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Avengers: The Ghost Guardian by SuperHopelessFangirl
Avengers: The Ghost Guardianby Maggie Lee
[Book 1] There once was an innocent little girl who had everything she could ever ask for. But one day it was all taken away from her. She lives in fear everyday that...
  • thor
  • tradegy
  • avengers
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His Life [KHR Fanfic] by ArashiYunaG05
His Life [KHR Fanfic]by J.B Havoc
He turned blind eye when he saw his parent are always happy because of his big brother. He goes mute to not said anything to 'disrespect' his parents even though he need...
  • khr
  • tsuna
  • tsunayoshi
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The Alpha's Warrior by BriLynnbooks
The Alpha's Warriorby Brianna
She was nothing more than a warrior for him, at least, that is what she believed. *Spinoff to The Twin***
  • mates
  • warrior
  • love
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Fraus  by BriLynnbooks
Fraus by Brianna
Love is a powerful word, especially in the werewolf world. To creatures, such as werewolves, it was the bond that brought two mates together. It was a gift from the godd...
  • betrayal
  • guilt
  • alpha
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lacuna || Peter Parker (Spider-Man: Homecoming) by HOPEFULPARKER
lacuna || Peter Parker ( brooke
"Because Mr Stark thought he would be fine. And so did Peter. Peter always ended up fine. Because he had made everyone worried - Aunt May, Ned, Michelle, even Liz. ...
  • violence
  • mayparker
  • tonystark
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Nightmares - Naruto Fanfiction by desolatetravler
Nightmares - Naruto Fanfictionby Oblivion is Calling
Naruto was a cheerful boy until the unimaginable became reality. All it took was one look for Naruto's world to come crashing down. Find out if the boy that was barely h...
  • narutofluff
  • kakashi
  • narutocomfort
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Naruto Unbreakable Bonds by DrakeMercer
Naruto Unbreakable Bondsby Styyx Uchiha
What if Danzo had kept one Uzumaki alive? One of the strongest Uzumaki ever, son of the late Uzukage... What if he escaped? How pissed off would he be at Naruto's treatm...
  • naruto
  • hurtcomfort
  • bloodline
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Fading Echoes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 1 by Happyritas
Fading Echoes . • . X-Men • (on hiatus) •
"Ekka, don't you want to play with the other kids?" Jean asked as she entered the room where Ekka had been hiding away, only staring out a large window. "...
  • wolverine
  • orginalchildcharacter
  • superpowers
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Coffee Shop [BxB] ✔ by DeludedWriting
Coffee Shop [BxB] ✔by ανησυχία™
I'd just quit my evening shift at Lucky's Café. At this shop, I sell sweet pastries, bread and coffee. Unfortunately, I was the last employee so I was required to close...
  • yaoi
  • angst
  • smutwarning
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Baby Brother by owenharpersgirl
Baby Brotherby owenharpersgirl
When Cas gets sick and Dean and Sam can't figure out why, will Gabriel and Balthazar be able to help their baby brother? Implied future Destiel.
  • angel
  • balthazar
  • destiel
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Virgil Suffering  by angsty_female_teen
Virgil Suffering by
TRIGGER WARNING MENTIONS OF SUICIDE, PANIC ATTACKS, AND SELF HARM Anxiety is anxiety and therefore in constant suffering. What happens when the others realise how deep...
  • roman
  • patton
  • logan
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And if I only could, make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places by mardi89
And if I only could, make a deal mardi89/stydiastartoftime
I was inspired to write this after seeing several comments on Twitter. I had a similar idea months ago that involved Fabri, and since he's no longer on the show I adapte...
  • angst
  • drama
  • auafterep40
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Can't be without you by SelviGuru
Can't be without youby Selvi Guru
#1 - Tony (06-02-2019) #1 - May Parker (28-07-2018) When Tony comes to know about May's death too late, things didn't end well. Peter's guardiansh...
  • bruce
  • death
  • bucky
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Insanity End (PJO Avengers Crossover) by Resonance15
Insanity End (PJO Avengers Resonance15
Percy blames himself for annabeth death during the war losing almost everything at once including his mother and stepfather can the avengers help Percy keep his sanity...
  • pjo
  • percyjackson
  • suicideattempt
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Putting the pieces back together by Igiveuponthisuser
Putting the pieces back togetherby Igiveuponthisuser
After Stiles disappears at a lacrosse game two years ago Derek thinks he will never see his favorite doe eyed brunette again. He is proven wrong when his friend drags hi...
  • protectivepack
  • abuse
  • kidnapping
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{Naruto} So Much Like You by King_Julienne
{Naruto} So Much Like Youby I FOUND TWELVE BRICKS
Losing Minato and Kushina weighed heavy on Kakashi, more so than he let people believe. When he holds that which they died to protect, their son Naruto, he comes to a re...
  • team7
  • familyproblems
  • ninja
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From here to the Moon and Back  by madaboutfalice
From here to the Moon and Back by Mrs. J
The Black Hood is back and Alice Smith is in danger. She must find out who is hidden under the hood as soon as possible. Who will she ask for help?
  • fredandrews
  • lukeperry
  • hurtcomfort
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All Jocks by EZM2016
All Jocksby EZM2016
Sharpay and Ryan Evans just transfered to East High. Ryan is used to the constant bullying from ALL jocks at any school he attends, heck home is just as bad. He just acc...
  • hurtcomfort
  • highschoolmusical
  • troyxryan
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Festering Darkness by Silvan_Elleth
Festering Darknessby Sierra
The story of how Aragorn and Legolas met. After a failed spider mission, Legolas is left injured beyond what the Greenwood healers can help. Thranduil, worried for his...
  • aragorn
  • angst
  • swords
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Whats Happening To Me? [Sterek & Scisaac] by shipitlikeusps
Whats Happening To Me? [Sterek & shipitlikeusps
Stiles keeps slapping Derek and then he runs off and Derek follows him, but he's too late. *********************** Has Kidnapping, minor character death,and smut!
  • werewolves
  • sterek
  • mentionsofsexualabuse
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