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Tainted, The Dragon. (BOOK ONE) by XanderedIsABlizzard_
Tainted, The Dragon. (BOOK ONE)by XanderedBlizzard
It doesn't take long for corruption to spread, and honestly, by the hands of a champion from an all holy god... it's surprising how fast it took over. |§| §_____________...
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft Indigo
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
Integrity High: Empires SMP Season 2 FanFic by artistkitty9089
Integrity High: Empires SMP Loner
That's right b*tches! Another highschool AU, just cuz I can!
Winged Warriors( A Hermitcraft 8 fanfic) by RavsDaBest
Winged Warriors( A Hermitcraft 8 Wither ;)
A stag hybrid with wings... "Pearl! Hi!" A prankster gremlin that likes TNT a liiiitle bit more than the average player... "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Two...
Xornoths back? by OctoQueen101
Xornoths back?by OctoQueen101
Hi. As the title suggests Xornoths back and you won't understand this story (Fanfic) if you haven't watched Empires SMP. Cover art isn't mine but idk who's it is so yeah
This Running Dance by gdsbbjdcbh
This Running Danceby gdsbbjdcbh
Xisuma, False and Stress race to heal Gem before its too late. Gem relives meeting Pearl. Chapter titles from Come Home by The People's Thieves
Grounded by DJJordanne
Groundedby DJJordanne
Pain. That's the first thing Gem recognized as she slowly came to. A dull ache coursed through her bruised and battered body. Harsh stings that came from small cuts litt...
Dream SMP & Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by lunarsteller1528
Dream SMP & Hermitcraft lunarsteller1528
*Cover from google* COME ONE, COME ALL, AND LETS HAVE SOME FUNNIES! The characters included are from the Dream SMP and Hermitcraft servers, not the actual creators thems...
Hermitcraft x Reader by Nixoxia
Hermitcraft x Readerby Nixoxia
A collective of Headcanons, Drabbles and Oneshots from the Nix-Writes-MCYT tumblr account (my account)
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
KRYO // An Empires SMP Kiara :>
Kryo; (noun) 'cold' in Greek ... ... Cold; (adjective) lacking affection or warmth of feeling; to be unemotional -- Scott had always been the 'lesser' of the twins. Not...
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower Husbands- ||COMPLETE|| by EDDIExISxHOT
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower 𝐭⟟𝐭𝐭⟟𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐬
A stoic elf A silly fish boy He melted his heart What will happen? I love flower husbands :3 ^Highest Rankings^ #2 in #fishpeople #3 in #Joel #3 in #FWhip
Empires Smp HighSchool & Cafe Au (cause why not sounds cool ) by MilaandSoph
Empires Smp HighSchool & Cafe Au ( Sophie and Mila
I was bored and my friend was bored so I pestered her into making this with me yeah soo here it is don't read this if your against these ships Shubble x Katherine Joey x...
Empires SMP 2 Highschool Fanfic by minimushr00m
Empires SMP 2 Highschool Fanficby minimushr00m
I love empires and I hate school! This should be fun... The characters and cover art are not mine.
a bad idea to put the empires in highschool by crazy_pe3p
a bad idea to put the empires in Ori.Relish
[fWhip created group "Best class [E2]"] [fWhip added Jimmy Solidarity, Joel, Pixlriffs, and 8 other people] fWhip: HEYO ----- Or; A mostly-chatfic, partially-g...
Truth Or Dare by ThaMemelikesorcas
Truth Or Dareby œřçæ
Fgsvhyfsvfutsvjfys couldn't decide a damned name for the story also could not find who did the fanart of the cover so if anyone has a clue then please tell Yayy first bo...
The Eternal Winter by Your-LocalMushroom
The Eternal Winterby 🍄The Mushroom In Your Baseme...
an Empeirs smp Flower Husbands fanfiction All Characters belong to there rightful owners Credits to Pinterest for every image I find =]
Another World || Hermitcraft & Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
Another World || Hermitcraft & Foxx
In a secret meeting room hidden in the Crystal Cliffs, the Wither Rose Alliance were discussing some things. When suddenly, a portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked...
The Majors, Who Let the Demon Out? by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Who Let the Demon Out?by AJ
Scott Major, King of the Elven Empire, is struggling to rule his kingdom still a year after his parents has died. There are rulers all around him ruling more advanced an...
EmpiresSMP incorrect quotes  by LunaWritesFanfiction
EmpiresSMP incorrect quotes by FlowerHusbands 🥺💜
Empires SMP themed incorrect quotes! Both S1 and S2 apply to most, but I have only really seen S1, so the majority of the quotes are relating to S1. Some cursing. Some s...