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Welcome to Hermitcraft! (Grian x Mumbo Jumbo) Child!reader by SageTerror08
Welcome to Hermitcraft! (Grian x Sage
In this story, you will be yourself essentially, so I will be using things like y\n or e\c. the first chapter is going to be a list of these so if you don't know or reme...
New Beginnings (Hermitcraft and Dream SMP Crossover) by Basil_F1res
New Beginnings (Hermitcraft and Basil
The nether portal size limit decided to become non-existent and instead take Grian from one server to another rather than the nether- where he wanted to be. (I remember...
No One gets Left Behind (Adopted from ZecoriTheWeirdOne) by Pit-and-Chase
No One gets Left Behind (Adopted Pit
All credit for the cover goes to @Whimsy__Cal . Season 5 of Hermitcraft is ending, and Xisuma is ready to create a new portal to the new Season 6 world for a fresh start...
Disguises Can't Last Forever - A watcher Grian fanfic by FandomsXelqua
Disguises Can't Last Forever - A FandomsXelqua
DCLF/The Prototypes Au story Grian; Xelqua So much things to hide. ... But he can't keep it a secret from his fellow hermits forever now, can he? Will he be able to hide...
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINAL (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." Ariyaquila's first finished book. As the title says, this is fanfiction...
Purpled in Hermitcraft by McKayla-
Purpled in Hermitcraftby McKayla
Fanart not by me Purpled finally decided enough was enough and left the Dreamsmp, but not before Dream found out and Tried to stop him. He made it to Hermitcraft, but wi...
The Evil Within (GexXHels) by DumbSimp146
The Evil Within (GexXHels)by Zungkio
Grian is having a great time in season 7 so far, until the rest of the hermits start to get more annoyed at him. Grian starts to have a more dark and depressing personal...
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU] by hi123bye_s
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU]by Ollie :]
Addleworth /add-ul-worth/ adj. Being unable to answer the question of if you're truly okay, and are a good person. Feeling unable to decipher the feelings you have abou...
Wilted Petals |  A Hermitcraft Story | by XShadowCasterX
Wilted Petals | A Hermitcraft XShadowCasterX
Grian and his friends on Hermitcraft are close. They've been friends for a while, and they have never really had any huge problems with each other. At least, that's what...
Look who's back again | Grian Hermitcraft x YHS (x Empires?) fanfic by Yall_hi1107
Look who's back again | Grian The_Poly_Lesbian
Grian had spent his whole life running. Running away from Evo. Running away from YandereHigh. Running away from Sam. He was sick of it. So when he finds himself back in...
a healing heart takes time. A hermitcraft fanfic by kowaretoakan
a healing heart takes time. A zakas
the war was never gonna be pretty how will everyone be after the war.......even when someone comes back from the past, what will grian and the others do when suddenly Sa...
Time Trapped //YHS & Hermitcraft Crossover\\ by RexCorvus09
Time Trapped //YHS & Hermitcraft Rex
After a fight with Mumbo, Grian decides he needs time away from his best friend. He works on his time machine to take his mind off of it, but during testing, he accident...
Little Grian joins sbi by Moomoo43234
Little Grian joins sbiby Moomoo43234
I watch them out the corner of my eye in surprise as they make their way towards Techno, normally his big figure would scare people away. But apparently not this kid who...
Hidden is Better Than Seen||Hermitcraft by ShishKebeb
Hidden is Better Than Seen|| Arson Queen
Grian is one of three top tier admins, and he's always stayed hidden. That is, until he finds the server Hermitcraft and all is revealed. Just a little more in detail th...
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Sam's Back series by Xanthicat
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Xanthicat
Grian was getting used to the safety of the Hermitcraft server quite well. He still had bad days in which all the memories of his high school life came back to him and a...
Grumbo Oneshots by paulamm2
Grumbo Oneshotsby paulamm2
A collection of Grumbo Oneshots. Also, just warning you in advance, there probably won't be regular updates due to school work. Sorry. And sorry for my very low quality...
The Parrot Next Door by aNamelessBread
The Parrot Next Doorby Bread
(Scarian) Friends to Lovers (Personally my favorite) TW> Panic attack, Strong language, Sexual harassment, Attempted murder. Notes to Self: Started writing: 09/11/22 ...
The Chained Watcher by Dragon_H3art
The Chained Watcherby Damia Greelish
They'd gotten out. After being stuck as gladiators in that god-forsaken arena for who knows how long, they got out. Now the only problem is staying out, but how? None of...
The Fallen Evolutionist by basketb2368
The Fallen Evolutionistby basketb2368
DON'T EXPECT FREQUENT UPDATES(i am also rewriting all chapters) The evolution server is much of a legend among the players, but among the admins, it is real and never fo...
AlwaysToMe..~Mushroom by egg766
AlwaysToMe..~Mushroomby egg766
This *NOT* egg766's story, this is their friends, Mushroom :) (I don't got an account so I'm using theirs) Have you ever kept a secret from someone or from anyone? Feari...