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Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the bad sanses) by Ravenpoint
Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the A Random Ace
A fanfic/story of Nightmare and children bad guys! All of the bad guys are children excluding Nightmare and Error. This is a story of Nightmare being a parent. I am ter...
Behind The Golden Eyes Lies Secrets by Sl33pyDemon01
Behind The Golden Eyes Lies Secretsby Sirus Long
Dream has secrets that he can't tell nobody since he doesn't want them to think he's crazy. Voices in his head telling him to release them, meaning to release all of the...
Au high by Apollo_Jeez
Au highby Apollo
CLASSIC SANS X SANS AUS info on classic: classic is going to a new school, he's 18 years old and he's going in the 12th grade, he lives alone with a cat he named fluffy...
The Perfect Nightmare by VermilionGust
The Perfect Nightmareby A Simp for Nightmare
There had been a disturbance in their Multiverse. It was small, so small that only a few noticed it. After a while it just suddenly stopped. They eventually dismissed it...
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Fanfiction)  by __Purple_Fluffball__
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Crossmare
They first came as individuals, people caught up in the Nuclear blast of Craitown. But people soon realised that the infected numbers were increasing. Cities were swarme...
Fight for Him | SWADMARE | by rioromeooo
Fight for Him | SWADMARE |by Nightmare </3
The Bad Sans love their Boss, but so does someone else.. The Bad Sanses and The Star Sanses were against each other, but one day the war had to end. Nightmare locked h...
Au sanses x Creator!Reader by Scp-Glitchy404
Au sanses x Creator!Readerby GlitchyGachatuber
Finished (Y/n) Owns a multiverse, What happends when the sanses from her multiverse meets her and fell inlove with they're own Creator? Read this to find out >
Not a Sound (Crossmare) by __Xenomorph__
Not a Sound (Crossmare)by Xenomorph_of_Doom
Cross was always shy during his stay with the Star sanses. He thought they were nice, boy was he wrong. They were kind to him in public, but they had only wanted Cross f...
the best nightmare you've had in a while | bad sanses x reader by soariinin
the best nightmare you've had in rennyr
You've always known you were destined for greatness. They were merely just shackles, chaining you down. Everything will be okay. - COVER BY ME inspired (but not exact...
'Yandere' bad Sanses x reader (Discontinued) by OfficialKzAngel
'Yandere' bad Sanses x reader ( OfficialKzAngel
"Memes addict Bad Sanses 2" [Original] This is my second most weirdest bad sanses book Feel free to read this book ❗Cringe warning❗ If you don't like cringe st...
That wasn't very [EPIC] of you, bruh by Sanzufineass
That wasn't very [EPIC] of you, ✨Epic Bruh✨
reincarnated as epic sans but shit hits the fan and we go on an adventure
AU! Sanses X Reader Oneshots by Lxzaruss
AU! Sanses X Reader Oneshotsby Lazar.
Please do take note that the Story cover isn't mine and belongs to original rightful owner. My very oneshots book with lemons, fluff, and possibly angst. Book Start: Aug...
I'm the most epic sans ever by KarmaAkabane425
I'm the most epic sans everby Karma Akabane
And someone from our world becomes epic sans, how will the rest handle epic now? Especially if they never even met epic before. (Everything is different, personalities c...
Sanscest Oneshots  by Ravenpoint
Sanscest Oneshots by A Random Ace
Basically whatever ship whenever I feel like it. Some thing or ships might come up again and again. I get a lot of ideas randomly. •>• I do take requests tho if you h...
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader] by sighnerd
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader]by sigh nerd
A young woman, left alone after her family sadly passed in a car accident, suffers with PTSD and Anthropophobia (Fear of people.) Her only happiness in this world is the...
From Murder to Dust by Clichely
From Murder to Dustby Cliche
It wasn't as if he didn't care for them. He did. That's why he did it, after all. He couldn't watch them suffer, so he did something about it. Dust Sans story with Nigh...
Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby Jammy comyet
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21...
The Path We Walk by Lunazul3000
The Path We Walkby Aster
Aster Corvus Concord, now known as Sans Serif Gaster, was living a relatively peaceful life having reached the surface. Then it all reset. Now, after living through an e...
Sans AUs x Reader Oneshots by YourNekoNekoKneecaps
Sans AUs x Reader Oneshotsby YourNekoNekoKneecaps
The title says it all. Enjoy the oneshots!