteenth birthday and Edward has asked Jacob to keep an eye on her as she goes out on her first date with her college friend, Alex. When...
Before You Go | Edward Cullen by hinaspia
Before You Go | Edward Cullenby — crimson
She tries to sit, tries to bite her tongue and be pretty, tries to keep calm when she settles next to him on the couch and nestles her hands around him like he is hers a...
At a Crossroads | S.W by nightXwriter_7
At a Crossroads | S.Wby nightXwriter_7
In a world where your soulmates first thought about you can be heard, she is surprised to find out who her soulmate is. ________________________________________________...
The forgotten Cullen by thatgirlwithnolife_
The forgotten Cullenby A.R.B
Hi. I am Max Cullen. I have a twin sister names Reneseme. She is a bitch. There is no other way to say it. My sister is a bitch. She hates me. I have never loved being a...
Imprinted on you by meli-m-m
Imprinted on youby Daisy
Jacob (as you know in Breaking Dawn) has imprinted on Bella's daughter, Renesmee. But in my fanficton, Renesmee doesn't know that Jake is a werewolf. This is a story of...
Evening Sun: The Saga Continues by SparkledCrayons
Evening Sun: The Saga Continuesby Star Marie
*Continues Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Meyer* Everything Seems Perfect In Bella Cullen's Life. For Now. Creepy Anonymous Threats Are Being Sent To Every One Of The Olym...
Nessie's twin Caius's mate by Samsamwolf
Nessie's twin Caius's mateby Elijah (Iyla)
Based off of g6g8612's story Renesmee's twin, soulmate of Caius. Renesmee is my twin loved by all while i am only loved by Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie. Thats right my pa...
꧁A New Life꧂ by venomsbabygirl
꧁A New Life꧂by Kim Cherry
I don't love him anymore. - Bella Swan. I cannot tell you that I love you. - Chelsea Cullen. I have loved you from the moment I saw you. - Edward Cullen. I don't know w...
Carlisle's Diary by CarlislesDiary
Carlisle's Diaryby Carlisle Cullen
This diary starts off after the events post our battle with the Volturi and us moving to Hanover, NH so that Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett could attend Dartmouth. P...
Eternal Flame -Jacob e Renesmee by PolarIsABabyBlue
Eternal Flame -Jacob e Renesmeeby Petit Sunshine
A história acontece 5 anos após Amanhecer e relata a história de amor de Jacob e Renesmee.Emocionante e cheia de conflitos, veja os dois lutarem por seu amor.
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story) by bumblebee_5n4p3
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward Bianca
'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when Jacob get...
Setting Moon*Sequel to Rising Moon*~Jacob and Renesmee Fanfiction ~ by teamcullen14
Setting Moon*Sequel to Rising teamcullen14
Sequel to my Twilight Fanfiction Rising Moon.Read that first if you haven't or u wont understand whats going go.Jacob and Renesmee are engaged.Dean is dead but there are...
Broken Horizon - The Twilight Saga by ka_y_lee
Broken Horizon - The Twilight Sagaby ka_y_lee
Following Night and Day, Jacob and Nessie's son, Ephraim, has grown into his own man. Destined to have his own imprint one day, Ephraim is denying his rights as a wolf a...