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The Haunting of Collimore Manor || Murder Trio x Reader by _CAECAE
The Haunting of Collimore Manor ||...by CAECAE
Y/N Collimore, a deceased mage that now haunts her family's manor must now deal with a group of skeletal intruders as she unlocks more of her forgotten past. Only thing...
Reincarnated as Horror Sans by CosmicStars08
Reincarnated as Horror Sansby CosmicStars08
What happens if Someone from our world was reincarnated as Horror Sans? Would they be able to survive or die trying? Through his entire life? 1/7
Reborn as the tree of feelings by KarmaAkabane425
Reborn as the tree of feelingsby Karma Akabane
What if someone died and became the tree of feelings from dreamtale? Well things won't stay the same, that's for sure. (Different everything etc, different personalities...
To become a parasite by KarmaAkabane425
To become a parasiteby Karma Akabane
What if..someone became the same parasite that was fresh? Not as the skeleton, but the parasite, the thing is, when this parasite gets memories of another life and their...
Bad Guys Need Love Too (All Sanes X Female Reader) {On Hold} by Smexy_Batduck
Bad Guys Need Love Too (All Sanes...by Smexy_Batduck
This is my first book and I'll try to update on Fridays. Anyways, this story is about a girl who was a teen when she fell down the hole in Mt. Ebott and lived with Torie...
Becoming cross from xtale by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming cross from xtaleby Karma Akabane
What if someone became cross from xtale after the au was already gone? This cross doesn't really know much about xtale to begin with and has none of the original cross's...
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X Reader by KingKaltac
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X...by Mia & a random child
It's been a few months since the last neutral run and things have taken turns for the worst. No one is happy, Everyone is starving. An you are the perfect prey, falling...
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Guy Sans' x Child!Reader) by JulesRedenger
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Gu...by JulesRedenger
Nightmare found a young child a long time ago. When they fell into a coma it sent him over the edge. several hundred years later the child wakes up in a castle of darkne...
Don't run ( Yandere twins x skeleton reader ) by AbbyLee2017
Don't run ( Yandere twins x skelet...by I need a break :(
Yeah , i just made Dusttale Sans and Horrortale Sans as twins because they look alike .
Your Odd Neighbor (Horror Sans x Reader) by OreoDaSkeleton
Your Odd Neighbor (Horror Sans x R...by ~Oreo~
Y/N's best friend Blueberry (also known as Underswap Sans) invited them to move into the shared/connected apartment next door. They could hang out all the time! It's an...
𝘾𝘼𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙀𝙎 / 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘦 by BRA1NR0TTED
𝘾𝘼𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙀𝙎 / 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘦by rot
When a dog is found in the Underground, Sans decided to keep the Mutt as a guard-dog and bait catcher. What happens when universes collide and this dog... isn't even a d...
Daughter of Death  by ItsSwapPapyrus
Daughter of Death by Teutonic
Cover artist: punny-puntasy ! (TOLD IN YOU/YOUR) A reaper, a few gods, and a bunch of skeletons. The life of a reaper wasn't boring to her, everyday she would gather s...
Horror!Sans x Nightmare!Sans by Nightmare_And_Dream
Horror!Sans x Nightmare!Sansby Nightmare_And_Dream
This story is made for the lack of Horrormare. Please enjoy the book. Sin/Lemon Will Be In This Book You Been Warned.
Horror's of the Multiverse (Being Rewritten) by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Horror's of the Multiverse (Being...by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Someone dies and is Reborn as Sans. Not just any normal Sans like they assume as first, but a HORROR Sans. As if dealing with Gaster when they were young wasn't enough...
Dream And The Bad Sanes by creativesunlover210
Dream And The Bad Sanesby MrCyanide
WARNING! (This story contains 18+ graphic parts(lemon in other words)and Self harm please don't read if your not allowed to or if you don't like any of this) Thank you (...
Villainess with a death wish - AU Sans x reader x AU Papyrus by Mallory_Abi_Moriarty
Villainess with a death wish - AU...by Mallory_Abi_Moriarty
Who would have thought that being bored in quarantine would result in being sucked in into the worse dating sim ever? Well, (Y/n) never believed that would happen, until...
Swapped Over by ItsSwapPapyrus
Swapped Overby Teutonic
Having little to no memories on what happens, you wake up to find two skeleton brothers who look awfully similar to yours. Confused and slightly disoriented, you later d...
AU Sans Oneshots by SiameseGeneral55
AU Sans Oneshotsby SiameseGeneral55
Just a heads up not the greatest at creating stories. Anyway you'll be a different reader each time but with a different Sans. I won't upload much but I'll try to upload...
Just a very big love (AU sans x reader) by SpaceBean1323
Just a very big love (AU sans x re...by Spaciest bean of all time
After All AU's of Frisk's death, all of the sans have been depressed losing their love/friend of their live. Until.........(Y/N) fell to the underground. As all of the s...
Horror Sans X Reader by JaylynNathan
Horror Sans X Readerby Sans Lover 1
You know what it is about except I'm gonna add that you were abused by your family. And there might be some things that get really close to Lemons.... or are Lemons...