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Hunter Oneshots (The Owl House) by helloilikebutter
Hunter Oneshots (The Owl House)by helloilikebutter
Random one shots i make at 3am
Tomorrow, Today (COMPLETED) by trashquility
Tomorrow, Today (COMPLETED)by trashquility
Park Jinyoung has cancer and his friends help
Louis Tomlinson Sickfics by LouisTommoLover91
Louis Tomlinson Sickficsby bee 🐝
I will do any requests! Have to be Larry and has to be Louis sick!
1D Sickfics by love504124
1D Sickficsby love504124
This will just be a bunch of sickfics! REQUESTS OPEN!!!!!! I will try my hardest to fill them quickly!
Here For You by Dancer080219
Here For Youby Dancer080219
So this is going to be a series of one shot sick fics using Jason and Jay from my story Expect the Unexpected because I love them so much! Only thing different is that t...
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Heartstopper one shots and sickfics by heartstopper_fan1
Heartstopper one shots and sickficsby heartstopper fan
This mainly a bunch of imagines that I see would happen with Charlie and Nick. Requests are welcome and please do criticise me but no general negative comments. If I do...
Spiderman and Avengers One Shot Whump Book by cheesefibber
Spiderman and Avengers One Shot cheesefibber
Spiderson and Irondad Whump fanfiction! It has Peter Parker having sensory overloads, panic attacks, sick days, field trips, getting injuries, having nightmares, and mor...
Why Is It Always Sammy? by Written_future
Why Is It Always Sammy?by Francesca Ahern
Just some sickfics of poor Sammy Winchester from none other then supernatural. Quick one shots and chapters of the family enduring some grief of their youngest soldier.
Harry Styles Injury and Sickfics by -Broqken
Harry Styles Injury and Sickficsby Maya
This is about Harry Styles injuries and sickfics! Written by -Broqken No more updates im so sorry 😭😭
One direction sickfics/kidfics by doodle1403
One direction sickfics/kidficsby doodle1403
One direction family sick stories about when 2 of the boys are parents to the other two. Stories will alternate between families and the ages of each family will stay t...
Pain by thexoutsidersx
Painby Beth
One day Pony wakes up not feeling too well, and he tries to hide it from the gang. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in The Outsiders. They belong to the marvelou...
Larry Stylinson Sickfics by lovelylarrystyles
Larry Stylinson Sickficsby lovelylarrystyles <3
Short oneshot stories of the boys being sick and taking care of each other (plus a lot of fluff)! Requests ARE open for these chapters, I'm open to writing about almost...
BTS x TXT X ENHYPEN Sickfics( ❤
This book is about our boys getting injured and getting taken care of and comforted. (REQUEST ARE OPEN) I DO NOT WISH ANY PAIN OR BAD THINGS ON THEM, THIS IS FANFICTION ...
Without Words  by cuddlepilefics
Without Words by cuddlepilefics
Chan's a little who usually slips in the range between four and six years old. One day he falls ill and slips so much younger than usual, which leaves his caregivers scr...
Precious (Harry Styles) by StylinsonLove28
Precious (Harry Styles)by Sunflower6
Why isn't he crying? He's not dead! Please don't say he's dead! Harry's birth was traumatic. Nobody thought he would live. Thankfully he did. But his life would be full...
Yoonmin Oneshots/Sickfics by yn_mn1905
Yoonmin Oneshots/Sickficsby yn_mn1905
there May be some mistakes as English is not my first language so:) hope you like it Requests are open I don't write smuts(maybe a little of it) There will be yoonmin an...
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata) by overxxized0kaminari
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata)by Touloser
Hinata Shouyou was thrown into the deep end after being diagnosed with type one diabetes. Having to cope with ableism, volleyball and his own mental health, can he keep...
Cardiac Arrest [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Cardiac Arrest [Jungkook Hurtfic]by Ssears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jungkook isn't feeling well during a concert and goes into cardiac arrest.
Niall, answer the door please by Harmonyangeldreamer
Niall, answer the door pleaseby Harmony Mathers
A Niall Horan sickfic Niall developed Flu during the OTRA tour. He goes home to try and sleep it off . Liam gets very concerned that Niall isn't replying to any phone ca...
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtfics by RosyFoxx
Kpop Sickfics / Hurtficsby RosyFox
Contains stories from multiple kpop groups, in scenarios where they're hurt / sick, and other members caring for them // requests are closed as of 31.05 //