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Love in the Darkness by BlakeXavior
Love in the Darknessby Blake Xavior
Ldshadowlady and Smallishbeans fanfiction. Read to find out. At least read the first page.
Youtuber Parent Scenarios x Reader by anordinary_shipper
Youtuber Parent Scenarios x Readerby anordinary_shipper
This includes LDShadowLady Aphmau CrankthatFrank CapnDesDes Thomas Sanders Liza Koshey Jaiden Animations TheOdd1sOut LaurenZside Dan Phil
YouTuber Chat Story by 24cats25
YouTuber Chat Storyby 24cat25
Seepeekay tells Joel a secret wanting help that Joel can't give - I hope you can understand who everyone is I tried to make their usernames obvious
hi im lizzie a ldshadowlady Jizzie fan fic by lemmond05
hi im lizzie a ldshadowlady lemmond05
Lizzie is going to her first day in 11th grade she's really nervous about what all the girls are going to say about her. the rest will be said in the story but I will s...
Trapped In Minecraft by TheStoryTeller98
Trapped In Minecraftby The Story-Teller
Bailey, Callum, Lizzie, Joel, Oli, Yammy, Joey, and Daniel are all widely known Youtubers who are known for their gaming channels. They are given the option to try o...
The Accidental Love (Jizzie) by kennarheaholland
The Accidental Love (Jizzie)by KennaHolland
Lizzie D is a nerdy girl at school. She has a crush on this boy, and he says he'll go out with her if she dates this guy named Joel. She goes along with it, and starts t...
Jizzie: Princess Lizzie and Prince Joel by NiftyAttorney93
Jizzie: Princess Lizzie and NiftyAttorney93
WARNING!! Who ever says that they are Jizzie's biggest fan, they are wrong! We are Shadow cadets and we stick together! We are all Jizzie's fans not biggest or not small...
Jizzie: A Hero and A Villain Together Forever by NiftyAttorney93
Jizzie: A Hero and A Villain NiftyAttorney93
In the city of MineCraftMania (worst city name I have ever chosen) a team of villains try to take it over, but when theirs a villain there's always a super hero, hero's...
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse x reader)Who's the white pumpkin? by Darkrose0324
Minecraft story mode (Male Jesse Elsa Darkrose
Captainsparklez,Stampy,Lizze,Cassie,Dan,Aphmau, Lachlan,TorqueDawg,Stacy,Sky,and last but not least (Y/n).They all got an invitation.But Jesse and his group did to.But o...
Danganronpa - Minecraft Youtuber Addition by maeziewastaken
Danganronpa - Minecraft Youtuber Mae
Can they find out all the secrets of the school before they're all dead? ~nothing is edited yet! will be edited once im finished!!~
Broken- An Adopted By Jizzie Fanfiction [Completed] [Book One] by jjwrites516
Broken- An Adopted By Jizzie JJ
Callie is an orphan. What else is to it? She never thought she could meet her idols, LDShadowLady and Smallishbeans, or Lizzie and Joel. But what if one day, that all ch...
Restoration by ringsx
Restorationby Dragon
No one has left the city and come back, but what if the stories aren't true and the walls aren't keeping us safe?
Jizzie ~ Spark by GloomyDusk
Jizzie ~ Sparkby GloomyDusk
Lizzie meets a new boy- Joel- who joins her school. He gets to know the better side of her, and they fall in love. Barriers get in their way that weaken the two. With ma...
Another Aphmau Fnaf Crossover (I'll change pic later) by kamilarealms
Another Aphmau Fnaf Crossover (I' Kamila
Aphmau is the Marrionette and dares not to go back to the pizzeria. But when things turn south and Freddys opens up. Aphmau (Jess) is kidnapped back into freddys nightma...
Broken ~ Jizzie by JizzieLizzieandJoel
Broken ~ Jizzieby Jizzie Lover :)
Lizzie works for her aunt it's the only place she's ever known she's never been to school or been outside she has no knowledge of anything existing outside of where she'...
A Pentagon of Problems (COMPLETED) by condecat10
A Pentagon of Problems (COMPLETED)by Maya <3
LDSHADOWLADY AND SMALLISHBEANS FANFIC The zombie apocalypse, gamers, and a couple of kids. Easy right? Not so much.
♡ Jizzie ♡  by yarah3
♡ Jizzie ♡ by yara h
She was shaking so hard it was hard for her to walk. I didn't know if it was from fear or because she was cold....
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What Happens Now? (Sequal to Trapped in Minecraft) (2nd Book in the Series) by TheStoryTeller98
What Happens Now? (Sequal to The Story-Teller
We join our fantastic cast of characters back in London in the convention center at Minecon. The sirens and alarms are going off on all the capsules as people watch in h...
Youtuber Parents - DISCONTINUED by awful_jay
Youtuber Parents - DISCONTINUEDby ɹǝɓuɐɹʇs
Here's some youtuber and child scenarios cause I'm bored and i can. *even though it's marked as complete, this book is discontinued.*
Picking Up The Pieces; Sequel To; Broken- An Adopted By Jizzie Fanfiction by jjwrites516
Picking Up The Pieces; Sequel To; JJ
Sequel to; Broken- An Adopted By Jizzie Fanfiction. Callie is back, and trying to pick up the pieces. Of course, this is a Fanfiction, so get ready for some drama, inclu...