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Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/Double Life FanFiction by WiseWing77
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/ WiseWing77
When the arena becomes real... like life and death real... As Pearl gradually descends into madness, Scott's faced with a choice between Pearl and Cleo - his only two &q...
Hermitcraft x Reader by Nixoxia
Hermitcraft x Readerby Nixoxia
A collective of Headcanons, Drabbles and Oneshots from the Nix-Writes-MCYT tumblr account (my account)
A Psycho Soulmate by Vi-The-8495
A Psycho Soulmateby Vi of the 8495 variety
From sitting and watching the sunset on a mountain just outside city limits to fighting to survive in a death game that is accidentally created by an experiment gone wro...
Collision (HermitcraftxEmpires Au) by x0iris0x
Collision (HermitcraftxEmpires Au)by Iris?
Prequel to Elusion. The Hermits failed to open the vault, and King Ren continues to rule the server. Grian receives mysterious compasses from Grumbot, and the hermit's e...
If I Can't Have You... | Empires Smp S1 by FireFox7895
If I Can't Have You... | Empires FireFox7895
"If I can't have you..." Love is fragile. One wrong move and it shatters. Everyone has a someone that they would give the world for. Even the Empires Rulers. T...
Shadows of a Broken Past: A Shard of Faith (Book one) by Quiet_shadow_248
Shadows of a Broken Past: A Quiet_shadow_248
(Cover art is mine) An Empires SMP fanfiction ---- 'This has been a wonderful journey.' 'Is it gone yet, dad? Or is it still out there, coming for us?' 'I don't know G...
Elusion (HermitcraftxEmpiresAU) by x0iris0x
Elusion (HermitcraftxEmpiresAU)by Iris?
Sequel to Collision and Prequel to Closed Eyes. King Ren has been defeated and killed. But what's this? He's back? The Hermits and Emperors are scrambling to get back to...
The Temptation of Power ||| Hermitcraft Watcher AU by Xanthicat
The Temptation of Power ||| Xanthicat
Grian's life was shattered into a million pieces a long time ago. So long ago, he didn't know whether it was ever even whole. When he joined Hermitcraft after running aw...
Our Darkest Hours by The_Smiling_Paradox
Our Darkest Hoursby Shado
The Council is hiding, the Player Protection Agency is hunting them. Will they get caught? Will the players realize they need them? Or will they ran out of time? Part 5...
Pearls troubles by EnderElla3
Pearls troublesby Ellarose Johnston
This is like a story about pearlescentmoon after Double life so yeah Mabey some swearing Gem X pearl plantonic ship and others who not approve of being shipped will be...
Never Meant To Be - Pearlescentmoon's Double Life by Wang1970
Never Meant To Be - 哀絶
I'm back and ready to finish this series's chapters. I'll be doing some revision and grammar checks on all the chapters. As well as finishing the last scene from episod...
Wonderland || A Hermitcraft-Evo Fanfiction [EDITING] by Lily_IsALittleGirl
Wonderland || A Hermitcraft-Evo Lily Wystfall
We're back again with more Hermitcraft-Evo angst! --- When a best friend is stolen by an enemy, then returned tied with ribbons as a present, programmed to kill their f...
Empires smp fanfic by Shibbydoodles
Empires smp fanficby Shibbydoodles
This is an empires smp season 1 fanfiction I wrote, mostly centered around the Wither Rose Alliance. This aren't oneshots. Disclaimers: None of the characters belong to...
The Watcher-Prime by WiseWing77
The Watcher-Primeby WiseWing77
Xelqua (or Grian to the hermits) isn't sure what he is. He's always hidden from Minecraftia, hidden behind various masks and hoods. If the full truth about the mysteriou...
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian AU story by XeraTheWatcher
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian Xera
He thought it'd be easy, just go into a server and keep a eye out for glitches... Spoiler alert: It was not. He didn't factor in lying to the whole server, hiding his ma...
Empires SMP incorrect quotes by JohannaJaneUn
Empires SMP incorrect quotesby Cat Jana
Even though it says this book is completed, I will actually be posting whenever I feel like it. I just don't know how to end a book that could go on indefinitely... So a...
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarian by MasqIsCool
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarianby gambling hearts <3
"Just like coffee, you keep me up at night" Scarian college/coffee shop au inspired by "Smells Like Coffee" and "Tastes Like Coffee" by @Th...
I WILL end you {Hermitcraft AU} by sunny14321
I WILL end you {Hermitcraft AU}by sunny14321
Grian is the most feared assassin known for his ability to kill swiftly and quietly. Hiding away, he holds a grudge against the King and anyone with power of unknown rea...
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 1- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
Another World || Hermitcraft & Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
Another World || Hermitcraft & Foxx
The Wither Rose Alliance sat in a secret meeting room hidden in the Crystal Cliffs, discussing some complications between the alliance and server. Suddenly, a portal ap...