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~The Eternal Ice of love~   Empires SMP AU by Starszy_
~The Eternal Ice of love~ Your local flower husband ent...
This is an EmpiresSMP AU based off a role swap between members. So scott would be Xornoth for example. This is a flower Husbands story filled with fluff and some angst.
Papercuts || Empires S1 by iwrote_book
Papercuts || Empires S1by Charlie
Sausage was finally back in Brooksville, a place his parents had ripped away from him. More specifically, he was taken across the country in the middle of sixth grade. ...
A Gentle Glow || Flower Husbands (Empires) by stargazing_owl
A Gentle Glow || Flower Husbands ( ERYN !?
When Scott has to get married to the future queen of Rivendell, chaos ensues.
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower Husbands- ||COMPLETE|| by EDDIExISxHOT
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower 𝐭⟟𝐭𝐭⟟𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐬
A stoic elf A silly fish boy He melted his heart What will happen? I love flower husbands :3 ^Highest Rankings^ #2 in #fishpeople #3 in #Joel #3 in #FWhip
Caught Bloody Handed: An Empires smp murder mystery by CalicoQuartzs
Caught Bloody Handed: An Empires CalicoQuartzs
I was inspired to write this after reading Dead To Me by @minimushr00m, so definitely go check it out, its amazing. ..If you know me I am very vague with my descriptions...
My brain, body, and bones are true by Justarandomissue
My brain, body, and bones are trueby En
Empires S2 fic woo! Jimmy focused because yes. This will have angst, fluff and some other stuff which if I deem in need of a warning I will alert you as the reader so tr...
your frozen heart (Empires/life Series Story) by Rubylovesjimmy
your frozen heart (Empires/life Ruby
COVER ART BY NIKIII ON PINTEREST. a story based on alot of different smp things jimmy has done including last life,3rd life, empires. jimmy who is a secondary year 10...
Endless Memories - EmpiresSMP HS AU by CallMeSausage
Endless Memories - EmpiresSMP HS AUby i am god
EmpiresSMP high school AU written by two rlly unmotivated but motivated people-
Empiressmp incorrect quotes! -both s1 and 2- by totallycannon
Empiressmp incorrect quotes! Totallycannon
Just incorrect quotes! (First book) Ships: Joel x lizzie (jizzie) Scott x jimmy (flower husbands) Sausage x fwhip (wither husbands) Joey x xornoth (jornoth) Shelby x Kat...
Flower Husbands Oneshots by TheMightyCactus
Flower Husbands Oneshotsby TheMightyCactus
enjoy :) i have never done something like this before so please keep that in mind, i am always thankful for advice
Whispers of past lives and loves by ro-rod
Whispers of past lives and lovesby Cee
No one truly knew The Sheriff. He refused to give out his name, he was seen only during empire meetings or during trades. But there were myths, told during the starless...
Empires S2 by Dumb0s
Empires S2by Officially Dumb0s
Just what the title says! This is only about S2 and it does include some real life mature topics. Trigger warnings will be mentioned above if so.
Let me wake up. by Starszy_
Let me wake Your local flower husband ent...
Is he trapped in a nightmare? Or is it all real? a short poem-style writing of Jimmy slowly going crazy over events that have led him to become a villain :)
MCYT Incorrect Quotes  by ThatGayMushroomie
MCYT Incorrect Quotes by ThatGayMushroomie
Just a bunch of MCYT Incorrect Quotes. Either from my Tumblr or ones I come up with on the spot.
~Immortal He~ | Empires season 2 by Abcdefgh_ijklmnop_
~Immortal He~ | Empires season 2by Abcdefgh_ijklmnop_
Joel didn't die along the season 1 rulers. He stayed alive and alone for 1000 years. Because the earth was destroyed he built in the sky. You can imagine his shock when...
This Day Jausage - EmpiresSMP by CallMeSausage
This Day Jausage - EmpiresSMPby i am god
Jimmy is kidnapped and has no clue what is happening. Sausage believes it's up to him to save him - Can he do it? Writers: @CallMeSausage Fillia (no wattpad? L) Editor:...
Heart of the Sea by Aelin_Dragneel12
Heart of the Seaby Aelin Dragneel
The Sheriff has a secret. A secret not many know. Only his sister knows this secret because she shares said secret. This secret used to be the cause of a problem long ag...
Incorrect Quotes (Jimmy and Joel only) by Shivani_cool
Incorrect Quotes (Jimmy and Joel Shivani_cool
Incorrect Quotes of Jimmy (SolidarityGaming) and Joel (SmallishBeans), because I loved their dynamic when they were in Empires SMP Season 1.
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au//Flower Husbands by The_Trans_Mushroom
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy The_Trans_Mushroom
What happens when the people of Empires smp find out what the sheriff actually is? /////////////////////////// -Completely inspired by two other fanfics titled The Sher...
Integrity High: Empires SMP Season 2 FanFic by artistkitty9089
Integrity High: Empires SMP Loner
That's right b*tches! Another highschool AU, just cuz I can!