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Fanfic Guidebook by Fanfic
Fanfic Guidebookby Fanfiction
This is to help you navigate the Fanfic profile and to get an overview of everything going on and how it works. We will cover loads of guidelines, how's, what's, where's...
  • feels
  • guidelines
  • fandom
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How To Become Wattpad Famous by arcadebastille
How To Become Wattpad Famousby arcadebastille
In order to become Wattpad famous, a writer must follow and use certain ways to attract readers. Here are my tips that can help you obtain more votes, more comments, mor...
  • howtobecomeawriter
  • nonfiction
  • wattie-wards
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How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide by KatherineArlene
How To Get Reads, Votes, and Katherine A. Ganzel
How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and...
  • nonfiction
  • howto
  • guidelines
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How to Roleplay on Wattpad | a guide by sjoybell
How to Roleplay on Wattpad | a back from hiatus!
New to roleplaying? Well fear not! Inside this book, you will find tips, tricks, and helpful guidelines that will fill you in on all things roleplay. Enjoy! Includes a s...
  • nonfiction
  • help
  • rules
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Tame | ✔ by angelofegypt
Tame | ✔by Areej
Book 1 of The Quest Series/Winner of the Watty Awards Undiscovered Gems of 2014 "Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out?" -Dr Suess After bei...
  • david
  • arranged
  • spiritual
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Tips For Writing Fanfiction by HarryPotterFreak7
Tips For Writing Fanfictionby Call me by whatever floobs yo...
Exactly what the title says. (If you have questions, you can PM me. I'll try to help. Or, you know, take any insults you want to throw at me.)
  • genres
  • fanfic
  • stop
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BRO CODE by That_Creative_Girl
BRO CODEby Holly
Bro Code! Things that boys live by.
  • guidelines
  • interrresting
  • code
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Coach Aj's Writing Workshop(For Philippine users only) by MysticAJ
Coach Aj's Writing Workshop(For Kuya AJ
Starting 2015 I would have this weekly or regular uploads for my personal coaching handbook. Yes this is for newbies and for other authors who wants to get better in the...
  • writing
  • tips
  • coaching
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Graphic Shop | ✔ | by Aylentbeing0l
Graphic Shop | ✔ |by ǟʏʟɛռȶɮɛɨռɢ0ʟ
Open|✔| On hold | ❌ | Open for requests, guidelines and rules will be mentioned in the chapters. I'll comment a ✔ if you are accepted.
  • rules
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  • payment
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guidelines - taekook by jinisfunnierthanyou
guidelines - taekookby the classics
though his eyes showed him nothing; they showed others everything. jeon jungkook; a blind artist who once found passion in his work, is drained of life and happiness as...
  • kooktae
  • bangtan
  • romance
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Relationship Guidelines for Dummies by scintillating_
Relationship Guidelines for Dummiesby Amy
Relationship Guidelines for Dummies is a program for people who need help with relationships such as simply getting into one, or fixing their relationship with their cur...
  • teenagers
  • nerd
  • discovery
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silver writing by tiana_smeraldo
silver writingby Tɪᴀɴᴀ Sᴍᴇʀᴀʟᴅᴏ
❀ Fan Fiction Edition writing guide Yes, there may be a lot of similar "writing guide" books, but I promised to do one, so here is it- and don't be afraid, I'm...
  • nonfiction
  • bts
  • harrypotter
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The Rules of Werewolves by ThatOneSarcasticGirl
The Rules of Werewolvesby Elena
This book is just for those of you who need a little help understanding the *Universe of Werewolves* Dedicated to @volleyball3456 Go follow her! ~The amazing covers a...
  • heat
  • wolf
  • whitewolf
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You're not the first... by PacificTruth
You're not the The Truth Hurts
So you may have stumbled across my account because I reported one of your books, or your friend's book, or you just wanna watch the world burn. Whatever the case, before...
  • guidelines
  • rules
Writing Guidelines for Demigods by WeMetAtSix
Writing Guidelines for Demigodsby Castella
Read this, you might need it to avoid extreme mistakes. Along the way, I will also rant about some horrendous plotlines, character names, and annoyingly cliche mistakes...
  • pjo
  • demigods
  • guidelines
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The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips by CatMint5
The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tipsby Dilyana K.
I was thinking about what to give to the awesome wattpad community so I made The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips. The first chapters are for those who are just starting o...
  • easy
  • comments
  • how-to
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Muslim Informer: Next To Me by MuslimInformer
Muslim Informer: Next To Meby Wattpad Islam
A helpful guide to finding the perfect soulmate. #IslamicStyle
  • bride
  • life
  • marriage
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Home Business for Women - Inspiration and Advice by HolgerWastlund
Home Business for Women - HolgerWastlund
This story is now completed. Get the experience from the author's coaching of 200 business women with dreams and plans of driving successful companies from their homes. ...
  • business
  • guidelines
  • home-based
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101 law of attraction by xpeonyx
101 law of attractionby peonygale
guidelines, tips and all things about law of attraction. ♡ cover by; eysiep
  • positive
  • tips
  • loa
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