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Purpled in Hermitcraft by McKayla-
Purpled in Hermitcraftby McKayla
Fanart not by me Purpled finally decided enough was enough and left the Dreamsmp, but not before Dream found out and Tried to stop him. He made it to Hermitcraft, but wi...
Hermitcraft x Reader by Nixoxia
Hermitcraft x Readerby Nixoxia
A collective of Headcanons, Drabbles and Oneshots from the Nix-Writes-MCYT tumblr account (my account)
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] ❤️🤎 by Lunatic_Was_Taken
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] Reki
HIIIIII yeahhhh I decided to make a scarian oneshot because the ship is underrated >:( Hope u enjoy lmao Ranks: #3 goodtimewithscar, #2 Doublelife, #13 Shipping The c...
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands) by Raccoonboi66
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands)by Raccoonboi66
Scott was flying around one winter day and all of a sudden someone shot Scott in the wings and he fell into a frozen lake... Will someone help him? Will he survive the f...
The Evil Within (GexXHels) by DumbSimp146
The Evil Within (GexXHels)by Zungkio
Grian is having a great time in season 7 so far, until the rest of the hermits start to get more annoyed at him. Grian starts to have a more dark and depressing personal...
Aversion to Iron by moji964
Aversion to Ironby moji964
When the past he's been running from is shoved into his face and secrets revealed, Grian's forced back into a world he thought he long since escaped. Grian's a prankster...
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Book by Meva400
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Eva
It's back y'all. After a personal situation that ended up in me pulling this book I have decided to republish it along with a couple new stories I have written in a sepa...
Hermitcraft incorrect quotes but it's my family quotes by kmsmeow10
Hermitcraft incorrect quotes but •Lonely•
Pretty much what the title said, these are real quotes my family/ cousins have said in my hearing(only the ones I wrote down lol). They ate actually really weird and fu...
Art Book! by Melody-it-Up
Art Book!by
My book where I'll put my random drawings and stuff.
[✓] roadtrip ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] roadtrip ~ hcby east
What Xisuma wanted to come out of his little competition was some kindness to his community, a good 200 bucks for a local charity of the winners choosing. What he didn't...
|| An Old Friend || English || Grian x Scar || by ThatsAJackMoment
|| An Old Friend || English || Jackson
Scar finds an old friend from last life but being together with him brings him in a lot of danger... Warning ⚠️: •angst •there will be little bit of shipping •only shipp...
Fresh Start by Shipper_Fandom101
Fresh Startby Shipper_Fandoms101
This is a TommyInnit story About the exile and after plz don't hate and hope you enjoy No shipping Just angst Set in the Dsmp but it's an irl/minecraft sort of thing...
Ashes Of Love In Apocalypse || Scarian Fanfiction by M3r1ngu3
Ashes Of Love In Apocalypse || Zuzu
kilapikai on twitter made the cover. ~~ The scientists fucked up. They have played too much with viruses and [redacted]. Grian lives alone, holding onto hope that he ca...
Secrets =temporary Hitus= (hermitcraft6 Fan Fiction Story) by Chickenshaman
Secrets =temporary Hitus= ( *coughs
-If y'all are waiting for a update I'm afraid you'll have to wait- Things have been weird for a while now And Grian hasn't been acting normal lately, is it because of ev...
ThirdLife/LL And Hermitcraft oneshots/Stories  by FiNash0
ThirdLife/LL And Hermitcraft If/Fi <3
Slow updates! All platonic if anything implies differently Will includ: empire smp,3rd life,hermitcraft I watch Scotts pov for empire Smp and 3rdlife! I watch grian/sc...
Never Meant To Be - Pearlescentmoon's Double Life by Wang1970
Never Meant To Be - ~Selsey~
I'm back and ready to finish this series's chapters. I'll be doing some revision and grammar checks on all the chapters. As well as finishing the last scene from episod...
hermitcraft meet's double life by Dontaskmewhyididit12
hermitcraft meet's double lifeby ⟟ ⏃⋔ ⏃ ⌇⟟⋔⌿ :)
basically, this is hermitcraft meet double life so yay if anyone can write it better comment who so I can read it thx cover has nothing to do with the book also, it take...
crimson eyes by Redzwaslate
crimson eyesby Redzwaslate
Prince Grian is in an arranged marriage to King scar of the Elven kingdom. when getting there he is greeted by two of scars council members. But there something weird ab...
The fury of Grian (Xᒷꖎᑑ⚍ᔑ) by UnaEscritoraMasRara
The fury of Grian (Xᒷꖎᑑ⚍ᔑ)by AlguienMasExtrañoPorAqui?
Xelqua, Ex and Hels are Fiances who were separated after the Death of two of them ----- Now Xelqua is know as Grian, and they are in season 9 of Hermitcraft, Grian was T...
Needle And Thread  by verystupidcheese
Needle And Thread by -stupid-
Grian is a tailor, the king has payed him to make him a cloak. The cloak was made with expensive wool and white northern wolf hair, making it very valuble. He works on i...