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Empires SMP incorrect quotes by JohannaJaneUn
Empires SMP incorrect quotesby Cat Jana
Even though it says this book is completed, I will actually be posting whenever I feel like it. I just don't know how to end a book that could go on indefinitely... So a...
Empires Smp High School Group Chat by MythicalSausage
Empires Smp High School Group Chatby Angel Sausage
A silly little group chat series! And they are all fruity as fuck
Convergence of Thrones: An Empires SMP AU by Always_Indigo
Convergence of Thrones: An Empires...by Indigo
What do you do if a past version of yourself suddenly appears in your empire? Scream and jump into a tree, obviously! ~~~ Lizzie was just going about her day in Animalia...
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AU by JohannaJaneUn
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AUby Cat Jana
The Rapture was here. The end of the world. Not knowing what to do, Gem tried to send all her friends somewhere safe. Instead, she sent them all a thousand years into th...
1000 years ago... //Empires S2 Fanfic by LDShadowLady301
1000 years ago... //Empires S2 Fan...by Cat/Lizzie
What would happen in season 2 of Empires if Xornoth came back? Would the world end once again, or will all the emperors join together to banish him for good? And even if...
Empires SMP season 2 reacts to season 1 by JohannaJaneUn
Empires SMP season 2 reacts to sea...by Cat Jana
So I really like the gacha react videos and I always wanted to make one myself but I'm not really experienced with that kind of thing so I decided to make a sort of scri...
Lost in the Future - Empires SMP by vecnasal1ve
Lost in the Future - Empires SMPby vecnasal1ve
Xornoth was sent to the future by their brother and some of his friends, on accident. But when they appeared in the future, they were no longer corrupted. Xornoth is now...
MCYT(Mostly Hermitcraft)Oneshot Book!  by Kawaii_Grape_1115
MCYT(Mostly Hermitcraft)Oneshot Bo...by Grape
Hermitcraft Oneshots. There will be shipping! But do not ship the cc's, I ship personas. Please leave suggestions in the comments!
Unrequited love (Scarian) by AubrieHalo_
Unrequited love (Scarian)by Aubrie Halo
A book about the Hanahaki Disease! (A disease that happens when a person falls in love with another, but the other doesn't feel the same way) Grian was finally going to...
𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐃𝐒. empires smp (in progress) by CASTIKLINE
❝ I can't save us ❞ in which the Foxling and the Codfather exchange trades, looks, and blue orchids in a world of war, death, and political all...
The 13th Empire by Swanfeather_
The 13th Empireby ~ ⱽᵉⁿᵉⁿᵘᵐ ᵛᵉⁿᵉᶠⁱᶜᵃ ~
EMPIRES SMP CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE, THEY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE CREATORS Book 1 of 'The Hidden Empire' series ~ This has little connection with the first 'The 13th...
Collision (HermitcraftxEmpires Au) by x0iris0x
Collision (HermitcraftxEmpires Au)by Iris?
Prequel to Elusion. The Hermits failed to open the vault, and King Ren continues to rule the server. Grian receives mysterious compasses from Grumbot, and the hermit's e...
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2)by Rainy Joi
[Cover credits to @Allium687] "Scott- Stop!" Gem said in panic. Erin smashed the window in the room and jumped onto the windowsill. I took one last look at Gem...
Hermitcraft + Empires one-shots! by MumboKJumbo707
Hermitcraft + Empires one-shots!by Mumbo K Jumbo
Request's open! Will write: • Gay Smut • Kinks • Pretty Much Anything Not In The 'No' List Will NOT write: • Abuse • Fetishes • Straight Smut A work by me, Oli, AKA Mu...
The Majors, Rebuild and Reunite (Book 3) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Rebuild and Reunite (B...by Rainy Joi
*ON HIATUS* [Cover credit to @Allium687 :D] It had been three years since the Great Catastrophe and the downfall of the empires. Under the tyrant reign of Joey Graceffa...
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool...by Kiara :>
Kryo; (noun) 'cold' in Greek ... ... Cold; (adjective) lacking affection or warmth of feeling; to be unemotional -- Scott had always been the 'lesser' of the twins. Not...
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au//Flower Husbands by The_Trans_Mushroom
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au...by Shroom K.
What happens when the people of Empires smp find out what the sheriff actually is? /////////////////////////// -This is in the process of being rewritten!!! -Completely...
Watching and Listening - An Empires SMP AU by JohannaJaneUn
Watching and Listening - An Empire...by Cat Jana
One day, False wakes up in an unfamiliar world with no memory of her life. Some time later, after False has founded Cogsmeade, someone else does the exact same thing. Th...
Solivagency - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Solivagency - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
When an uncorrupted Xornoth woke up on the Mezalean shore line, they expected to get arrested or killed on sight. What they did not expect was for King Joel to drag them...