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Capturing Grian by evil1withacat
Capturing Grianby Obsidian682
Naughty Netty and Sneaky Salem decide to capture Grian and use his godlike, slight admin, powers to their advantage. A small fan project for The Evo Server.
  • salemslady
  • evo
  • nettyplays
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Evo Short Stories by evil1withacat
Evo Short Storiesby Obsidian682
Just a collection of short stories I don't think I'd want to make into full ones. Another Fan Project for The Evo Server.
  • taurts
  • bigbstats
  • inthelittlewood
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sunwontrise (discontinued) by crowquake
sunwontrise (discontinued)by Crowley
i can't remember if it set in the first place. when did i last see him? it wasn't here. never here. i don't want to be alone here anymore. i'm scared.
  • evo
  • xisumavoid
  • xisuma
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Dolls by SixFuries
Dollsby SixFuries
Grian messed up. He wasn't supposed to use magic for a reason, and now everyone is paying for his mistakes. This is going to be sad, so buckle up! Also, Poultryman canno...
  • iskall85
  • watchers
  • mumbo
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It's Our Time ( A Tommy x OC Heroes Reborn ) by Silverfury01
It's Our Time ( A Tommy x OC Heroe...by Silverfury01
A girl who's lost her family, due to the people who hate evos. She knows her mother died, but her sister is still out there, and she believes that she will find her. Bu...
  • fun
  • evo
  • magic
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Dream come true (A Nightwish ff #2) by EmYals
Dream come true (A Nightwish ff #2)by M
A second fanfiction with my favourite band. Fangirl ending up with Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish (again), but there's interaction with other members as well.
  • tarja
  • holopainen
  • evo
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Creeper Attack by evil1withacat
Creeper Attackby Obsidian682
A sentient mutant creeper is out to end everyone on The Evo Server for killing creepers. Second Evo Fanprogect because I can't draw.
  • grian
  • evo
  • taurtis
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Generator Rex X Male Evo Reader (On Hold) by LegendaryMegaNerd
Generator Rex X Male Evo Reader (O...by The Legendary Mega Nerd
Make way to start a revolution with Rex and his friends and take out Evos in this epic adventure.
  • evo
  • malereader
  • evoreader
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No Matter What ||Tommy Clarke||Heroes Reborn  {completed} by once_upon_a_greaser
No Matter What ||Tommy Clarke||Her...by Camryn
"It's beautiful, isn't it, when nature is so unpredictable?" Vivian Lane is an Evo. Noah Bennett's dead daughter's best friend. Now befriending Tommy Clarke, s...
  • tommy
  • evo
  • heroes
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D&D Au Tome by giratinashelper
D&D Au Tomeby ReptilainScribe
A huge, ongoing master post for my D&D Au. There are at least two more floating around in the fandom, but this one is mine. This will also be based on the 5th Editon of...
  • goodtimeswithscar
  • dndau
  • mumbo
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Capturing Grian and Creeper Attack since I messed up and lost the old account by giratinashelper
Capturing Grian and Creeper Attack...by ReptilainScribe
Yeah, I cleaned some data off my computer to make room for a bad game that wouldn't even start. It was totally worth it./s Putting these two stories here so they're ea...
  • tarutis
  • salemslady
  • grian
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Art Book!! by MintyMagyk
Art Book!!by MintyMagyk
Will have different kind of art!!! Some fanart, art friends requested, and original!!
  • art
  • samgladiatoryanderhigh
  • evo
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Generator Rex FanFiction [On Hold] by BornOfFireHades
Generator Rex FanFiction [On Hold]by Sue
Okay so I thought what if Ceasar Salazar had a daughter. The mother is unknown cause I just don't know who it can be. She grows up as an e.v.o but can control it. Althou...
  • generatorrex
  • six
  • nanite
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Secrets... (A hermitcraft / evo fanfiction)  by MintyMagyk
Secrets... (A hermitcraft / evo fa...by MintyMagyk
The end. That's where he was left. His test starts... Now I'm not good at descriptions XD so sry but this is bad...
  • hermitcraft
  • ect
  • evo
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Metamorph [Book Two] by Earthstone
Metamorph [Book Two]by Fern
It was supposed to be temporary. A short-term solution, that's what they called the Wall all those years ago when they were putting it up. It was supposed to be around f...
  • wall
  • anxiety
  • brian
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Evocraft by giratinashelper
Evocraftby ReptilainScribe
Evil X attempts to take over Evo, and the Hermits are dragged to Evo. (My sendoff to a great series, which will probably take a while to complete.) (Also it won't let me...
  • goodtimeswithscar
  • python
  • xisuma
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Evolution (Heroes/ Heroes Reborn Fanfiction) by Myfroststory
Evolution (Heroes/ Heroes Reborn F...by Myfroststory
Emma is like any normal girl. She has a mom, who is very nurturing, and a dad who is oddly distant. She lives in a small town that is just outside of Odessa, Texas and d...
  • evo
  • heroes
  • romance
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Heroes Reborn: Tommy Clarke Fanfiction by quailegg2013
Heroes Reborn: Tommy Clarke Fanfic...by Emily
~ This is basically just about Tommy Clarke, Emily, and the concept of Evo's. Most of the characters from Heroes Reborn will not be included as there's only one episode...
  • tommyclarkeheroesreborn
  • tommy
  • robbie
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Grian's New Adventure by Beginner126
Grian's New Adventureby Beginner126
There was this guy named Grian in the Minecraft Dimension. He was playing in Minecraft Evo Planet. There was this portal, Grian get in it and then.... Read this to see w...
  • hermitcraft
  • begginer
  • minecraft
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1. The First Gay's Gay by esoriaf
1. The First Gay's Gayby Fairose Ali
Wonder who's the first person who accepted his faith as a gay? How did he have a courage to acknowledge his true identity? This is one of many activities I have in my En...
  • family
  • ava
  • evo
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