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Come Gentle Bliss by SlendermansBae
Come Gentle Blissby stellar
"It's funny how they can negotiate peace in time of war, yet they can negotiate war in time of peace." - R. G. Berry It is a troubling thing to do. Picking you...
The Naive Secretary And The Harsh Boss by electric_forest
The Naive Secretary And The electric_forest
Twenty-three year old Anastasia "Stacey" Marks starts working as a secretary at Havens Enterprise. She falls for her attractive yet harsh boss, Vincent "V...
The Lying Game by theshystoryteller
The Lying Gameby Rachel
~Till Truth Do Us Part~ life hack: Never let your best friend spike you're drink. Never drink and fight (a security guard). Never agree to marry someone when you're d...
Mr. Berkshire (Book 1 in the For Better Or Worst Trilogy) by burninqdesires
Mr. Berkshire (Book 1 in the For P R I S C I L L A
Sawyer Calloway has lived a life that most would define as sheltered. Her entire life has been scripted out before her by her father. As a Southern Belle, she would nev...
Marius unknown daughter ( underworld fanfic) by Kpop_Life12
Marius unknown daughter ( Kpop_Life12
I don't own any of the characters, only a few of them. I'm not good with the summary so please bare with me. And please bear with the chapters I wrote. There were four s...
her. by l0v3lyeggs
#6 l0v3lyeggs
He subconsciously craved love and affection he missed as a child, but he would never allow himself to admit it. Her - on the other hand - well, she wanted someone to spe...
Dauntless Queen~ A Divergent Eric Love story by jaydibbles
Dauntless Queen~ A Divergent Jess C
Carter Matthews is a Dauntless Queen. She's the perfect warrior. She's beautiful She's smart She's brave She's the daughter of Jeanine Matthews -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
DROWN °  tobias eaton  ( HIATUS ) by patrclus
DROWN ° tobias eaton ( HIATUS )by 𝘼𝙡𝙞
𝐃𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐓 HERE'S THE BULK OF THE IRONY: for having a surname like Lovelace, Chantara had never understood the feeling of love. It was something she neve...
Devotion (Four/Theo Eaton x OC) [COMPLETE] by allaroundwriter
Devotion (Four/Theo Eaton x OC) [ allaroundwriter
#1 in Eaton - December 4, 2020 #2 in Four - March 22, 2021 #3 in Tobiaseaton - September 6, 2020 Swift Marisol was known for running. Dauntless regarded her as one of th...
We Are Divergent by SageWrites
We Are Divergentby SageWrites
This story is a Divergent fanfiction with a different ending. It starts off a year after Insurgent, and it has a completely different plot! There are a lot of Fourtris c...
BEAUTIFUL LIAR [ANDER MUÑOZ] by loveisweakness7
BEAUTIFUL LIAR. "You were my cup of tea. But I drink champagne now." NETFLIX'S ELITE | SEASON 1 [oc x Ander Muñoz] loveisweakness7
The Billionaire's Obsession| Sample by glitter_charm
The Billionaire's Obsession| Sampleby Javean A Francis
Ciara Mendes is the beautiful Journalist from Flare Magazine who is not only trying to find her next story but also trying to mend her broken heart. Giovanni Haynes is...
Agent Tris Prior by tiff_any
Agent Tris Priorby tiff_any
They say relationships are hard in this line of work, Agent Tris finds out the hard way. She and her team Uriah, Marlene, Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Al, Lynn and Fou...
Memories and Possibilities.  by OneWhomReads
Memories and Possibilities. by One who reads
Shailene Woodley and Theo James have been great friends for the past 5 years. They are there for each other through filming and life's ups and downs. They look back and...
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Lust, Intellect & Power  by marzDreamer
Lust, Intellect & Power by Marvo Doodnaughtsingh
Seduction, Lust and Manipulation. " were you staring at my ass" I felt his hot breath on my ear "Pssh, I wou- I would never" I stuttered His eyes...
My Brothers Best Friend by BxxkTxpia
My Brothers Best Friendby Chloe
***SAMPLE CHAPTERS*** Grace Sunshine Patterson is just what her name claims her to be. She's full of life and Happiness and everyone adores her. Her innocence is tested...
The Way We Feel by IndianaRay
The Way We Feelby IndianaRay
All she needed was time to heal all wounds and a lot of time passed ever since she saw him, but what does she do when he suddenly comes into her life again? The continu...
Blood Wars- Underworld (David romance) by Eden_Colman
Blood Wars- Underworld (David Eden Colman
"I was an elite soldier in the vampire army all around the world, a Death Dealer. And I was good at it. We had hide Eve, a pure blood hybrid whose blood would stop...
Dauntless Brothers by me_Tehreem
Dauntless Brothersby TEHREEM
Tobias and Eric are brothers. Tris is there but so is another girl.
Return to Sanditon - A Novella by AngelaStenning
Return to Sanditon - A Novellaby Angela Stenning
A fan fiction written for those of us who endured the heart wrenching ending to the final episode of Sanditon (ITV, 2019). [As a possible Season 2] Andrew Davies has wr...