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Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU) by NinjaKitty1928
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU)by (basically on a writing hiatu...
||Story Name Was Previously "Watched"|| Grian was never trusted. Not by the Watchers. They hated him for his thoughts. Though he tried to prove them wrong, and...
The Fallen Evolutionist(on hiatus)(sorry) by basketb2368
The Fallen Evolutionist(on hiatus)...by basketb2368
The evolution sever is much a legend among the players , but among the admins, it is real and never found. The admins only know that the server existed and that the play...
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft f...by Indigo
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
✔ Misunderstood, Feared and Secretive (Grian/Hels/EvilX AU) by LilyLaverick_Fanfics
✔ Misunderstood, Feared and Secret...by Lily Laverick
✨#1 Grian - 19.12.2021✨#1 Hermitcraft - 10.01.2022✨ The more-than-friends trio hiding who they are from everyone. They all have their reasons, and that's what brought th...
The Chained Watcher by Dragon_H3art
The Chained Watcherby Damia Greelish
They'd gotten out. After being stuck as gladiators in that god-forsaken arena for who knows how long, they got out. Now the only problem is staying out, but how? None of...
Purpled in Hermitcraft by McKayla-
Purpled in Hermitcraftby McKayla
Fanart not by me Purpled finally decided enough was enough and left the Dreamsmp, but not before Dream found out and Tried to stop him. He made it to Hermitcraft, but wi...
Wilted Petals |  A Hermitcraft Story | by XShadowCasterX
Wilted Petals | A Hermitcraft Sto...by XShadowCasterX
Grian and his friends on Hermitcraft are close. They've been friends for a while, and they have never really had any huge problems with each other. At least, that's what...
Featherweight - Hermitcraft AU by DoctorSiren
Featherweight - Hermitcraft AUby DoctorSiren
Would you hide a part of yourself? You might do it if that part scared you. After a while, you might get good at hiding your secrets and past. Grian had experience with...
Forgive and Forget. - Xisuma & EX book by ChloeandMandy
Forgive and Forget. - Xisuma & EX...by AlesbiannamedChloe
Storyline: EX some how gets back onto hermitcraft but not everybody is happy about it. Forgiveness doesn't come easy after you destroy someone's home. What will the her...
Hunted | A HermitCraft AU by seapebbless
Hunted | A HermitCraft AUby theo
Grian's tired of running. He's tired of letting that thing pursue, and he's tired of losing his friends. Maybe he'll find a place to rest under the protection of Xisum...
leave me be: Grian / Hermitcraft by Hollie_Potatoes
leave me be: Grian / Hermitcraftby Hollie
We're back with another story :D the whole theme is mental health and this Grian-centric in Hermitcraft. If anyone who is in this book expresses that they are uncomforta...
Look who's back again | Grian Hermitcraft fanfic by Yall_hi1107
Look who's back again | Grian Herm...by The_Poly_Lesbian
Grian had spent his whole life running. Running away from Evo. Running away from YandereHigh. Running away from Sam. He was sick of it. So when he finds himself back in...
Purple Feathers by Ender_An
Purple Feathersby Ender_An
Another watcher au... WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS?!?!? Read at your own risk!! May have triggers in it :) Have fun! #2 in taurtis 3-1-2023 #3 in yhs 3-1-2023 #3 in evo 8...
Truth (GoodTimesWithScar x Grian) by wickedgamer2009
Truth (GoodTimesWithScar x Grian)by Rae
Scar has been struggling keeping his crush for a specific dirty blonde avian a secret, he doesn't know how the avian would react if Scar told him how he felt. But Grian...
Oneshots Scarian by Bryanzora
Oneshots Scarianby Bryanzora
First story prompt Scar tries to preen Grian's wings but his wings are sensitive. !Characters not mine I only ship the personas!
Egg and Soldiers by RaeTheStar
Egg and Soldiersby RaeTheStar
Grian can't help but notice that Doc has been very secretive about his project lately, and it's really bothering Ren. And, now that he thinks about it, Scar's been rathe...
Chaos Rules | a Dream SMP and Hermitcraft crossover || {Discontinued}  by kmsmeow10
Chaos Rules | a Dream SMP and Herm...by •Lonely•
The Hermits start a new season! But as they step through the portal there is something off. It look like people have been here. Maybe are still here? What will they do? ...
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINAL (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINA...by Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." Ariyaquila's first finished book. As the title says, this is fanfiction...
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU] by hi123bye_s
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU]by Ollie :]
Addleworth /add-ul-worth/ adj. Being unable to answer the question of if you're truly okay, and are a good person. Feeling unable to decipher the feelings you have abou...
MY UNCLE IS WHO NOW- by V10l3t_wr1t3s
MY UNCLE IS WHO NOW-by V10l3t_wr1t3s
based on that one tweet but basically Phil and Grian are bros fluff ensues. Also i have no idea where imma go with this fic so theres no planning 👍 Story cover is by @u...