Amicable ➵ Eric Coulter by PsychicLavender
Amicable ➵ Eric Coulterby 🕷 𝒮𝒶𝓂 🕸
"Come on softie!" Eric yelled in Aurora's face. Aurora and Jackson sparred on the mat, but Aurora wouldn't hit back. Her cheeks were red and her lip was spli...
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  • eric
  • ericcoulter
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All for You.  •Book 3• by TrisEaton4610
All for You. •Book 3•by Kat
Book Three Beatrice Prior has been through a lot, and survived a lot. As she returns to Dauntless almost a year after returning to the city of Chicago, things aren't as...
  • four
  • married
  • triseaton
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Saviour by divergentlover_
Saviourby Divergentlover_
"You're my saviour." *** Tris Prior has lived in an orphanage since she was nine years old. No one knows what happened to her family because she wont talk to a...
  • trust
  • divergent
  • swimming
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Learning to Trust   •Book 2•    by TrisEaton4610
Learning to Trust •Book 2• by Kat
Book Two Everyone's finally home and all in one piece; for the most part. Mentally, everyone needs more healing than possible; both mentally and physically. Being the mo...
  • learningtotrust
  • triseaton4610
  • thetruthafterallegiant
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The Truth After Allegiant   •Book One•  by TrisEaton4610
The Truth After Allegiant • Kat
Book One Three years after the war between Abnegation and Erudite, escaping the fence, finding the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and many years later of going back and just...
  • afterallegiant
  • fanfic
  • thetruthafterallegiant
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Divergent: Music + New Identities by Taylor346
Divergent: Music + New Identitiesby Taylor346
Tris Prior is a famous singer and has stared in various movies. The most recent being 'The Fault In Our Stars'. She's been home schooled her entire life but has asked to...
  • fourtris
  • insurgent
  • abnegation
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Still The One - Sequel (UNDER EDITING)(COMPLETED) by hakunamatata0723
Still The One - Sequel (UNDER Doughnuts ツ
Sequel to Looking For You Tobias and Tris are now living in Boston and starting their lives. Read as both of them step into adulthood with some bumps in the road. litera...
  • tobiaseaton
  • romance
  • sequel
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Divergent High by hayasworks
Divergent Highby Haya G.
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
  • tris
  • shailenewoodley
  • young
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Dare // Divergent {1} by _binbin_
Dare // Divergent {1}by the (un)holy trinity
"YES, I HAVE BEEN TOLD I'M TOO RUDE TO BE FROM AMITY, HAS ANYONE EVER TOLD YOU THAT YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE?" In which a girl who was meant to be kind must figh...
  • amity
  • uriah
  • fanfiction
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Pit  by xtrisandfourx
Pit by trisandfour64
x Second book of the Chasm series x "Pit is a negative term, a sunken hole, a state of deep emptiness. I wonder if the Dauntless embraced the name for their center...
  • trisprior
  • dystopian
  • tobiaseaton
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Divergent Sex by divergentgeeek
Divergent Sexby Riley Roxx
When Tris and Tobias have a fast paced relationship around a war filled city. Who knows what can happen? When the Factionless attack Eriudite, the romantic duo have to m...
  • divergent
  • movingon
  • four
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Convergent by Raven_In_The_Night
Convergentby RavenInTheNight
13 years ago, Beatrice Prior died. Or so everyone thought. She was found still alive. Now, you musn't be too hard on Evelyn. She thought what she was doing was right. To...
  • choice
  • fourtris
  • chicago
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Divergent : Tris Pedrad by divergentdaddy
Divergent : Tris Pedradby divergentdaddy
Tris and her two annoying brothers, Uriah and Zeke, attend Dauntless High. Their crazy high school experience includes drama, love, pain, and friendships. In this story...
  • trisprior
  • insurgent
  • four
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Protection by xtrisandfourx
Protectionby trisandfour64
Beatrice Prior has it all: money, beauty, friends, fame. Her parents are powerful, influential politicians, but unfortunately this makes her and her family targets. Out...
  • insurgent
  • divergent
  • trisprior
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Ashes to Ashes (BDTW #3) by chickwholikeswriting
Ashes to Ashes (BDTW #3)by Kathleen
In the third novel in the Break Down the Walls series, Carter's life is a mess, but she just has to deal with it. Her past continues to haunt her, and now with extra bur...
  • trisprior
  • eric
  • theojames
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Teacher's Pet: Divergent by coogilover
Teacher's Pet: Divergentby P.M
Another divergent high story, just not the same😊. --------------------------- ~Love has no category. It happens to anyone and everyone. No matter who you are or what yo...
  • fourtris
  • divergent
  • foureaton
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Divergent High by McKenzie_Curtis
Divergent Highby McKenzie
Every writer had that one cliché about their OTP. This story will be about Tris and Four, along with their friends, in high school. Four is the bad boy who has been abus...
  • highschool
  • four
  • tobiaseaton
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Changes by cxckleslecki
Changesby cxckleslecki
Tris prior has had a life far from exciting. She grew up in foster care but couldn't remember anything before the age of eight, and strangely neither could her brother C...
  • insurgent
  • erudite
  • fanfiction
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Should I go?  by SlendermansBae
Should I go? by Kate Bishop
"I was hurt, I was broken..." I said to Eric as I was sitting on the edge of the bed. "He left me when I needed him the most." I finished, tears wan...
  • tobiaseaton
  • candor
  • amity
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Initiation: A divergent fanfiction by YumiMccarthy
Initiation: A divergent fanfictionby YumiMccarthy
You're an abnegation: selfless and kind. Transferring to dauntless wouldn't be easy. But that's what you chose to do. Now there's new challenges to face: fitting in and...
  • divergent
  • tobiaseaton
  • allegiant
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